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Are you trying to find a indoor care business in Livonia, MI? Telephone Heating Rooter MD Plumbing & at 248-888-7777 to discuss your choices. Tired of working together with plumbers who do a job that was haphazard or show? Finding a contractor doesn't need to be difficult. At Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating our Livonia, MI pipes, heating and cooling technicians are committed to your security, comfort, and reassurance. When you use us you can expect nothing short of unique support - from a precise identification to workmanship to personal attention during the service. Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating is committed to locating the"Heal" to your toughest indoor care issues! We take the time to listen to your concerns and diagnose the issue. Why Use Us? It's time you deserve. When you select Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating, then it is possible to expect support that has your best interests in mind, on-time arrivals, professionally trained technicians, and convenient scheduling. Prior to beginning any work we perform a thorough system diagnosis. You may expect to receive options for replacement or repair. Contact us today at 248-888-7777 to learn more.


Called Outside Friday. Fixed our water issue that was external. Went above and beyond to provide guidance and options. Very Happy with Rooter MD.. They have been to our home 3 times today, and I'm convinced it is not the past! Thank you John for a job well done and taking all of my questions!

The service I have ever seen or heard. A plumber came out to diagnose my water heater. They did this by staring at my pilot light and running my water. The only tool they used was a flashlight. I was then told I need a new hot water heater. When I asked for a breakdown (parts, labor, removal/disposal), I had been told that was not disclosed- it is a flat rate. I didn't believe the cost was outrageous but it had been a small shady they wouldn't provide a breakdown and there was no conversation of anything or warranty. The proprietor (Brian) on speaker phone then went on his employee- belittling him putting him on speaker phone and said he would be fired next time he did this. Choose wisely rather than them!

Poor customer service, Pete charged me $1400.00 in June of 2018 to hydro jet my basement, camera etc.. First Rain of 2019 water back in my own basement. Rooter MD came back 4 days back (4-22-19) charged me 190.00 to snake the pipes, 3 days later more water in basement. Called this morning 4-27-19 and has been advised another $149.00 just to send someone back out. Pete is"inaccessible" to talk to for the weekend. Rooter MD nor will I use them , They will take your money will not be recommended by me, assure it is fixed await you to call the back to charge you again.

They come and quoted to correct a cracked iron pipe. They stated would want to replace entire unit. Quotation was around $800. They did it. Contact a sprinkler system company, if you have security system problem. Cost me $56 to have Rooter MD to emerge and teach this lesson to me.

Overcharged is an understatement. They fixed the problem . $149 $375 and service call for your snaking. Obtained an influx of messages on how awful and told people on everything Livonia FB Site this is. Shame on you!

Had them come outside to snake the storm drain, which was clearly backed up. Rather than doing this, they'inspected' the situation by looking at a tree in my yard and stating its roots were definitely the issue and that it was likely to be tens of thousands of dollars to dig up the entire thing, plus I'd shed the shrub, but first hundreds of dollars to conduct a camera to appear. The BS $100'diagnostic' fee to make them leave. I just needed the drain snaked, as someone (someone fair ) did years before to fix the same issue. I only wanted to cover a service. Instead then try to gouge me, look at a tree for a few minutes, I paid for a person to park in my driveway.
Run away.
Additionally, they desired to understand what I do for a living to assess how likely I had to cover more.

Came out neither technician did anything. Called in to find out the issue was EXPLAINED by me, some man in the background is crying it is going to be at least $ 4,000 without seeing it! Called Mr. Rooter (different company) and they were out same day and gave me a quote of $2800 and can back two days later as guaranteed and fixed the issue within 4 hours! Call Mr. Rooter

I finally talked to the owner now and asked for my money back. I was so disappointed with the lack of professionalism. He had the guts to call me"honey" after we were not getting anywhere with our telephone call. He asked him to please not call me honey which he responded with"ok babe". Really? That is how you handle your clients?
I at first this company seemed to be great and had a problem with a drain. They put up a time. After the plumber left I discovered that the pipe was now leaking into my cellar. So I phoned them back.
Well, 3 weeks after and I still don't have a functioning pipe. I have been given the runaround by most of the workers there.
I'm frustrated and rather disappointed with how this corporation treated me.
Never again will they receive my business. Do not offer this company that was slimy your hard earned money.

Need to be more careful to not get scammed.
They billed us $480 to put in a pump. For about $200, they also asked at that moment to clean out the plumbing, which we declined.
Very disappointed with the way they handled our sump pump job.
The float switch on the pump failed within guarantee period yesterday, and they asked to perform the replacement job which takes hardly 15 min.
We declined, knowing that we went with a different company to put in a pump that was new, and would forfeit the opportunity to receive a warranty replacement pump.

I would have figured a plumbing firm that was good would learn about how toilets could have recognized that the issue straight away and work.
Professional and arrived in time. Communicated the entire time whilst on the job.
Had a running toilet. They snaked no change, the toilet. They eliminated toilet and augured the sewer line(with a $500 price tag), no change. Toilet still running slow. They suggested that I have then jackhammer the flooring to replace 1 piece of pipe(that wasn't broker as stated by a different plumber) with a price tag of over $2000.
So do your research before hiring. YouTube are great sources.
Very disappointed that they had been not able to solve my problem. Come to find out that it was something easy, the jets are clogged and need to be cleaned or possess the toilet. The toilet was replaced by me and it works great. Was also advised that I was over charged and this firm is one of those higher priced companies out there.

I received the estimate from the other rated and popular on Yelp plumbing contractor they did a drain without taking away the laundry tub, no camera, no service charge, for 1/3 of the cost of Rooter MD, .
I received for cleaning the kitchen drain below the basement floor, but did not use their support because the job has been overpriced by 200%. The tech Jeff, a nice and likable guy, on top of the drain cleaning estimate per se included a camera inspection, another fee for taking away the laundry tub (to find access to the drain), also -- attention -- a service charge. That jacked the estimate to half per thousand. Jeff was knowledgeable, answered all my questions, yet I didn't like the purchase price. To be honest, the estimate itself hasn't been billed for by Jeff.
I don't question the quality or expertise of Rooter MD, but beware: they upsell by incorporating nice yet unnecessary services, and cost that service call charge that is strange.

Fast.. .Professional. . .Fair rates. We predicted due to a collapsed sump pump that had tending asap. Rooter MD had a person out within hours and the problem was quickly fixed. The price was good for quick service. Highly recommend.

Rooter MD was the third company we'd come out to do an estimate. We were not comfortable. Rooter MD figured out where it was although the two were confident that the break was in a specific section of the basement, saving us from having to split up lots of the basement floor.
It required two days but they did a wonderful job. Thank guys!
Our sewer line broke. We knew we needed to get it fixed fast, before we had a backup, After we arrived to grips with this situation.
How did we know that it was broken? Following is a plumbing FYI - if you have a horrible smell coming out of your sump pump after you have thoroughly cleaned it put food coloring in your bathrooms and flush. If the food coloring winds up in the well. . . You have a broken sewer pipe. Tah dah!!

Shady!!! Beware. We've had them out 3 days. The 2nd time that they came out the proprietor came and cause you to really feel as though he cares, he doesn't. We needed to employ a 2nd business to come out after giving rooter $1400 to do I don't even understand what 28, and fix our issue. We've expressed that we were angry and absolutely no reaction from the business. We also were told that they would mend our flow flap that was back free of charge time on trip 3 charged us $290 to repair.

I'd recommend this business and use them .
Provided prompt service. The tech gave me solution choices with price tags that was fantastic. The price was reasonable and they have coupons on their website. The work even came with a 1 year guarantee.

Charged 300 for a simple pressure valve insertion. Looked on his shoulder he did. Two wrench and a cheap new valve were needed.
Job was to rejoining pipe. He spent +2 hours to fix his leak. Miserable.

My water heater went out at Thursday night and was up and operating thanks to these guys from 5pm Friday. I am so pleased! Mary answered the phone when I called and was really the firm answering their phones. She told me right away someone would be out now. Patrick and Joe were courteous, clean, professional, and knowledgeable about Westland codes. I am quite happy to have discovered Rooter MD!

Terrible. Told me that I probably need a new hot water heater. Guess what the diagnosis was? It is known by you for $3,000? Come - water heater in Lowe's for $1200. When I said no, they added"diagnostic fee" to excursion charge. Since they told me about that on the 15, I am ok with excursion charge. . .nothing was stated about $99 diagnostic fee. COME ON

In my case the problem was pretty severe and even with the updated option of the Water-Jetting process, Marshall insisted it would not probably work and I would be wasting my money ($795) about the service.
On his visit he walked me through what digging entailed but I have to admit I wasn't prepared for the wake. That aside though, they worked an 8 hour day to get me squared away and reestablish appropriate flow. . Marshall and I spoke a closing Water-Jetting would clean out the part of my sewer line which attaches to the city. . .they won't go close to the city line and if they do and something goes wrong you are in a world of $hit FYI (pun greatly meant ), so they err on the side of care. The Water-Jetting sounded crucial so for an additional $750 (using a coupon they gave me), Lyle and Jeff returned to wrap up the job. I should mention that they movie the jetting using a camera and they burn you a DVD of the procedure so that you have some idea of the before, during and after. . .the Water-Jetting comprises the movie fee it's a $149 charge.
Unfortunately, his only other option was to dig my sewer line up and replace it. I should warn you that the price tag for this is quite hefty! Jeff and he showed up using an excavator and started the dig at 9.
. .all is I am waiting to receive my DVD and my yard is unfortunately destroyed which I was mainly warned about. So that you get an idea about what to expect if they need to dig I added a pic. My only gripe besides the condition of my lawn after the truth, is that my neighbor's front lawn awakened a bit with all the excavator while they had been trailering it. Other than that I was satisfied considering the situation, but it needed to be carried out. Be warned however that my price tag was $5600 when it was all done and said. . .Just so that you know to prepare yourself in the event they need to dig.
We located my clean-out did some diagnostic stream evaluations and drains and decided that I, like a lot of Ferndale, had a root issue causing the backups. He conducted me through the options and I chose to try the cheapest and initial choice of Roto-rooting my sewer pipes. I should notice that the service call is a 59 to research and above and beyond which the fees grow. (He did wave the service fee but I am not positive that that's standard policy.) Roto-rooting was 149 and it buys you two hours of the service to establish flow.
After last weeks thaw and the additional rain in addition to this, my slow drains turned in bathroom a overflowing bathtub and a shower backup, so I reached out to Yelp to help me find someone to help cure the problem. I phoned and spoke with Janet at Rooter M.D., who advised me for an appointment after that afternoon, I was thankful for!
Marshall was my tech and he showed up over the window that is scheduled and got started with his evaluation. Before he asked to enter the house he threw to keep the flooring clean and shook my hand. I walked him and explained the difficulty based on what I had witnessed. .

Jerri from Heating and Cooling
Rooter MD was well priced fair, and knowledgable. Joe came out earlier than anticipated. He explained eveything to us and did not pressure us into anything. Overall they did a fantastic job!

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