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High Security Home Locks

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If you are looking for advice on how to select the best high security home locks, this article should help you gain better insight.

Did you know that most break-ins are committed by criminals who seem to have no problem getting in using the front door? According to data from the Department of Justice, as diligent and actively involved you may be in doing a full lock up every night, it might still not guarantee you complete success. In fact, unless you decide to actually invest in some sturdy, high-quality deadbolts, you won't be doing much toward thwarting potential home invaders, burglars, and thieves. Your best line of defense comes in the form of high security home locks you are normally advised to install with the help of authorized locksmiths. Here are a few of the most reliable and efficient high security locks any homeowner should consider for optimal results.

Design Flaws That Make Your Locks Vulnerable

Most people mistakingly think that the throw, which is the bolt portion of a lock, is responsible for making their doors more vulnerable in the hands of potential intruders. But, according to lock testers, this could not be further from the truth. In reality, there are many other design flaws in today's locks that allow property criminals to get inside your home without too much hassle.

Among them, we could mention the use of steel when building lock cylinders – which make locks easy to be drilled open. Some of the most reliable locks are made of brass or hardened steel. There are also special types of locks that feature reinforced cylinders with the help of carefully hidden steel plates. While these extra options cannot guarantee that no one will be able to drill a hole in such a lock, they can most certainly delay the process by a lot. No home burglars want to spend a great deal of time in front of a door, struggling to drill the lock open and create a lot of commotion. So they are more likely to up and leave instead.

A lock featuring a short, ¾-inch wood screw strike plate is another example of a vulnerable door protection solution. High security home locks have longer wood screws; smart locks completely eliminate the need to use keys that are also considered extra weak features when it comes to home locks.

Let's find out what are the most efficient high-security locks you could opt for at the moment.

High-Security Locks For Homes


Deadbolts are some of the simplest and at the same time most efficient ways of strengthening security on a door. They show best results when paired up with a standard door lock. Their role is more important than that of a spring bolt lock since they cannot be moved from their locked positions without the use of a key that has to be placed inside the cylinder.

One of the best high security locks to opt for is a Grade 1 ANSI deadbolt lock. They are not impossible to pick, but it does take a long time to attempt to have them picked. A deadbolt lock that also features strike plates is even more difficult to tamper with. Kicking open a door that has a deadbolt  locks installed, or messing with its internal components is equally hard to do.

You could also opt for a smart deadbolt lock that enables you to re-key your own lock and avoid having to hire an expert locksmith for the job. Nevertheless, you may be missing out the presence of a strike plate. However, these locks are usually ready to withstand a great deal of force.

Double-cylinder deadbolt locks are some of the best high security home locks to opt for at the moment. They use a key to be open from both sides of the door, and they offer additional safety when fitted nearby windows. Keep in mind these locks for homes might not be the best choices in case there is a fire or another similar emergency inside your home, and and you need to immediately get out.

For classic deadbolt locks, you will require the assistance of a professional locksmith for residential or commercial services. These locks are a little more complicated to install, and you should not risk a failed DIY installation for the sake of saving a few bucks. Most of today's locksmiths charge decent rates, and the Certified Contractors team can recommend the most reliable licensed and insured locksmiths for your every need.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks offer enhanced protection compared to deadbolt locks. One of the main differences comes from the fact that mortise locks are recessed and fitted in the door's frame. This automatically makes them harder to break.

They are pricier than deadlocks, and they are usually recommended for commercial properties. The best models are the ones that exceed a one million opening/closing cycle.

Keyless Locks

A keyless entry lock eliminates the hassle of constantly having to look for your keys and worry about the last place you saw them in. Getting into your home could be as easy as typing a unique code on a keypad. However, most of these high security smart locks are only rates at ANSI grade 3, which means they are more vulnerable in case of an attempted break-in.

Compare a few smart lock features online. Learn which models can automatically unlock your door once your phone simply comes near the door.

If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed, or you want to rely your lock shopping decision on the experience and knowledge of authorized locksmiths, call Certified Contractors and let us connect you with the best people for the job.

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