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James K Hafke Plumbing

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James K Hafke Plumbing

Many individuals fear as soon as they find a flow in a faucet or toilet and you may need our services, if you are not convenient. Hafke Plumbing includes a staff of trained plumbers that can handle any substantial repair or maintenance of your pipes. If you need instructions over the telephone whilst help arrives, you can help through everything you have to do and will correct the matter as soon as we are able. Get in touch with us whether it is an annoying flow in water or the kitchen sink is draining out of it. Plumbing malfunctions are typical in almost any household or businesswhen the buildings have been around for a while. Depending on what your issue is, we'll send. We've got experts in particular fields Despite the fact that we make sure all our staff is still up-to-date on the latest technological improvements.


I had a root problem in one and they discovered a fitting under ground and fixed it in 1 day. They are very fast and clean up after they are done. We had a great plumber and helper on the job.

Very ideal support and reasonably priced. Referred them for family members and they all had similar encounters. Everything was clarified from a friendly perspective and we were never left feeling out of the loop. House was equally as clean, if not cleaner when they finished the job. Do yourself a favor for any plumbing needs, and reach out to them. You won't be let down.

I know large jobs are difficult, tedious and complicating... but if a homeowner has paid and finds out difficulties then calls to schedule and is kind about these kinds of problems and is treated as though they are a hassle and then is pushed back. . I find this the verge of unprofessional. There are issues in my house that has been done by Hafke pipes. I am forced to get another plumber to fix and complete this paid for job. Just craziness.
1. My TWO baths, that are to have brass de cubes, specialization kohler brass fittings and brass water lines weren't complete but abandoned with big plastic pipes. I had been told one pipe had been missing and to order it, which I did. This was needed for on account of the pipes heights, ONE bathroom not being measured when the rough plumbing was done. I had all of the kohler parts (but the one needed to fix their error ) in my house waiting since the beginning of the job.
Im leaving a 2 star review within our house renovation being finished because of only half our pipes. Hafke Plumbing had to return several times to partly finish some of the work at my home. My main complaint is and the entire lack of concern Hafke reveals of fixing the plumbing problems. I scheduled because of their support last week, this week, they called and cancelled, that week has arrived and now they cancel. Stating they are too occupied with other projects to work on mine. I personally feel that because of the connection with the builder that this provider is pushing my PAID for - pristine job apart... Beyond unprofessional and gross.
3. A 2000 master bathroom tub filler not only jiggles because of not being mounted correctly, but only hot water comes out and cold water trickles out after a brief burst... not to mention that the wall mounted" X" handles were put in crooked. All these were fixtures, that are covered in gunk and were treated quite carelessly.
2. My garbage disposal plastic feeder has been put in upside down in my own prep sink...

NEW OWNERSHIP! Michael was transparent in giving me and pointing out the issue. Took the time to not bill me for services and the work was completed at a time period that was reasonable. Arrived in time and was friendly.

The team from James K. Hafke Plumbing did an excellent job on my dual furnace install, and fresh electricity vented hot water tank. They accommodated my requests to maximize ceiling heights where potential for growth and explained where everything needed to run so we can discuss how to make it work in the space. They were courteous, professional and respectful to everyone, even a tiny kid in the home and cleaned up after the occupation. It's very obvious that enjoy their work you can see from the pictures of the job. I am also very happy that they pointed out badly completed drains and plumbing issues by a preceding homeowners renovations. They were able to correct this with ease whilst and run to further outdoor water lines to get me. Now I can complete cellar development according to my initial plan.

These men did a fantastic job! Every company quoted us $50,000. This company y did it with an amazing warranty for $30,000! Every time I have predicted since the job, they respond within one day. Amazing. For our home needs later on, will use! Thanks to Miley and our service guys Brandon! Hope you guys enjoyed the tips! :)

I scheduled a service call with a window between 1:00-3:00 on a Saturday with female who claimed to be among the proprietors of James K. Hafke Plumbing. She promised me that a technician would call me before arriving. At 3:30 when no one called or showed up I called the company and went leaving a message, with no call or response back. A respectable firm attempt to reschedule and would have called saying they had been running behind. What a waste of a Saturday.

This was a really expensive repair of a leaking water pipe. They quoted me extra to fix the concrete since the fix involved chipping into my base wall to get the flow. They used some sort of putty for the fix rather than concrete. This fix cost about $399 onto a fitting and a copper valve. The flow was only about an inch inside the concrete and very simple to fix... so much so that the man reduced my estimated charge in something like $600. At being a paraplegic and age 74, I can't although I wish I was able to do this stuff myself.

Set a bath we hired this business to maneuver a shower enclosure, and rip out and replace a vanity/sink within our guest toilet. After 4 visits we now have 3 holes in the walls, shower enclosure has been placed a dripping vanity which was installed twisted, and they left never even turned the water back on. We've paid them for this job but now have to call a real plumbing firm. Brandon"owner" cursed at me and told me I"was mad to expect to be able to snap my fingers and have him come out today to fix our shower"... that still isn't working. He blamed the problem on the tile guy, our vanity not being constructed flat, our faucets that were parts (but needed all parts that the first time his men took everything apart), etc.. His solution was to come back out sometime next week ("following our firm leaves to go home to make it easier on us") to fix our guest toilet that his firm installed incorrectly. (Sink is dripping in new wooden vanity and shower has zero strain and no hot water) Technicians were friendly but always came with tools, materials, or any kind of advice.
***Update: The person who owns the business, Brandon, contacted my fiancé and issued us a check for a complete refund on 6/21/17. ***

I use this business services for plumbing functions, I usually try to work out the things on my own, now it had been more than a issue therefore had to contact plumber nearer to me. I contacted James K Hafke plumbing, he had been there on time with in 3 months. The plumber fixed the water pipe quick, the dilemma was warm water was stuck and I just got the water in the tab. And everything was done well and good, but to my surprise they did it although I assumed it'd be difficult to deal with and will cost me a lot, there could be a need for pipes. Thank you!

I utilized this firms services for a water heater install. My bathroom was having issues. It was starting to leak. I reached out to James K Hafke to get help, after attempting to develop means of fixing it myself unsuccessfully. They were really freindly on the phjone setting a technician up. The tech was really professional, he was able to diagnose the issue immediately and charged a rate that is reasonable to repair. Im so glad I did not need to replace the bathroom.

Highly recommend
He was. Fixed the problem, replaced a part. And was done by 9 AM. Great man, great service.
We had an issue with a toilet that happened at 11PM on New Years Day. I went online trying to find a plumber in Naples and the list for all these people said" call now" so that I did.
Much to my surprise the phone was answered with a employee, not an answering service. Described the problem and that I was told they would have someone here between 8AM and 10AM.

Had this business come out for hot water heater replacement. Chris showed up without the heater and said he would be back in the a.m.. . .4p. . .bottom line. . .it could have been $385. For the install and between $400-$450. For the heater....and that I would need to dispose of this heater myself. Called Rotor man...$625 set up the next day and they took the old one away! Do not waste your time with initial company....young kids who have better things to do than to provide ANY customer service. When I called to complaim and oh , the woman who answered the phone hung me up. . .my score....MINUS 5 stars! Gave them star because I needed to. .

I found Janes K Hafke on thumbtack. Quick to respond and a reasonable quote. I originally called for a snake. A technician showed up, appeared engaged and ready to fix the matter. The snake machine was broken so he did a neighborhood cleaning from under the sink and said he'd return if I had difficulties. I paid $70 for a snake but received a neighborhood pipe cleaning which I might have done . As that is what I paid for I called back and asked for an entire service of this pipe/snake. On going issues with my 9, I have had and that I needed peace of mind. The technician returned to call back if it backed up and to inform that I didn't want it. I should mention that this is my lease and I reside in CA, they understood, so I put out family to meet them to get nothing. I called back a couple months later as my tenant said water accumulation. They came out. The technician calls me and that I explained my history together, and my on going problem and would love if he could diagnose the issue as I wished to know if it was the line to the dishwasher or a flaw dishwasher that was 1.5 yrs old. My tenant said he walked out, walked in, called me, and then left. He clarified that the pump at the dishwasher was broken rather than pumping even though he didn't touch a thing. You operate on the lines although I get you don't work on appliances! The technician appeared benign and young and quite reluctant to advise me. He called his office and was advised to tell a lie to me. The appliance repair technician came out. . It was a lineup that wasn't connected correctly, something I feel if they actually did their job a plumber could find! I truly hoped to find a plumber in these guys, but they ended up being a disappointment.

I had been quoted once the service technician finished cash was added by him to the bill which wasn't originally quoted and a price for my fixes. The cost was very high in either case. Call somebody else. I not recommend this plumber.

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