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4 stars rating
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ONCALLERS Electronics

Partner with us to do local jobs locally from professional jobs, phone repairs, cleaning services, electric, plumbing, floors and much more.... Learn more on the way to join ONCALLERS® PRO Network. Outstanding customer service, quality work and fast service. They repaired my water phone, when nobody else could. They surprise me everytime I call them to schedule a ceremony. Quick service unbeatable a staff that is friendly and warranty. If you watched my phone beforehand, and then found it now - you would not believe that I made it didn't buy a new phone and repaired. 5 stars! GADGETS REPAIRS. Repairs on iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and much more! HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Handpicked contractors from professional, cleaning maids, plumbers, electricians and much more.... SHOP Solutions. Have a look at our online store for an assortment of goods with free shipping. STORE LOCATIONS. Visit our places that are walk-in for electronics repairs while you wait.


It is a place I had a fantastic experience with ONCALLERS they are educated and professional. It is possible to choose your phone or tablet and it will be fixed by them with excellent costumer support!!!
Thank you so much men!!!

I received my phone repaired at Oncalllers 3 weeks ago, the staff was nice and it didn't seem like there were any difficulties. I noticed that my display open and would glitch a lot of programs and press buttons. It would not quit until I left it secured for a couple minutes, that wasn't a massive issue or turned off my telephone but annoying to manage. Then today I was driving my buddy into work, I noticed that the LCD was cracked when I took my phone out of my pocket and it was unusable. I did not drop any days or the telephone today . I went in hoping I can assert the guarantee was granted, and was advised that this damage wasn't covered in the guarantee. I am extremely disappointed with oncallers, there wasn't anything I didn't cause this damage and the display was faulty from the start. I do not recommend anyone and I am not going to be coming back.

The shop that is worst EVER to have something fixed for you.
I went in to have display and my own battery substituted for my own iphone, they give me a statement and work sequence and after they call me my phone is fixed. For my surprise, even when I pick the phone up, the display was replaced, but the battery not, cause they realized they don't have a battery in stock. No options for me, no communication with me, they took the decision to do half of the job. Fine. . .next afternoon, the battery drains much more, so that I take it to have. You can imagine, they don't wanna repay me anything now, cause the phone and the display was tampered now... well, yes, to be able to switch the battery they didn't replaced the day before, which they said they would...

I walked in last week seeking to obtain battery and a my camera replaced on my One Plus 3T. They had the ability to perform in only a few hours for a price that is sensible. Should they come up, will definitely be going back to future issues.

When he brought from the tower to be serviced, it started out last year. He does not speak much English and I went with him to help translate. Once the tower was serviced he went to pick up it and I didn't have a chance. After a few days he wasn't able to open his desktop computer and error messages were popping up on his screen. So instead of carrying it back he used up his back. I received an email from this shop asking for some comments. It wasn't a positive one and I received another one asking me if I wished to deliver straight back the tower for a diagnostic. We requested to speak with Ale Rodriguez and went to the shop Thursday 3/14/19 and I explained to her my friend's issue with the tower and then he included problems in Spanish. She taught Aldo the tech to find out what he could to remedy the difficulties. I have to say he explained step and then was quite thorough. He suggested choices in replacing this unit because it would still be running slow and was quite old and did fix the issues. That I had mentioned this to my buddy on our trip. Aldo revealed my buddy a few tips about what to do if something similar to that which he experienced to get his tower working . No fee for anything that Aldo did and my buddy was happy, and so was I. I do recommend this place to my other friends because I was here three times for my computer difficulties and the work was always solid.

Bought a new iPhone broke the telephone display and 7 Plus and over the first week broke my phone had dropped. Found oncallers on yelp and chose to stop in after reading of the excellent reviews. Olti was the technicians title who explained what needed to be substituted, he finished the display and did it for an excellent price!!! Thankyou!!!

Update: it's been 45 days since I took my iPad in for repairs and have experienced no issues. If something were to go wrong, I would imagine it'd have occurred by now.
My iPad was taken by me in to get a screen repair and I really expected to hear that the damage was too intense. Nope it was fixed by them for $99 in a day , much less than the Apple Store would cost.
They took it back and substituted that screen at no cost, although a small crack was on the replacement screen which we didn't notice until after I paid.
Very professional and extremely polite.

I introduced using a busted screen which gotten worst recently in my daughter 5. Marvin who explained time and the work required to replaced the screen and I talked. This gave me time to shop around the six corners place. About one hour time, Marvin phoned me to let me know the work was completed. He did ought to be replaced but knew that I choose not to do it and explained the battery had swollen. He explained the repair's lifetime guarantee and went over each detail. Overall, I was satisfied with the work on the phone. Being myself we started geeking out on All of the technology talk, much to my son's dismay:)
I'm happy to get this company near where I live. I will recommend this store to all my friends and loved ones.

I was last there nearly two decades ago to fix my 4s screen. So I tried them with my newer cracked iPhone 7, they did a great job. Repaired in under an hour. Sounds new and works great. Very professional and friendly support. Would use them again.

Obviously I moved in, The shop is quite clean there is since Irving park is busy two entrance doors on Irving Park and Milwaukee which is extremely convenient. The nice worker that took good care of my phone (Juan) explained everything to me and was able to wash my camera lens that was foggy.
They cleaned my camera for no additional cost and fix my cracked screen. I was called by them as soon as it was done. It is a convenient location for me and hopefully I won't go in shortly, but this would be the location if I did have to then.
So I decided to check it out on the website which I managed to live conversation to discover the cost for my cell restoration this places is near my home. The person let me understand it was a level fee for a busted screen and I'd have the ability to get my phone back day.

This place is top notch. Good customer service, super fast service and quality work. When nobody else can my own water phone was mended by them and it functions fine. This place has surpassed my expectations although I do not write reviews.
Thank you!!

Oncaller's fixed a cracked screen and digitizer in my Iphone 6 inducing a"touch screen" problem. Before Oncaller's repaired this Iphone, this problem never existed. When Oncaller's was made aware of the issue the supervisor accused the problem on being a faulty"main board" problem. Just 30-45 days later my Iphone 6 incurred the exact same problem of a"cracked screen" and digitizer replacement from another repair shop with no"touch screen" problem. Oncaller's should issue me a refund of $130.00 for sale or soliciting faulty or defective pieces. Why is my issue of a"main board" problem non existing with the very same repairs but from another company.

You need to visit ONCALLERS, if you ever want help with your phone or tablet computer. Marvin helped me out when I went there to fix my phone(I had my phone fixed multiple times somewhere else without any positive results). ONCALLERS did a fantastic job. I give them five stars for a reason. In case you have any issues with your phone or your tablet computer go there don't fix it the first time.

Enea was considerate and really helpful. I went because I fell my iPhone 6 and the surface of the display. Enea was able to pop it back in under 5 minutes and gave me some helpful tips about how best to care for the telephone. When need be will definitely return to the location!

I've always been kind of skeptical why not go right to the source, the company that made my phone? That is why because it is ridiculously overpriced. I set up an appointment quite easily online for 10AM if OnCallERS opens, no struggles like with trying to set up an appointment at the Genius Bar. The following morning I planned to drop off my phone so that it could be repaired while I had been at work, however I was not able to make my appointment and contact OnCallERS (no phone). That afternoon I went in and was assisted by Marvin. I received a free diagnostic of my phone, discovered I want a new display and it would be 99.00, same-day services. This appears to be a far better deal than sending my phone in through Apple! Marvin helped expedite the process, though I missed my appointment and I had my phone repaired of dropping it off for diagnostics within the hour. Marvin is quite professional reassured me if something went wrong I could could come in and he would check it out. Sure I noticed that the screen was light and I brought it back in and Marvin replaced the display, it's been working ever since. I recommend working with Marvin and checking in on Yelp! There's a coupon available once you do.
Life happens. It is possible to see to your apparatus with the 1 time you drop the phone 2 feet on carpet and this kind of love for a long time, the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. You freak out, you can't believe that happened, and you do all to repair it. This process involves asking your roommate to google"IPhone 5 touchscreen vertical lines" and end up restarting your phone multiple times while getting texts you can't answer and then end up in a downward spiral of YouTube videos informing you the terminal wires are disconnected and it is a simple fix with the tiniest screwdriver in the world you do not havea suction cup, and a toothbrush. But you have one of those things and you used it to get ready for bed realizing that prying open your phone might not be the best idea. You breathe deeply and settle for the reality of needing to take the phone in to have repaired.
The Apple Store. Definitely everyone individual using a device place in the world. Sure. For some reason it is less intuitive than you ever believed it would be and you attempt to schedule an appointment online and there is not one until two weeks from now. People I've been long without a phone and it is awful. Not to mention what you have your appointment? You do not really know what's wrong with your phone, what if they have to send it ? So no phone for awhile and you have to dish out some dollar? You understand my phone is not on warranty anymore. They are curable, although so you attempt to phone a apple representative to find information out, you have to go in and find a check that is diagnostics. Online there is a $29.00 appointment since you don't have worst case situation and AppleCare you get a phone screen for $129? No thank you. You're out of luck, but remember there is a local place throughout the road from your work called not an hour away enjoy the nearest Apple Store in Lincoln Park, OnCallERS.

I opened it up, rerouted the power connection thus moving the cables between the connection and the plug that was external. I FIXED IT! And it has worked ever since. I am NOT a professional, but how can a"supposed" professional give absurd explanations, and not even attempt? I told them they aren't even fit to fix a telephone... I honestly feel that! Not only will I never use this company again, but I shall vow to tell everyone I know how inept they are.
I brought. The laptop worked fine, when the power worked. It would not work together with all the power plugged in, and would not power the battery. It was dead.
They didn't even open the laptop to SEE!!
If you're waiting from me, it is going to be NEGATIVE! The staff there was incompetent and inept.
They gave me a ridiculous excuse that the power connection to the mother board has been broken, since they would need to replace the motherboard and they couldn't fix it. RIDICULOUS.

Had an wonderful experience!
I think we were working with Aaron (but I am terrible with names)
Found them on the internet with a cost to repair a iPhone screen.
We were happy with the experience thatwe decided we want to encourage them and purchased screen protectors, which they cut us a deal on.
Excellent customer support, delivered as advertised, highly and professional
When we walked in and were instantly welcomed by a wonderful man, I was already a little surprised, he took one look at the damaged telephone, and told me that the cost we found online was in fact the entire cost, including tax labor etc etc. really an all in cost, and also advertised it would be prepared in an hour.

They fixed my iPhone 6 cracked screen in roughly one hour and a half. They made me happy again! I'll Be back (but really hope I do not have to)

I went back a third time, this opportunity to receive my cash back. The customer service representative greeted me and I explained my situation. He explained he needed to get the"supervisor". This was. The guy doesn't have great customer service skills. I explained to him that the handle the charger and he stated, in a savage tone"then its your telephone". I stated"I tried on my wife's phone, same outcome. It's not our telephones its your product". I also stated that it only takes far too long to charge the batteries he rudely cut me off by saying"it's common sense that those chargers are going to take long to charge your battery". Is it really"common sense" to understand that you are not going to receive your battery charged in a nice amount of time from your product?
Anyhow, the account was recorded by me on my phone because I had a feeling I was going to have this type of experience and wanted to possess evidence of unprofessional this guy was. I'm giving management a chance, before I post the movie on Facebook and YouTube, to do the ideal thing and stand behind their goods and give me a full refund on a product I was not happy with. The"director" told me to give him my info so he can"see what he can do for me". Sure. I am sure you went to do your best to solve this.
Avoid this place.
Buyer beware! No Exchanges or Refunds. I purchased a mobile phone charger that charges the battery without the telephone. I left the battery charging and just got up to 60% fee. I went home that night to bill and I get the same effects. I tried it on outcome and my wife's battery. It is only a item.

Great support!!
I had been known to return to substitute LCD and the display in my HTC DNA that was badly damaged. It appears that new and I picked it up today and works fantastic! They also fixed the charging interface on a different telephone, also, the HTC Unbelievable 2. Both Olsi and Aaron gave excellent customer support and I couldn't be happy with their job. Highly recommended!!!

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