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Absolute Plumbing and Heating

Call Complete Plumbing & Heating! When you could talk to a master plumber with over 30 years experience, when calling a plumbing and heating service talk to an answering service! Hear and feel the difference.


They called me about the next Monday to inquire if I was happy with the service. Thumbs up!

If there was a 0 star option that's what I would have given them. They are so irresponsible! I called them for an estimate. They had been hrs late in the time they'd said they'll be there. They anticipated $225 plus tax simply to replace the faucet! And that's me supplying the new faucet to them! I decided to talk to them because got back to me 26, Though it was expensive. It was 9:30 and they weren't here, nor did they predict that they we were running late. I called them and they said they'd have somebody finished within the hour. It was 11:30am and no one showed up. I called a second time and they'd said they had been on my way to my property and they had been running a bit behind. It was pm and STILL no call no show. So called them canceling the appointment and found another company that put in my brand new faucet and arrived the following day in the morning STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They rip off you and will waste your own time!

My air conditioner was running but not blowing cold air. The tech came and explained it was my compressor and could cost $9500 to $10,000 dollars. I paid $75 service charge said I would need to return to him. That exact same day I had a 2nd HVAC come pierce precision who immediately said it could not be the compressor because of... it was that the capacitor that he changed and total charge was $100! He said he must put his head down .

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