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Bedell Home Service

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Bedell Home Service

Bedell is a certified, bonded and insured home services company that provides full heating/cooling plumbing, excavation, service and remodeling solutions. Continue to spend our assets to care for our clients, employees and communities. We take pride in our work and are driven by our values of Quality, Dependability and Trust. Our expertise over 150 years has helped us build a more loyal customer base that is made up of single family houses, flats, property management and guarantee businesses as well as small commercial buildings. Repair work can be handled by our technicians and we have long-term partnerships with many sellers in the remodeling, plumbing and heating/cooling company to provide custom. What To Expect From Us. We realize that our clients have several possibilities for heating, cooling and plumbing solutions and are focused on exceeding customer expectations. We're dedicated to our values of quality, dependability and trust and try to keep clients for life. During regular business hours, our department functions to track the calls to our area technicians that call you. If it's a crisis for service, your call will be directed by our providers to our on-call technician. Our attempt to become your service supplier of choice also has driven us to provide some amazing deals that you can take advantage of.


Contacted them at the very start of April, quotes and estimates on April 5th, spigot/softener setup on the 9th. It started off good; they were responsive and got somebody out to estimate that the water softener rough-in and spigots, which have been installed only days later. They billed me $1300 to install 2 spigots that were very fast and readily accessible, which seemed a little steep (I did a bit more research and found that amount to be high in comparison to other competitions in the area). The water softener rough-in was fine, although the valves pointed out from the water re - readily worked-around but takes up more room. The Tech stated I should not have refrigerator, my sink , or washer on soft water since the water is too salty to drink and that he recommends this to each of his clients. I already knew water softeners don't add salt into the water, they include sodium ions so the magnesium and calcium can not attach and make the water. They sent a individual perform the bathroom remodel estimate and to appear. He was comprehensive and great and we had been on precisely the same page during the visit. He said he would get back to me in a few days. I got a reply that he'd have it finished up at the week's end and texted a week later. I was fine as long as I had a timeline, I understood what and when to expect it. Communication was spotty, May 8th, but I finally obtained the estimate.

Bedell Plumbing seen my home on Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017 to repair a non-invasive issue with two of my toilets. They were professional, and provided me with a bit of"plumbing education" for me, the non-plumber home owner. I loved their attentiveness and approach to getting the job done effectively. Igive anyone reading my review with my recommendation and'd work with them for the reasons mentioned above.

This is your plumber if you would like punctual arrival, getting the job done, and billing. Our true old bathroom has started to run continually 3 times at 6 years; 9 weeks before, re-called Bedell (whom I've used for years for first 2 motives and they worked previously); said"good, you called just within one-year guarantee," fixed it for next time at no price. When repair failed at 9 months, silly me, I phoned Bedell an got another punctual arrival but this time escalated from"there's something amusing about the flapper ball" to"we better rebuild everything." No guarantee, $125. Watch Brad K's review.

The work the plumber did was satisfactory, but the price was not exactly what was on the bill. In all, a difference of 300 dollars. I won't use this provider again.

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