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A Legacy of Quality Work Modernize your home's pipes or underfloor heating system with the assistance of Jackrabbit Plumbing Inc.. We've been providing excellent customer service. We're your demonstrated choice for residential plumbing commercial pipes and remodeling, radiant floors, boilers, snowmelt plumbing services, and geothermal and solar heat pumps. Need repair solutions? Know which you are able to call our professionals 24 hours per day.


And, they wanted to open partitions and recommended cutting/capping pipe to find the leak; I'm sure that this would most likely have been. We guessed that there had to be a better way. Btw, I'll be posting proper reviews of those Angie List A+ Certified/A rated suppliers (Ha! Quite misleading and not dependable at all!) Re: what I thought of the support and character; see Angie's listing and/or Yelp for all these reviews.
Jackrabbit/Scott was able to validate the origin of the leak; he affirmed the issue, came in and fixed it. There was minimal invasive wall he cut into the wall only had the right too to cut the wall, and did a cut that will be easily repairable. Honest and professional. He even had his own ladder... imagine that!
Scott from Jackrabbit plumbing was superb. A real professional; he/his truck had been well equipped... he'd every tool, piece of gear he needed (unlike the initial 2 plumbers we brought in who did not even have a ladder or possibly did not wish to get it off their truck). And most importantly, as it says on the side of his truck... he had been HONEST! Traveling and rate fees were reasonable and fair. When he accidentally struck a bit on our washer, he said he'd turn over to his insurer or return with the part and repair it... a real class act.
I apologize for the length of the review, however, I wanted to include enough detail that I trust will help anyone needing the support bypass the issues we needed to figure out the expensive and hard way and encountered. Unfortunately , we had to find out the hard way/go through a couple of businesses that are honest or not professional before we found that these ones. It took a little research and homework but was worth it. I hope this info will be valuable to others that find themselves in this circumstance.
We were referred to Jackrabbit by American Leak Detection Service from Stateline, NV, that also had been excellent, btw. It was fine to have a more"scientific" approach to finding the leak, e.g. they used the inert gas helium to pressurize the system and a helium sensor to hone in on the particular area with the difficulty vs. cutting open all of the walls and spraying using a sterile solution as had been used/recommended from others that diagnosed/quoted the occupation. They found the leak inside an hour of when they came. Fyi, Scott suggested that he had a leak sensor which used CO2, similar I envision. Evidently, an expert plumber gets this in his tool bag/has the capacity to perform intelligent detection . He did utilize CO2 via a tank he carried with him to pressurize the system, which aided him. He had been well equipped and very professional.
We will utilize Jackrabbit for all of our plumbing requirements .
Scott did use sterile water to validate the leak, however, did not need to track the leak like that or cut pipes to isolate the issue because he had been advised as to where to search vs. the strategy that recommended by our initial 2 technicians identification. I still have to wonder why these other pipes could not find the leak (it turned out to be a significant escape ) using the soapy water since it evidently was easily identified by Scott when he used the sterile water (albeit, Scott did know where to search, however, he suggested it was very observable even with water and soap!?) . It would appear they just wanted to spend as much time as possible just"looking" for the escape; might too tear out a couple of walls while we are at it, ideal!? It's all The leak was in the 90 right over the dryer that should have been among the first areas it ought to have been found... fairly easily.

Had this van driving on the road competitive, not a good look. If these men handle other ppl on the road like a honest company is running and can not drive commendable, I'm definitely not gonna expect them within my house or on my property.

Thank you Tony
My critique was shifted by response from owner .

There was A gas line discovered. JR pipes came back in a few of weeks to attach the oven out of its rear to the gas line 12 inches. Took less than an hour. I had been billed about 700$ total for attaching my oven. My handiman said he hadn't ever heard of a gas plumber that couldn't remove an oven. I was charged hours of work out of JR pipes for trying to take out the oven ( mostly looking at it) & paid someone else to remove it! They reduced the invoice when I explained to the charging person the supervisor should look at my charge! Nevertheless was to join my gas oven. I guess it depends upon who they send but it's really hard to believe this was a seasoned gas plumber. If my handiman was licensed to attach the gas it would have taken him. . They charged me 4 hours labour a hour. This ought to have been an EASY job.
I did a kitchen remodel and thought I needed a gas line for my brand new gas oven. They sent out a technician to take out the oven and add a line . He couldn't detach the oven essentially looked at it. He left and I had to telephone my handiman. Oven was removed by him in less than 30 min.

Fast response! Good customer service. Thanks!

Had a remodeling job which required linking fixtures in the bath and replace home shutoff valve. Contacted Jackrabbit Plumbing in the recommendation. The call taker asked about the work needed and returned my call the identical day. She took the information and would have one of the technicians telephone from the end of the day. About pm, set an appointment and Scott called to discuss the task. Scott came about 20 minutes early. He gathered tools and components studied the job and started to do the job. 1 area of the bath needed some sheetrock modification to create the connection which required addition time and a few tear out. Within two hours all of the work was complete. Scott cleaned up the debris and checked all of the work to be certain it functioned as required. Work performed, arrival on conclusion and time of job surpassed expectations. Jackrabbit Plumbing has made it into my"On-Call" listing for service.

I agreed to cover the weekend price of 157/hour and had a weekend crisis. This company charged me $97.50 for travel. The job was in Gardnerville and this company is 3 miles off in Gardnerville. That is ridiculous! Take note.

Tim was quick, knowledeable, and got the job. Will use again.

Calling the company expecting that someone would be able to come out to wash out toilet drains, started Easter Sunday. I called Jackrabbit Plumbing first thing same 15, great employees who advised appointment. Scott was educated and quite professional and came within timeframe given. Solved the problem that was not an easy job due to the plumbing issue, how installed by a different company. Pricing was fair. I would go to them .

Contacted have not heard back. Done on my property. Very annoyed with the contractors that were referred from Southwest Gas. I'm sure work is good, but I actually would not know. Going with somebody a friend I trust known me .

We had an above ground pipe crack in the middle of the night and are new in town from a climate that is warmer. I ended up turning the water off . Called a few plumbing businesses in the morning and Jackrabbit was the most accommodating and honest ones. I was able to send photographs via email to ensure the part wouldn't be an issue. We obtained a quote from another company for $385, Jackrabbit had a remedy and it only cost us $90. They were also able to move around appointments to come out. Scott was really professional, helpful and tidy. He had solutions hints and advice for later that saved us time and money. He is extremely proficient at what he does. I will absolutely refer Scott and Jackrabbit Plumbing to family and friends and won't call about for our plumbing problem since we have found the best in town.

I would certainly recommend this business. I talked to compare additional plumbing quotes that I obtained in my area, and got many excellent suggestions about ways to resolve the issue I was experiencing. They were courteous and helpful even though they knew they were not going to get my business (because I reside in another state). Their ideas let me resolve my plumbing issues!

We're currently doing a remodel in a town about an hour away from Jackrabbit. I must say it has been difficult to find any work done, let alone. . .until Jackrabbit!!! They have been amazing! . .drove down to the house and gave me a quote ! A REASONABLE estimate. The other quote we got was over twice what Jackrabbit quoted us. Anyways. . .they sent two quite professional..hard-working. .nice children, Robert and Trevor. They replaced our old galvanized plumbing all . Robert suggested our shower head moves to the opposite wall, which left a ton of sense after he said it!! Just the little things like this...I will recommend Jackrabbit to anyone with big or little plumbing needs!! Fantastic COMPANY!!

Squeezed me were timely, efficient, politie and skilled! Will call them. Thanks so far!

Jack Rabbit Plumbing stalls have been seen by us . They have been knowledgable and very helpful answering our queries concerning pipes options that were green. I called them when our house shower drain stopped working. They were just as helpful in this circumstance. After the gentleman came at our house he was fast, efficient and even cleaned the bathtub! The price was reasonable and I'm very satisfied with the service. Living in a rural region, timely and effective service on repairs hasn't been our typical experience in the past 20+ years. The next time we need work on our house plumbing, we will call Jack Rabbit Plumbing.

I have used Jackrabbit Plumbing times in the past for work on my rental property. They got the job, courteous and were fast. I did have an issue with the company on the last project they did for me personally and they reacted and resolved the situation in a way that was honest. That's why I gave them a'5'. Every time a plumbing desire arises I will certainly call Jackrabbit.

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