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Keeping Your Car Safe, Secure, and Theft- Proof

Keeping Your Car Safe, Secure, and Theft- Proof

Cars get stolen and stripped for parts far too often. Learn how to keep your car safe and prevent theft with our helpful tips below.

Cars are an integral part of our ability to go places, no matter where we are. Sure, there is public transportation in lots of locales and vacation spots, but reality dictates that most of us buy a car that is dependable, affordable, and safe. And not only safe to drive in, but safe from theft and criminals who like our cars as much as we do. Whether your car is a theft magnet in its totality or sports quality parts that are often stripped and resold on the black market, it is in your best interest to know how to prevent your car from being stolen, taken, or destroyed. 

We have to be really clear about car theft. No car is immune, even the best anti-theft devices do not guarantee that your car will not be stolen. That said, however, the professional locksmiths of 24/7 Car Locksmiths are more than capable of making sure your car is as secure as possible and does not stand out as a thief magnet. Our expertise in both our trade and knowledge of how most thieves operate will come in extremely handy in preventing the theft of your vehicle.  

Preventing Car Thefts  

  • car theft preventionIt may seem a bit ridiculous to start out with this tip, but it is perhaps because it is so basic that folks neglect to give it the attention it deserves. Make sure whether you are in or out of your car, that your doors are closed AND locked at all times. While most people (we hope!) do not drive with their doors open, far too many leave their doors unlocked.  It is that “I will only be a minute” thinking that works for thieves and against you. See, most of us take at least a few minutes longer than “just a minute,” and frankly, that may be more time than a skilled car thief really needs. Unless you have a vested interest in making a criminal’s workday easier, make sure you lock and close your doors all the time.

  • Whether you just picked up your daughter’s birthday cake or your grandpa’s pills at the pharmacy, it is vital you understand that anything that is visible to folks outside the vehicle may be rather interested in seeing what else you have in there.  It should go without saying that jewelry, cash, electronics, or things that are invaluable to you, should not be kept in your car. Additionally, medications should, even more than other items, never be stored in your vehicle, whether visible to others or not.  Not only might a drug addict break-in, in the hopes of scoring a free hit, but the quality of the medications can be negatively impacted if the car is too hot or too cold.

  • Once again, that “it will not take that long” kind of thinking can get you into trouble.  In this case, we are specifically referring to leaving your keys in the ignition while the car is running.  If you do this, you will be pretty popular with the local thieves. Why you may ask? Because leaving the car running with the keys in the ignition looks a lot like Christmas morning to a car thief!  Please do not, in essence, gift your car to anyone looking to steal it. And because there are thieves who simply do not care if the doors are locked, do not think it is OK to leave the car running if you can lock the doors while doing so. We can assure you that none of this is a risk you want to take.

Anti Theft Devices that Keep Cars Safe and Secure

Now that you know that your keys must always be on your person or at the very least, somewhere reliable and that your doors must always be closed and locked, let us have a look at some of the anti-theft devices on the market that can help deter burglary or having your car stripped for parts.

The Club

This device may make you wonder exactly what club we are referring to, but alas this security tool does not come with a night out on the town.  What it does do, however, is serve as an anti-theft, double hooked device, that extends from one end to the other, across your steering wheel. When situated tightly along your steering wheel’s diameter and locked into place with a key, your anti theft devicessteering wheel is rendered immovable, as is the Club. This device typically comes in bright colors, with a heavy-duty plastic sheath along the extendable bar. In essence, this tool lets would-be criminals know that you know they are out there.

Car Alarms

One of the tried and true methods of car safety involves the use of car alarms.  Not only will our 24/7 Car Locksmiths be able to help you choose the alarm that is best suited for you and your car’s needs, but we can also install it.  Car alarms are meant to be loud, noisy, and disruptive so that your neighbors, as well as passersby, know that something has gone awry. Car alarms are also a sure-fire way to let burglars know they made a big mistake with so much as touching your vehicle.

Hood Lock

This kind of lock is particularly helpful in deterring thieves from stealing car parts.  A hood lock attaches to the latch of your car’s hood and can only be opened with a key. Because your hood contains and protects some of the most vital parts of your car, a hood lock, for many is both an anti-theft and protective device.

For questions about the right protection for your car, and help with any car security-related matter, contact us today!

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