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Mesa Locksmith Pros


It was 110 levels, summer and despite saying they would be there in 20 mins, it took one hour and a half to get there.
I allowed him to do so, after all, I had been and my friend had now given hours of the day to this endeavor.

I was so livid I reported them to the FCC for advertisements that is false.
So I'm overseas, they have and now I'm out over $400.
As soon as I continued to assert, they stated that the fee was due to experience and the ability of a locksmith. A locksmith who had been incapable of opening my door with a key
I'd if I could provide negative stars to zero out their average indefinitely.
The locksmith told me it'd be FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY THREE DOLLARS and subsequently got on the phone. As soon as I arguedthey knocked $75 off because I"found them online."
The locksmith, when he arrived, spent unlocked, then declared the lock had neglected and he'd want to drill into it.
I called them because I had been outside of the nation and had a friend quitting in to test my furry friend.
Their site says $14 for a service call, $29 for call.
Go everywhere else. Hire anyone else.
Don't ever employ these shysters.

Locked keys in my vehicle, called this company. Got a person there in under 30 minutes but from the Quotation over the telephone of 70.00 bucks to what the service man wanted to charge me was a 55.00 dollar improved difference. This crook they delivered to aid me in an Emergency Locks Smith Car said to come to me is an emergency and it was 125.00 bucks to open my car door. Took him than 3 minutes to open the automobile and in that time his costs estimates went down and up 3 times. Finally he ended up charging me 25.00 more than the telephone quote and then told me he might have charged me 200.00 to an emergency call as he was walking off. He appeared to believe it was funny he can do this. I'd used my insurance to get this number so that I called up State Farm and told me what is occurring. Rip OFF Business practices. Really dreadful doing business with people like them.

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