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Calderon Locksmith lock re-key

Calderon Locksmith

5 stars rating
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Monday: 08:30-17:00
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Calderon Locksmith

Locks and Security
We are very happy to present ourselves as one of the respectable and most experienced locksmiths in New York City, to you. Since the business was set calderon Locksmiths has been in business and continues to be owned and run by the exact same family. Expert workmanship can be guaranteed by us at rates that are highly competitive. Calderon Locksmiths serves a huge number of customers from the neighborhood of businesses in the five boroughs. We offer all phases of security including all major brands of locks like Medeco, Mult-t-lock, Unican Schlage and much more. We offer an array of electronic security methods like hinges and locks, CCTV, intercom systems, card access and more. In addition, we provide cupboard and desk locks as well as Master Key methods to fit your needs. If we can meet to discuss our capabilities 15, It'd be appreciated.


Friendly staff. Great customer services. I never thought I'd have a favourite key/locksmith but I guess I have Calderon!

I have to have been the most difficult client. I had a replica of essential. Just the original key can be taken out by my landlord and he was away for holiday. Because I can not take out the original key, I took a picture of working key and showed it to the locksmith. He made a replica and identified the issue right away, although he said so he can't guarantee it's only from the film. I tried the new secret out, and it WORKS NOW! Not only they're super talented, but also have great service... When I visited they were super patient with me and listened to exactly what I needed... Five stars is not enough! Definitely recommended!!

"Do you want to have an original Medeco or a regular?"
"The cost."
And of course, once I attempted to open the door and got home. . .it worked :)
"What's the difference in cost?"
Bring cash if you are a regular person who has a regular number of keys or duplicates needed - $10 charge minimum.
For $1 of a difference, I obtained the Medeco. I walked a couple of blocks to get here, got two keys and had the time to buy and eat a lunch until my lunch hour was finished! My coworkers have been coming to Calderon for a long time, so after Yelping a bit and picking I'd go here, I asked which it was that they moved to - lo and behold, it was exactly the same place!
"What's the difference?"

These are those guys, and they are in fidi. Strong service the keys offered and pleasant staff.
You know those hometown locksmiths that don't charge you a mortgage payment to enter your residence and help you out at a jam?

These will be the people I came across with. That is saying a lot. Great. Will definitely come back if I want new keys, or if I lose secrets...

Top notch service.
Used them many times over the decades for our workplace. They've never disappointed.

These guys are fantastic. The master locksmith Will. He is about problem solving and making you happy. They are similar to the Nordstrom of locksmiths. Awesome quality and support.

Spindle was $5, not the 25 - $30 a different locksmith wanted to charge me 'special order' it.
They took the opportunity As soon as I got to the store. I didn't have so I asked the true piece with me needed replacement. Told me to come back when I had any issues.
Once I looked for a replacement spindle for a classic Arrow mortise lock very friendly people, found them off the site of Medeco. Was very patient and informative.

I found out about this particular locksmith in my area. The locksmith Dave was nice as may be in changing my locks. It just took about 45 minutes to finish the job. I strongly recommend this location and would go back.