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hoffmann brothers water heater repair

Hoffmann Brothers

3.5 stars rating
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Hoffmann Brothers

With over 40 years of qualified service to St. Louis residents and businesses, Hoffmann Brothers is the demonstrated team when picking a contractor for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation needs. Our St. Louis area team will give an energy efficient, dependable cooling, heating, or plumbing system for the workplace or house. The greater St. Louis area really stretches across the countries of both Missouri and Illinois and at its centre is the town of St. Louis. Need your furnace mended? The Hoffmann Brothers' team can repair or install any heating system no matter the brand. Our heating system technicians specialize in servicing, the repair, maintenance and installation of geothermal systems, furnaces, boilers, heating pumps heaters, air handlers and outside. Hoffmann Brothers Air Conditioning will provide all of your cooling and AC needs. Our staff has the professional experience to provide services for repairs, maintenance, and the air conditioning installation,. Hoffmann Brothers' Air Conditioner Repair will step in for all of your air conditioning repair and service needs throughout the hot St. Louis summers. Our team of experienced technicians are trained to work with all air conditioning systems for your house or business. Hoffmann Brothers can be proud to provide St Louis air duct and significant thing in maintaining healthy indoor air quality.


To substitute it. Communications were excellent throughout, and the setup was a professional and very nice experience. Enrique and jake came on time, communicated through the procedure and were respectful. They explained everything without making me feel like the clueless idiot when it comes to this sort of repairs I am and cleaned up. They are highly recommended by me, and although I think the unit should last longer than I expect living in the home, I would
When my A/C went down, hoffman Brothers did a great job. Somebody came out right away (sooner than anybody else I called), and they got my business to get a new A/C and furnace replacement. I was offered the options to fix by them, but for me, it made sense in a 1980's System

Charged me $559. . .and they didn't plan them to work with the furnace! Then, needed a guy do the"tune up" and then he didn't examine the thermostats! You can't make this stuff up. If they are more incompetent or dishonest, I can't tell. Both, I suppose. Take your company elsewhere.

Trent and michael were today, the support technicians who installed thermostats that are fresh in our home. They did an outstanding job and are professional, polite, and knowledgeable.
We changed to Hoffman Brothers later departing a heating and cooling company we had been with for many decades. They've done several large and tasks within our home and the job is outstanding. Our consumer confidence is restored understanding that every system they've installed, updated or repaired performs at the highest degree. We've purchased the Preferred Customer program and it.

I am glad I called Hoffmann Brothers. This time it had been for a bathtub faucet which Steve Beckemeyer mended. Not only did he address the matter but scrutinized all of plumbing in the house and pointed things out to keep my eye.

When choosing someone to work in your house, the trust factor is essential. I would not be afraid to call Hoffman Brothers in the future. They are strongly recommended by me.
My experience with Hoffman Brothers was fantastic. I had been ready it to be wildly expensive, although I didn't know what the solution was. Scheduling was a breeze and the employees could not have been more considerate. Once they assessed the circumstance , they provided three options of price points. The less costly option is chosen by me because we plan on renovating the bathroom. There was not any pressure or scare tactics to decide on. They were nice as can be, made the fix and cleaned up as though they were never here. They left me Hoffman Brothers dog treats for the dog!

So disappointed in what I heard was a good company
Along with the answer that they were sorry and would be contacting me....well that never happened
Just so that the readers know...I am not from San Francisco. . I am from Ellisville MO

Pretty disappointed with this company. We had a quotation and they had the hoops leap though to get the quote prepared. Then, long after the fact we learned that there was a fee for the quotation... It seems like we should have known up front at minimum if not them just quoting as a price of doing business and rolling that commission to the work that they complete. Poor customer experience for sure.

This Inspection is in regard to the Appliance Repair Division.The technology that arrived, Mr. Jerry Cox, was quite friendly and professional. My washing machine had been spitting up gunk on my clothes for the last month or so, and it had lately gotten worse, and washing machine cleansers that were store-bought not do the trick.
Hoffman Brothers Appliance Repair Division was able to program me within a couple days and showed up early that day. Though the technician, Jerry, was able to diagnose my own problem upon sight with certainty, he went about analyzing and assessing all of the inner workings of this washer. He showed me a video he took on his phone so that I could see what it looked like inside the washer when it conducted and get a clearer idea of what was causing the problem. We had taken it somewhat, and he put it back together because he worked. While there, he also switched the doorway in my dryer to start from the right, making it more easy to maneuver clothes to the dryer, and he leveled when it raced the drier that sometimes would stone. These were courtesies while he had been there, he extended, although I had not even called about my drier.
I'd say, he supported his diagnosis. It ended up being a easy fix and suggestions going forward to solve my problem, but his degree of knowledge and professionalism and helpfulness created the diagnostic fee worthwhile for me my machine not needing a repair after all - just basically gave me a prescription for curing the problem. (Those directions have worked, incidentally, and I'm no longer getting the situation.)

Called to ask a quote on a really special service Hoffman DOES PROVIDE. Had all pertinent info (brand, size, season, etc.), however they told me that I needed to pay $95.00 for a service visit before to getting just a quote or the job I need done. I'm disappointed that advantage this way would try and take.

EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.I decided against the repair and paid his excursion charge of $75. That's what it cost me to learn not to call Hoffmann.
One thing that is positive, they could come the exact same day we predicted out.
Desired a gasket and bolts replaced on the container of a bathroom. Components at home depot cost about $5. He wanted to charge me $400-500 for this.
He gave three quotations. Two for fixing it, for substituting one and the bathroom. The toilets were approximately $1000. When I inquired how it might cost for changing the gasket and screws out , his reply was that they won't do that. At home depot they are roughly $25. Thus, either this man is really slow at doing this work..or their hourly rate is really large.

I think if that has been waived after spending so much it'd have been more easy to understand. They are great but EXPENSIVE. One other matter, once the repairman comes in and I believe he took his last puff of a cigarette and smells like an ash tray. I am likely to ask for a repairman from now on. They also need shoe covers.
Was exact and professional. They had a special to diagnosis an issue for $75. I nearly fell over. As soon as they do it what can you do? I had cartridges in two taps. That he didn't forget to put the $75 diagnosis charge on it when I was handed the invoice. I said you mean when you invest that kind of money that you still hit individuals. When people spend $500 it'd be wonderful to have the 75 over, I mentioned. fee omitted.

What a rip-off!!!Had a gasoline valve substituted on a hot water heater (they charged $726.28 reduced to $627.29 since I'd their house maintenance contract). Thought that if they had been there, I would have them put in a kitchen faucet we had bought (they charged $363.42 reduced to $308.90). Took the plumber 3 hours to do both tasks. Afterwards learned the gas valve cost less than $150 on amazon and I am certain that they buy it. The plumber said the shutoff valves for your kitchen faucet was bad. Perhaps an additional $25 in parts. So this means I paid $200/hour for labor!!!
If you would like to get ripped off Hoffman brothers!!!

They said that their costs weren't based on time parts and labor, when I called to complain about those excessive charges. Rather they use whatever price is recorded in their book. They maintained this was a way of pricing since then customers would understand up front exactly what the repairs would cost!!! What a joke!!! When they tell you that the costs up front, your hot water heater isn't functioning, they're there, you don't have any idea (until after what the parts cost, how long it will take ).
To add insult to injury, they expect me to continue to cover $48/month for the subsequent five months for a maintenance contract. Good luck with that!!!

I had an appointment scheduled for today, and after waiting around all day I was told they ran out of time working on other sites. Giving 2 stars rather than 1 because they predicted each 2 hours to let me know they were running late. Rather than wasting my entire day waiting for a company that was overbooked, I would've happily scheduled an appointment for later in the week in the time of booking.

Our toilets would not quit running--on a Sunday, of course. We didn't want to wait another day (price of water invoice ) so we called for repairs today. The repairman called us and told me that the price of a crisis visit was 259 there are the cost of the repairs. It turned out we needed flappers, fill valves, and distribution lines for both toilets. We were willing to pay it so as to have it done right away, although I thought that was pretty high. Our repairman, Joe P., was terrific. He came at the time he said he would, was professional and explained each of the fees to us, and did an outstanding job--leaving the job site pristine. I am hoping that my plumbing issue occurs on a Monday through Friday. Otherwise, I'd pay the extra charge to find such good support.

I want to be certain concerning this 1 star review. I have been a client for 10 decades and was very happy. This weekend I received a notification that my house security plan monthly cost was increasing from 18.49 per month to 47.47 per month. WHAT? I believed it was a mistake. I phoned and was advised that it was accurate. I cancelled the strategy.
The different gains I have seen like this have been with the government healthcare exchange and that did not work well. I understand increases happen and therefore are necessary. Perhaps a 5% or 10% will be reasonable but 157% increase is ridiculous in my opinion. Free filters, expedited service along with a 15% discount don't compensate for almost 350.00 annually increase.

I couldn't be more impressed w/this business and I am not easy to impress or trust companies way service calls are left or not, those days. Not true w/Hoffmann Brothers, Jennifer,ofc, Mike and Ken, techs, provided customer and HVAC support. So impressed rather than previously advised, I had them to reduce my thermostat to eye level (on a scooter). Although somewhat pricey, I believe I paid for piece and service of mine. Additionally, they pointed out essential maintenance service. The 1 disappointment was that the about for a tech, they put you on call the day of your 2 hour window. So wondering and waiting is somewhat frustrating for me, even tho I am at home I am impatient and like construction. . .woe is me! :)

Buyer Beware: If you create a consultation with Hoffman, then be prepared for a scheduling nightmare. They are great at accepting appointments; they can not keep them. Nor do they convey what to anticipate. My spouse sacrificed an whole day waiting for an electrician that wouldn't arrive. They called rather than guaranteed a status call at 10 am. Eventually, they said we ought to re-schedule. The rep said that it was HER fault for not going about her day as usual, after hearing the frustration of my wife. Chris Hoffman explained they have to cancel appointments every day. My advice to him was to let us locate someone more reliable or know BEFORE we set an appointment with his firm so that we can decide whether we want to waste a day off. So you can avoid this distress, my advice for you is to avoid Hoffman.
Chris Hoffman stated they would not bill to drive 8 miles to my home and offered 15% off. He cried, although I pleaded that 15% was not worth more than our lost day. So wewarn of what you are in for the others and'll take our opportunities elsewhere.

Hoffman Brothers are given a 5 by me. Aimee
Yesterday, while I'm 700 miles out of town, a Hoffman professional went to and used a box key for my home. I had been given update calls and a 30min"on our way" call. When the tech, Steve B. celled me,'' he clarified his findings and gave me info which saved me about 2k$. If this is not honesty from a company, I don't know what's.
He said no issue just remember to use us again and proceeded to tell me he felt blessed to work for a good company saying all employees are good people, when I thanked him.

I had them do a quote for me personally and it was fair and felt the estimator was quite honest and did not try to upsale me.
Also they have been to my home several times and did a great job and seem like a bunch.

Very simple. Don't say you support Jefferson County if you do not. This would obviously save the time of calling and growing through everything simply to be told,"sorry". I then was told we do not go 30 miles, well I'm 24 miles from the office. Waste of time!

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