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Apex Plumbing Services

Water heaters are the cause of property damage beside natural disasters. Apex Plumbing Services specializes in replacing and removing your old water heater depending on location. We keep various types of water heaters in stock! There are various types of water heaters to choose from and they can vary by shape, size, powered by gas, gas or propane and can comprise operate tank-less or water storage. Every 3 days, at a rate of nearly 1 I installed 113 water heaters in 2017. Nobody wants to be stuck using a water heater problem over a Friday afternoon and spend their weekend awaiting to getting their water heater repaired or replaced. Do you know how to shut off the water or gas supplies into your furnace in a crisis? Noticed pool or a flow of water near your water heater? Call us! We provide free estimates and free in home inspections for all our potential customers including advice on water heater maintenance and emergency maintenance. Valves and review of water heaters can reduce the chances of a future plumbing crisis. Contact us to find out more! Water heaters in Santa Barbara.


Look no further!
Thanks to him we had water of him completing over half an hour.
He answers every time I call to the phone. If he can't come he will come the next.
His rates are reasonable and honest. He did the job flawlessly and were delighted with his client service and work ethic.

Apex is the best. John is your guy! Last night, water moved out and less than 24 hours after it's back ! Up and running via a fancy new apparatus, too. Price was great and service was better. Highly recommend.

One even came out to examine our job (s) and never followed up with a bidding. SO frustrating...
I got two bids and utilized Yelp to compose a handful of options. Jon was the MOST incredibly timely personable and responsive. Gave us there was - came in lower than another guy - a bidding elastic in time to schedule the job, followup, overall AWESOME in high quality and communicating of work. I would hire him . Fantastic work, great customer service - so happy with his solutions!!!

I hired Apex Plumbing Services lately also to unclog my bathtub drain and also to install a reverse osmosis faucet on my sink. I was amazed with how professional John is. I had originally purchased a brand of faucet that John did not think I would be happy with in the long-term, and a faucet that was better was purchased by him by a wholesale plumbing store for me personally. John finished both tasks fast and showed up on time. He showed me the way to unclog my bathtub drain myself the time so that I would not need the help of a plumber, I had to. As well as the icing on the cake, even while speaking with John, I mentioned that my sink could benefit from being rid of John had to get to another appointment and has been unable to do it. He stopped by my house and unclogged my sink for free. I believe that is outstanding service and recommend Apex Plumbing Services tremendously.

Great Job by John. Fast. I had to replace shower faucets and my water pressure regulator. He did it fast and did a great job. Unless I am very impressed, I do not actually write reviews. Highly suggested.

Fast and service. Was over to the job within 24 hours, worked to finish the job. Simple to understand and helpful as much as issue and future repairs we might want to make. Would recommend Jon 100%. Glad we found him.

Apex doesn't clear drains however they recommended me and Tino did a fantastic job clearing a blocked drain on short notice to get a price that is good. So good on Tino and Apex both!

Jon was quick to answer to my quote request through Yelp, and he gave me the quote for the work that I had done - increasing my shower head's elevation and replacing a shower enclosure. He was patient with my ways, waiting for me to find the valve If he'd come out to do the job I desired out, he was fast, professional, and did a fantastic job. Surprisingly our shower enclosure had gone from the night before, so Jon got it functioning inside the time he had already allotted for the other job. Will definitely call him again if we are in need of a plumber!

John has been go to plumber since. He does great work and is quick and efficient. John is very good at providing recommendations, explaining things and also taking the opportunity to answer inquiries. He's accountable, friendly and conscientious. Tasks get, and he shows up when he says he will when he's done and everything this picked up.
I like he charges an hourly fee so that you understand what you're dealing with. I had a problem once when John was inaccessible and later calling a few places simply to get vague answers and a refusal to give a quote or title an hourly fee I decided to wait an extra day until John can manage it since I trust his work.
Moving into a new place the gas business tech indicated they would not join the gas since the line must be replaced and looked like it corroded. My dad got a referral from a plumbing supply shop he trusts in Apex for John, and I received a quote from a different plumber who offered $2500. John came to give a quote and told me that the pipe didn't have to be corrected. Sure enough when the gas company came to turn it on there weren't any issues. The first trip of john saved me a great deal of cash.
Save Apex beneath contacts in your mobile. That way you can call John handed when your hot water heater dies and turns into a geyser and you're desperately trying to shut if off while your spouse is trying to leave for work and the baby is crying:-RRB-
John came highly recommended from my daddy's favorite plumbing supply shop, and its always nice when that your own work is respected and urges by someone. Over the years he has been super responsive, prompt and level headed, and I appreciated that in a crisis he is pragmatic.

You guys are the best, and I mean the very best! Had ASAP, and you answered the bell immediately and professionally. I'm a business owner and Apex is highly recommended by me. They get the job for a price that is very fair and done. Thank you!

Well I did not actually pay for their services, Apex plumbing couldn't of been kinder and useful. Not only did the gentleman offer to help me himself, but he explain directions about how to have it done, and exactly what I needed to do, what hardware I would need to get. If this does not say something about The character of the business I do not know what does

Jon helped me out. He was always on time. The job was good and fast, and Jon explained what I had to know. Great experience.

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