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edward s plumbing faucet installation

Edward's Plumbing

3 stars rating
Opening Hours:
Monday: 07:30-17:00
Tuesday: 07:30-17:00
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Edward's Plumbing

Edwards Plumbing is composed of professional high quality technicians who have united to provide topnotch service in the plumbing sector. Edwards Plumbing, Inc. is committed to providing you with a superior experience during, and after your pipes trade. We are dedicated to ensure that your experience is hassle free, efficient, and easy. We are committed to giving you the very best customer experience whether you're seeking to have a flow is fixed by one of our professional plumbers, unclog a drain, or perform a complete bathroom remodel. In case of a plumbing emergency, phone the office at 651-769-1192. You will get immediate service. Added fees can incur during after hours assistance. What exactly are you waiting for? Repairs that are not treated promptly will cost you a lot of frustration, money, and time. Call and let us assist you start your job or fix those repairs in the Twin Cities area.


The plumber was honest in pricing, did excellent work and was amazing. So much so that my wife called our contractor if there is anymore plumbing we would like to go through this team over the 27, to inform him the contractor already uses. Thank you for your response. We saved us big time!
Like most plumbing requests, we had an emergency. We known for help and quickly turned off the water. After calling the"Big Guys" and being told we could not be seen for a day, we decided to call somebody local. Edwards Plumbing immediately promised us somebody might get out there immediately and came out faster than the"Big Guys" could call us back.

Mike quoted me on the phone:"$150, including an hour of service". He said the part would be $79 or 49. Ryan arrived, installed the pump and billed $263. In that time I had a second employee here so that I did not add up the invoice. After Ryan left, I called Mike and recognized the discrepency and told him there is about a difference on what Ryan billed and what he quoted. Mike said it's their"$40 trip fee" (even though the distinction is actually only $34). He told me he never mentioned a trip fee, just that it would be"$150 that includes an hour of service time" He said they do not have to say there is a trip fee, that I must have requested and that folks ask if there is a trip fee. I tried to clarify that all the other plumbing firms I called were about a trip fee, he contended and got then hung up on me when I told him I'd contact, BBB and Attorney General for charging hidden expenses. Do not deal with this belligerent owner who refused to reevaluate his eponymous"$40" trip fee.

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