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lil rooter toilet installation

Lil Rooter

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Dublin, CA 94568
Dublin, CA Service Area
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Lil Rooter

Supplying the services you want at affordable rates. Locally owned and serving you with 16 decades of expertise. Camera Inspection And free Estimate Our company is the number one source for expert service. We surpass the competition, in not only price, but value as well. Equipped On Drain Cleaning for: Emergency Night Weekends Holidays No Extra Or Hidden Charges!! I'vd been operating for a plumbing firm for a long time and I'vd been sales in nation and number-one plumber wide in this organization and one day I realized that I could succeed on my own business. So that is the time I began Lil Rooter plumbing firm.


Best plumber at the NorCal. The whole staff is family oriented super friendly & best of all beneficial. We called for some counsel & they were very beneficial to assist even over the phone after they serviced my home. Thank you for your ceremony...
I highly recommend to all my loved ones & friends. Two THUMBS UP!!!

Lil Rooter owner was on time, did not upsell us, will certainly use again! Best price from the quotes we've got. Thank you so much.

I have been very pleased with honesty and Rommel's service. My drain cleared a year ago yesterday, and we had issues with our bathroom. I clarified along with Rommel gave me info on suggestions for the best way best to fix it and what was wrong. He was very gracious with his experience , up front cost evaluation and time and that I definitely intend to use him if I have some issues I can not manage myself.

Outrageous estimates and had misdiagnosed the flow. Told my husband and me was the main pipe, he would need to split the driveway. His estimate was for $8000. When I called another plumber for another estimate it was not the key pipes at all, it had been the fire sprinkler system. Cost me $850.

Didn't fix the problem, desired money and just suggested a total re-do of pipes throughout for $ 5,000, and said he'd require a check but changed his mind. Like we were going to jump out on paying him he followed me to the ATM to collect. It is our house, where would we go? Poor support.

Excellent customer services. They explained everything were polite, and gave me options to work within my budget.
They were quickly did quality work, and clean.
I will definitely call them again.

I would definitely recommend this organization. Rommel was there to help my family with function and important work, and he and his crew are considerate and knowledgeable. After they came out, the work is good and his rates are reasonable, we never had any further problems.

Expensive... ddnt expect to pay nearly $400 for a $35 moen cartridge change in the shower manage:-LRB- We just wanted it done rt away n jst happened to employ the 1st individual tht showed up. Here, he ran out occasions for some reason, too, to his truck. N it took him over an hour to come back from getting a replacement cartridge :(

Overpriced!Here are more details: we needed to have our kitchen faucet replaced with a new one. We called the plumber and he managed to come. When he arrived he couldn't locate the water meter for some time so he advised us to start calling the water service company. He worked on replacing the faucet which took him a couple of hours, apparently therefore he needed to use it to cut off, the faucet was rusted. This all took him hours and he charged so this came to over $600, us PER HOUR. I was shocked. Had charged us a fee for its service. This was a rip off.

Was good and the individual friendly. But it was very overpriced compared to other plumbing services we have utilized in the past 2-3 years.

Than that which it would cost to do the task, charged us over $ 1,000 + greater, and the workmanship is under level.
After he gets paid, he cares about helping out you. I wouldn't use them again, neither should you. There are far more builders.
Do not let this baby face on the truck nor Romel's friendly demeanor fool you. Ms Rooter is unprofessional and shady.

I thought that this could be a good experience however, I was wrong! Rommel who's the owner and owner wasted time and came out 1/12 hours late. He removed toliets that I requested him not to. He ran multiple times to his truck and kept putting off the installment of the kitchen sink. The job he did finish was actually not completed at all. I needed to employ another plumber to fix the sink that was leaking and the tub water drain nevertheless isn't set. I contacted him because each item he touched wasn't completed because he said it was and his time that he quoted for each one the items wasn't so. He never offered to return even give a reduction for the inconvience or to correct it. He told me to sue him to get the money if I wanted it back. Do not, Do not use this company for almost any of your plumbing needs!!!!!

We called and that he never revealed. We called Rommel and let us know where he was till he got to our house and that he came out. He assessed the issue, gave us options, and completed the job! I would strongly recommend him & his crew to my friends and family. This is also a business that's fine! Thanks Ms. Rooter!! and Rommel

Rommel is filled with himself, haughty in talking, and plays cheap. When I identified there continue to be tree roots at the pipe - answer was for cleaning up that I need to charge extra. He left garbage he took out from the pipe into my yard. Very unprofessional, UN-courteous, unwelcoming personality.

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