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Henry Kitchen & Bath

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Henry Kitchen & Bath

Master bath, powder room, or guest bathroom renovation on your future? Let our in-house design staff help with space renovation, fixtures, counters, countertops, tile, and cabinets while our installation teams bring your dreams to life. Whether needing Victorian an look, or a contemporary look, our team will support you through the development of your new bathroom!


Logan Trentadue of Henry Kitchen and Bath is an excellent designer. She assisted that this summer, me remodel my two upstairs bathrooms and she knows what she's doing. This is my first time to get bathrooms fully remodeled and there have been many decisions to be created. I grew to trust Logan. She has a fantastic sense of design and she's honest. She considers all factors, including budget, and will tell you what's worth doing. Icouldn't have done it and'm quite happy with the consequences. I am checked out kitchen and bath companies and a cautious shopper. On the cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and hardware I chose, Henry's prices couldn't be beat. Considering the help I was given by Logan free of charge, Henry has been an outstanding price!

It was just as we had envisioned. We worked as the lead contractor with Sara Pilch from a design perspective and Augie. I appreciated that HKB recorded throughout the design stage to our requests, provided recommendations and various suggestions but never tried to over-sell anything. Augie and his team were comprehensive and professional. We had no worries of these and all our concerns and questions were addressed timely. Would recommend HKB!

This summer henry pipes did our bathroom months. It was beautiful. I wanted a toilet that was comparable to that which we saw in Europe, high end fixtures at a small quaint toilet in our home in Glendale. I wound up with a Jason Tub, a new but includes the Spa like features a bathroom could want all. Multi colored lights, oxygen to assist Bluetooth stereo sealers and dry skin. Dim the lights, put on the Music and then begin the bubbles or oxygen extract and I am done for the night. They have been helpful, professional and on time, nice on choosing the right fittings and always professional. I would use them for our kitchen.

Awesome job across the board! Jennifer was very knowledgeable, timely and has great taste, which was a massive help! I use and recommend Henry Kitchen & Bath I have the opportunity.

In summary, the people were professional but they had trouble keeping customers updated and tracking items. Expect to do most of the heavy lifting even though you paid in the home for deliver when they provide. The mirrors were a waste of cash although the vanities are beautiful and worthwhile. Shower trims, faucets, valves, and the tubs were quality. Pretty much the majority of the goods, except the mirrors, had been with all of the problems that I had I don't suggest using this corporation.
They just had one individual on the truck to assist when my first order was delivered together with my tubs and shower supplies. I ordered two baths and I basically had to provide the man power to bring it even though I had been told they'd deliver it in the house for me. One of my shower heads was suppose to be sent but when it was do to be sent they could not find it. They found I decided to pick it up myself so they wouldn't lose it again and it another week later.
You need to make sure to set up an appointment before hand, when you show up it is hard to get everyone to assist you. As soon as you got someone to assist you, the individual has been able to get you exactly what you wanted and was knowledgeable.
I have been working with Henry Kitchen and Bath for a couple months and it's been a mix of problems since.
The same thing happened in which only 1 man made the delivery, when they sent my second order which comprised my dressing table. Again, I needed to help them deliver the dressing table into the home and unload the truck so they wouldn't damage them even though they had been told that they would need to take action. One of my vanity pieces wasn't delivered. When I called them they said that they would look into it. They looked like they had trouble tracking my orders and they wouldn't give me updates. They stated so they would need to reorder it the section of dressing failed quality assurance when they called back a day later. I give them kudos for taking the initiative to stop me from becoming a product that is bad up on it since I had been on a time schedule together with my builders. I got my very last section another week later.
Additionally, I ordered two expensive mirrors . I thought they were suppose to be delivered but I was contacted by the mirror companies directly and I needed to visit them and pick up them. Luckily my automobile was big enough to hold them, particularly considering that one has been 72" long. The mirrors didn't come with the trim installed along with the company forgot to order the trim. I needed to go pick them up and bring them home, When the trim was ordered. Now I have two mirrors with no trim installed and nobody to put in the trim even though I paid far too much for 2 mirrors with installed. I must get another contractor to put in the cut as this business refuses to perform it and invest more money.

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