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Old Lock Repair & Restoration

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Old Lock Repair & Restoration

Your older lock can be restored with our skills again to excellent condition from 19 decades of service. Because it's also exceptional and an original element of the house your lock goes back to a house. Services: Repair & On-Site Restoration: repairing, Restoring & refurbishing antique and older locks & hardware modifying and frequently manufacturing parts. Customized Skeleton Keys: Cutting & Assessing brass skeleton keys for locks like Corbin, Russwin, Sargent, Yale and others. Re-keying & Master Keying: Keying, rekeying and master keying lock tumblers to multiple key patterns or one to suit your requirements. Patinas: Antiquing, bronzing, patina fitting and burnishing.


We are living in a home in Kensington and have worked hard to revive anything that needs repair to the design and hardware. Our front door doorknob fell off, yesterday -- and we had immediate aid in replacing or repairing it. Jonathan managed to come in the morning and worked lovingly and diligently before the afternoon to repair the doorknob and replace the guards on the door, while retaining the integrity of the plan and hardware possible. He had been extremely knowledgable and we knew we had been blessed to work with this jewel of a craftsperson. We wish there were many more"originals" with ethics like Jonathan in the job world! Wendy

It wasn't an inexpensive repair, but absolutely worth it.
After several years of marginal functionality, our 90 year-old door set ultimately disintegrated. We were fond of this older set so through those years I had sought someone like Jonathan- someone who may repair the bits that are broken and restore it. I resigned myself when I happened throughout Old Lock Repair and'd had no success.
We're so happy with what Jonathon has done. We again have a thumb latch the functions that are key, and all the bits stay attached the doorway in any way times! Given what he had to work with, a minor miracle was achieved by Jonathan.

He is located in Berkeley, CA, so he had to drive over on a Sunday to fulfill us. He had been early for our appointment. He brought up all his gear and worked for the better part of a day.
We have a 1928-vintage original-owner home with a front door mortise lock that's perfect for Johnathan Rosales' (owner of Old Lock Repair & Restoration) expertise. The lock repaired or had never been maintained, and the only part of it that worked was that the dead-bolt. The remainder was a wreck from 88 years of enter and exit usage.
I recommend Johnathan to you, if your lock is from creation, old, in horrible condition, and your regional locksmith says it can't be repaired by him.
Now, the lock is currently functioning great. He replaced springs, and bent parts back into the way they were initially. He repaired the thumb latch to move they way. He worked, tested, worked, and tested. He took it completely, and when it was reassembled, it works. He steered the lock to work with the nut plate, which necessitated working with the door's wood which surrounds the lock.
My opinion, from asking and getting (excellent) support from Johnathan, is that this man's an artist in addition to an excellent technician. He quotes you a price to bring the lock back into working order. Then it costs you nothing for the consultation, if he can't.
He takes a test and cash, but not charge cards.

Johnathan is a craftsman. He also fixed a 1920's unit lock front door which stopped working. He offered to fix a number of our other inner door knobs because front door"did not take that long". He is knowledgeable about all types of locks that are old. Flat remains and price as long as it takes to get the task finished.

I have written few reviews but feel pressured to recommend Old Lock Repair based on the service I received.
Jonathan was convinced that he could restore the lock. Over the next two hours that he did that, even fashioning a brand new spring and soliciting feedback when a few choices required to be made. The lock is rock solid and feels improved; I don't recall it working this well before it broke.
I contacted Jonathan in a last effort to salvage the mortise lock after a second local locksmith was unable to do this and recommended a replacement.
Jonathan lent me a flat rate . I found him to be personable rather than hurried, and it's clear he places an immense quantity of integrity. This was really one and I recommend him to anyone grappling with a finicky or broken antique lock.

Call Johnathan if you're searching for an effortless fix of your lock.
I was searching for somebody that could fix/repair our entrance door lock (mortise lock). Johnathan was quick to respond to my initial query over email, provided a free consultation (in a convenient time for two working professionals!) , recognized the matter, and provided an appt in a few days. He just completed the door and also the job functions better than ever. The door never locked readily, since we bought the house. Now pray we completed the door closure dance correctly, jiggle, and we have to lift to possess our door lock!

This is the 1 stop shop In case you've got an old lock. He knows what he charges a price that is reasonable, passionate about his job and is doing. A true gem.

Johnathan (the lock expert behind this one-man operation) is a master. We have an 1929 home along with the door has on occasional trapped and stopped functioning. A locksmith would come and get it functioning again and a couple of decades after the problem would happen. Then fell off. Johnathan arrived and spent an hour discovering, starting the mortise and diagnosing the problem at no charge was lost, which clarified the problem. We ended up negotiating a cut pace with for work that is extensive, although he's not the cheapest. He guaranteed the workmanship for five years (instead of his customary 10) - although he stated he can't imagine he'll have to return. So far, everything works like a charm - opening the door hasn't felt like that - that the mechanism glides open and closed . Its like brand new. In case you want to be certain its right and have a older lock, call Johnathan. It may cost a bit more - but its worth it.

We have only great things to say with Old Lock Repair and Jonathan. Jonathan really understands his business. He took time to examine and diagnose the front door lock. He realized that because of the age and poor condition of our lock, he would have to engineer a few parts - . He restored so that it not only seems wonderful, the front door lock, the mechanism would be the smoothest we've had. In light of the results, we had him work on three additional old door locks in the house. We enthusiastically recommend Jonathan.

Really knows what he is referring to. Polite helpful and courteous. This is the gentleman you want to call In case you've got an issue.

Jonathan is easy to use and a real specialist in locks. We had a difficult old locks that he managed to create operational, and I'm so grateful!

We were very excited to find somebody who might restore the vintage lock our 1930 Mediterranean house in Oakland. Jonathan specializes in this type of work. He adjusted the relationship of the lock repaired the thumb latch and rebuilt the springs from the lock. The door handle and lock feel substantial and engaged. In addition, he applied a patina to some still glistening deadbolt that was added to the doorway in the 60's to combine the look of the door hardware indoors and outside. Eventually he re-keyed the front door lockset and deadbolt and the back door lockset and deadbolt for use and fixed a loose inside door knob. The expense of performing this type of work was somewhat more than I had originally expected but after considering the choices. Jonathan is hard-working personable, and diligent.

Old Lock Repair provides a needed service. As someone who shares the belief of Jonathan that the historical pieces of our homes should be preserved where possible I was pleased to find that Jonathan would create onsite repairs into my beautiful tho creaky 1920s entrance door. The job of jonathan was competent and instantaneous and I urge him to all others with older locks!!!

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