Basement Plumbing Services

Basement Plumbing Services

Do you need repair, maintenance, or emergency plumbing services for your home basement? Call Certified Contractors, and we will connect you with the best plumbers available. We work with the top plumbing companies in the industry in order to ensure that you receive the best service.

basement plumbingOftentimes, homeowners gather a lot of useful knowledge about their home plumbing, and they are able to fix small clogging problems and other bathroom and kitchen fixture issues on their own. However, most people are not familiar with the piping and drainage in their utility rooms and basements. Accordingly, any plumbing issues localized here are more difficult to cope with. A leaking main water pipe in the basement, a broken sump pump, a clogged floor drain, or a flooded utility room will usually require professional help from expert plumbing services. A well experienced and reliable basement plumber can save you a lot of money and headache, by preventing total damage and additional complications. Speed is of the essence in case of a basement flood. Certified Contractors can recommend the most reliable 24/7 emergency plumbers that can immediately reach your place and get you rid of your problem.

Basement Plumbing Services

  • Broken or leaking sump pump repairs, installation, and maintenance

  • Floor drain unclogging services

  • Water heater repair and installation

  • Laundry room washing machine leaks

  • Damaged pipe repairs

  • Emergency flooding services

  • Frozen pipe services

  • Sewer line maintenance and repairs

No matter which of the above problems you may be currently looking at, you will need to immediately get in touch with emergency basement plumbing services and prevent further problems. If the water has reached your electrical installation, the washing machine and other electrically powered devices in the basement, you will need to first turn off the electricity. Make sure never to stand in water when doing this. Use a wooden stick or a broom to turn off the main circuit breaker, as wood is known not to conduct electricity. Turn the gas supply off as well and immediately call an emergency plumber.

Sump Pump Repair Services

Sump pumps are usually found in homes that feature finished basements and their main role is to prevent flooding that can cause serious damage to any home. The pump moves water away from the house and redirects it to the nearest storm drain in the area. If your sump pump has suffered any kind of damage or you are no longer able to get it started, the battery might need to be changed. For electrical sump pumps, the issue might be more complicated and require the help of a professional basement plumbing service. After thoroughly assessing a broken sump pump, a plumber should be able to recommend its replacement or repair.

Floor Drain Repair

A large number of floor drains and garages feature floor drain traps that keep the spaces from flooding in case of leaking or bursting pipe problems. Dirt and debris will oftentimes get caught in floor drains, clogging and rendering them useless. Certified Contractors can put you in touch with the most reliable plumbing technicians who can inspect your floor drains and clean them thoroughly using expert tools and solutions. They can also replace rusty or worn-out drains whenever necessary.

Water Heater Repair Services

Water heaters are, by far, one of the most important plumbing fixtures inside any home. They offer hot water supplies to the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. They are also essential for helping washing machines work normally.

If you notice water pooling under the machine, you most likely have a leak that needs the immediate attention of a skilled plumber. Water that seems to be rusty or smells in a peculiar way is an additional indicator that there may be something wrong with your water heater. Certified Contractors can recommend the best people for the job who can rapidly identify all leaks and problems and complete emergency repairs on the spot. No matter the time of the day or night, emergency plumbing services are readily available to cater to your every water heater installation, repair, or maintenance need.

Washing Machine Services

Washing machines located inside basements or laundry rooms are normally subjected to repeated use, and they require repairs and periodical maintenance work. Broken washing machines hoses, water pipes, small floods, and clogged drains will all require you to give special attention to washing machines.

Frozen Pipe Repairs

Pipes located in unheated areas such as the basement are subjected to freezing during the cold season. Proper maintenance can prevent them from freezing. However, if you are dealing with the problem despite your prevention attempts, expert plumbers can successfully thaw your frozen pipes and replaced broken ones using expert tools and procedures.

Basement Plumbing Maintenance

It is critical to have your sump pumps tested periodically to make sure they are running well. Schedule inspections before the warm season and storms or heavy rainfall forecasts. You can perform the testing on your own, or hire professional plumbers to help you out. You will need to pour a bucket of water into the pit of the sump and have the water activate the pump. In turn, the pump will turn on and start removing the water. If you notice any problems during the testing, you will need to ask a certified, nearby plumber to have them fixed right away.

The washing machine hoses also need to be inspected for wear and tear signs. They could trigger leaks and some serious flood problems if they are not identified and taken care of on time. Call a Certified Contractors service provider and benefit from immediate assistance with all of your basement plumbing needs at affordable rates. All of the technicians we will be sending your way are highly trained and they have accumulated many years of experience. They are all licensed, certified, and insured/bonded. Give us a call today and schedule a free assessment with a local basement plumber in town!