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Master Plumbing & Sewer

Quality, dependable service for all your plumbing needs! Welcome to Master Plumbing and Sewer, Inc.When you're in need of plumbing solutions, there are most likely a few things which go through your mind. The two most important being: who will you trust, and also is. Sometimes these can be the hardest questions to have answered. Here, we expect to make these answers easy and clear. By understanding how the plumbing industry pays its workers and charges its customers, you will be better equipped in making the proper choice. On the pricing page, we explain why the majority of organizations pay their technicians on commission and also compare that to movers. Then we provide our rates up front.


We found out that our main sewer line has been leaking and which you are able to smell it sometimes in certain cabinets. Not good!! I don't know about you but I love to avoid having any sewage odor in the house as much as possible. Luckily, Ken and his trusted technicians came and fixed the problem. They are highly recommended by me!! :)

Pablo from Master Plumbing did an incredible job correcting our difficulty and we had a leak from a tub in a condo unit above us and was extremely friendly and professional while solving our issue.

They might be ok at plumbing. How one goes about life reflects across everything in life. This poor review relies on the aggressive and illegal driving I witnessed one of the nice vans doing. I desired it would reflect on their income, and do not support this type of behavior. .

This area has some sort of scam. 3.50 hours to disconnect a water line to your fridge and cost 476.00$. And the pity is its the second time in a yr for the issue. They could be fine to manage straight, I really don't know when a HOA is involved it feels like they love to milk money from people they call clients although because we didn't have that kind of expertise.

Jorge put my bathroom back neater than when he took it apart, he cleaned up behind him and told me a quote could be from the workplace. I wouldn't hesitate asking for him and was rather impressed with his job and Jorge.
Called Master Plumbing at 8am and'd Jorge in my door at 1:15pm prepared to solve my problem. My 3 bathrooms were backing up with each go and I had been stuck plunging to solve the issue. After listening to my narrative and assessing the flush Jorge understood the only method to diagnosis the problem was to camera the point. I consented. He called for the camera and it had been delivered to my home and enough Jorge's diagnosis of pipes was affirmed. If it had been in 1 set of pipes there's good odds it is in the other pipes.

They do work on the street the two days. They dumping/actively pumped into the storm drain, yesterday! You could observe the Redwood Shores Lagoon turning black and bubbling at which the drain empties into the lagoon. Irresponsible!!!

We recently bought a home with a flow in the sewer line. Master pipes was responsive and professional in helping people out. They estimated that the work would take two days due to the positioning of the piping. But when the time came, they were able to finish in 1 day! They noticed a leak in the crawl space in one of our toilets while and fixed that for people also! Would definitely recommend them!

I am asking you all out also they don't show in time and there stay and I tell the reason The wile and also I been using them and whenever that I used them all manners difficulty. This week I phone them for pipe got clocked on monday and reserved for next day from 10 am to 1pm check out this wait wait nothing phone ring at 2:00 we're so sorry our tech is destroying little bit late that he will be there at half hour so and also that fail 3 o clock nothing, I must call someone else in half hour the dilemma is resolved with flying colors. So what it get more interesting is there master tech shows up at 4 pm and I am seeing from ccv cameras that he remains in the car for about 20 minutes or so he then get off I went to talk to him toll you're late very very late!!!
The point of this is the after 4 pm they have distinct speed much higher where they suck blood out of 25, that's. I understand the there strategy quite well.
You misplaced cash!!! and my time From me you zero celebrity.

Inferior support. This business to fix cold water lines into the complicated is hired by my HOA. So of course I'd questions my place was flood. I corrected he does not answer my queries just those that come in the HOA As soon as I asked a question. Then once they began working in my unit they had to resolve mistakes 3 times. The plumber then had the nerve to request yelp review. What a joke your insulting customer not doing a job 2x you request a review that is good?

Once we realized that our shower, sink and toilets were clogged at the upper floor baths, master Plumbing arrived to the rescue. When they had been on their way I had been given a time as to when they'd arrive, was known as and Jorge did his magical. Jorge was professional effective and a cool guy! He pointed out some problems that'll be scheduled so. Master Pipes and Jorge stone!!!!

Jorge Paladin arrived within the time period. The leak was easily found by him and implemented a temp. Very considerate, clean, And receptive to expressed concerns. Appreciative of the midnight emergency home call.

Called them. Told me it would be $160 per hour the following day, and setting the appt between 2pm. I gave them a telephone when they came to get a better period to test and discovered that the price has changed after 4:30 to $240 an hour and we were scheduled pass 4:30 pm. Doing business has to be the ideal WAY!!! If they informed me in the beginning, I would have scheduled a time before 4:30pm.

If I have anymore plumbing problems would I contact him directly. DEFINITELY. The guy took the opportunity to secure my furniture, worked quickly and wore shoe protectors during the repair, and literally cleaned everything up as if he was not there. He couldn't give me a lot of details concerning the job because my house manager contacted him, he performed, but he promised me the problem was taken cared of. Thank you Jorge! You certainly deserved this 5-star inspection homie!
He worked and took good care, although jorge wasn't only respectful and professional. I was asked by him what happened and recreated the conditions. He isolated the problem and proceeded to WERK!
It was like any ordinary day...I woke up one morning and as my son and I were about to head to the door, I hear him yell from the living area"Uhhh Mother, I think we have a problem here. The floor is wet". In my head I'm thinking, what did this child spill today?!? So I go over to his direction and as I'm coming, I hear"Drip Drip". And I'm not speaking about Cardi B that arrived through drippin', I mean I hear drops hitting my living room floor. ‍ . OMG, my ceiling is leaking.
So fast forward to Master Plumbing coming to the rescue...I immediately get a call from them later talking to my Property Supervisor. They'll arrive between 1-5pm. Ok, I will deal with that

Ken responded before they did, although we called our regular plumber.
We had to turn off the home water to cure a loose valve . With the objective of finding the water back , we called Master Plumbing in the early evening (emergency call). Ken came into our rescue, diagnosed the problem, and was able to resolve the valve so that the home water could be turned back on.
They are recommended by me.

For helping us out with the situation at our 18, we would like to thank Pablo and Sergio! We received great expert customer service. And explanation step by step of what they went to perform. They needed to cut our walls up to alter other items and some pipes to repair the issue. And were very neat about everything. We advocate Pablo and Sergio to assist you with some of your plumbing problems. They're patient and very knowledgeable. We had a terrific experience! We would if we could give 10 stars. Thank You !

Came on short notice late in the afternoon and got the first problem resolved. Took the initiative to make things better than they were previously. All while being cordial and really relaxed. Really great.

The Story: Master pipes came to fix a busted pipe. I had been reassured, it would never break. They used copper pipe to attach into the plastic pipes, which was supposed to make it stable per Master Plumbing's estimator. (Later found out, this was a bad idea.)
It broke. Master Plumbing opened up the asphalt another time to see whether the guarantee would apply. It broke 1-2 feet away in the previous repair, so of course, it's not under warranty. The estimator at this time of master Plumbing stated the whole pipe should have been mended instead of only one area. AN ESTIMATOR FROM THE exact same COMPANY stated it should have been fixed a way that was different the very first time. And now, we are the ones paying nearly $20,000 more to have it repaired a second time (by another firm no doubt!)
Use this company, if you enjoy paying to get a job two times. We had to cover tens of thousands of dollars more because the job was not done in the first position by Master Plumbing.
They don't repair the issue and price gouge at each chance.
On top of these not resolving the problem initially they have the audacity to charge over $2,000 to get a steel plate leasing for two weeks. And that is after they charged us another $1,000 for the entire month of September even though they picked up the plates on 9/2. But don't worry, they"prorated" the cost from $1,000 to $250. Nice of them to keep to milk us.

Had a leak at the flat, landlord delivered over 2 technicians that could not fix things. Leak persisted. They then called at Master Plumbing - Jorge came by, did a comprehensive evaluation, and plugged the leak. All great now. He was professional, powerful, and cleaned up the place when he was done. Fantastic work!

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