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Car Tracking Devices

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If your car is stolen, towed, or otherwise removed from where you are reasonably sure you last left it, a car tracking device can help find it.  Car tracking, also referred to as auto location, can locate vehicles, clock the speed at which someone else may be driving your car, and even, depending on the model you purchase, tell you the status of your engine.  While these trackers were once considered frivolous and the “in thing” to buy, they have come a long way in proving both necessary and practical.

The Benefits of Auto Location Devices    car tracking devise

There are a myriad number of benefits to car tracking devices for private, non-professional drivers, as well as law enforcement officials, fleet management, and dispatchers who work in a variety of settings

  • In the case of car theft, private vehicle owners can use their auto location device to determine exactly where their car has been driven or moved to. By activating this device, they can also work with police officials to locate their car’s exact coordinates and stop thieves in their tracks.  Car recovery becomes the most likely of outcomes when car trackers are used.

  • Fleet managers who are in charge of large numbers of vehicles, delivery or mail services for example, can use tracking devices to manage their employees’ time management and verify that they are en route to where they are supposed to be headed.  You most definitely do not want your boss to find out that you are headed to the mall when you were supposed to be dropping off packages at an office building!

  • In the case of a car accident, drivers can use car tracking devices to signal emergency personnel with their exact location.  This helps not only recover what may or may not be left of your car, but more importantly, can get passengers to the medical care they may need in a quick and expedient fashion.

  • Police agencies that are tasked with following and managing the movement of suspects under surveillance can use car tracking devices to pinpoint a criminal’s whereabouts and then, their exact location in order to expedite arrest.

  • Roadside assistance, in cases of car failure, can be more easily accessed when car trackers are in use.  This is extremely helpful as it shares your exact location and gets you the help you need, where you need it.  This is particularly true if you are stuck on a road, on your own, in No man’s land.

  • Lastly, passenger services that use auto location can track clients or anyone with whom you are expecting to meet, so  that you know how close to “on time” they will be.

Top Car Tracking Devices   

While each of these devices comes with its own set of warranties and direction, do not hesitate to contact Certified Contractors for an expert locksmith for help and guidance in choosing the tracker that is right for you.

Call us today to find out how we can be of the most help to you in choosing your car tracking device!

  • The MOTO safety GPS Vehicle Tracker is a wireless GPS tracker that uses both 3G and MOTO Safety services to finetune and pinpoint the accuracy with which it tracks vehicles. Additionally, this car tracking device can be used, and often has been, by parents tracking the progress, or lack thereof, of their young teenage drivers.  There is no getting around mom and dad when this device is engaged.

  • SpyTech STI GL300 is one of the best car tracking devices on the market as it can locate vehicles with almost 100 car trackingpercent accuracy because of its use of GPS real time technology. This tracker also has an acceleration meter that includes three axes and as such, can locate vehicles with that much more efficiency.  You can connect this tracker to all of phone, computer, and other mobile devices so you can follow your vehicle no matter where you or your car, is.

  • The ABLEGRID GPS Vehicle Tracker boasts an incredible battery life and offers nearly 200 hours of “standby time.” That said, it can also work without interruption for two weeks without needing to be charged.  It is small but powerful and as such, rather hard to locate or detect. What makes its size a great boon is that it can rather easily be transferred from one vehicle to another both because of its size and the fact that there are no messy, tangled wires in the way.  As far as wireless car tracking devices go, this is a great piece of technology.

  • The Automatic Pro Car GPS Tracker allows for monitoring of devices all day, every day  without the being charged additional fees for the use of the service.  This particular tracker works on unlimited 3G service and prides itself on its real time monitoring. For additional comfort and convenience, you can download this service via app through your phone and if you feel so inclined, will even work with Amazon’s ever popular Alexa services.  Imagine asking Alexa to find your car!

  • Lastly, the MasTrack Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker is highly regarded as an excellent tracker that will locate your vehicle throughout the United States and Canada.  With 24/ 7 geolocation and assistance available every minute of the day, the requisite monthly fee is well worth its price.  This device is wireless and can update you about the status of your engine and ignition.  And because you can set this tracker’s device topre- set geographic zones, or, limits within which your car is expected to be driven in, this tracker can also tell you when your car has been driven outside that boundary.

For any kind of help you may need with your car's security systems, tracking devices or lockouts, call today for an expert locksmith to assist you!

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