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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service

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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service

Homeowners everywhere have relied for professional advice on all types of plumbing and drain cleaning services because 1935 on Roto-Rooter. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to find answers to our high pipes questions.


About two years ago they came because of a faucet. They substituted it possible and were right away. The people who they send are incredibly nice and helpful.
I am glad that they were accessible alleviate some concerns that I had and to fix my problems. Roto Rooter convey a professionalism which goes above and beyond, and is affordable, fast.
They sent two nice young gentlemen . They promised me that everything was going to be fine. They found it had fallen and that the drain to the sink had been set up and poked around the house. They had me phone City of Nampa to test on the water meter which possibly failed. Furthermore, after years of telling people that the new water heater created the water pressure worse these men fixed it! They just opened the valve.
Because they did a fantastic job so, I called Roto Rooter. Because at that point my room mate had stated it had been sewage even though I understood that it wasn't, I was shaking.
They also asked about spraying bleach below the house for the mould. They used the resources that we had in the house and put the box fan in the crawl space.
I have had Roto Rooter to my house and I have not been disappointed. I have an old house and it's some plumbing that's producing difficulties. They are affordable and they take good care of me and my residence.
Last week, I'd discovered an odor in my house. I suspected it had been the drain to the kitchen sink. Now Cooling and Heating had told me that there was a drip there and someone had put a lid under it. I have my suspicions of that knew and did this, although I had been unaware. Because I don't ever go under the house it was not me.
Another day, they had to come back because they didn't have the tools that they desired. They arrived earlier than expected and had the job. The drains are working one-hundred percent better.

I had an issue with my water heater. I did not need to risk that the heater leaking all night and noticed the difficulty during the night. I called Roto-Rooter and they shipped out a plumber. That night, he offered to replace the water heater. The heater was old so that I needed to wait until morning to find out if it was under warranty. When the company who installed the heater came out in the morning they discovered that it was not an issue with the heater at all. It had been the cold water intake pipe. They replaced the pipe which took about 5 minutes. My issue with Roto-Rooter is that they have to known that it was a pipe. I paid $287 for the technician. Throughout this time he offered to replace the water heater. It makes me wonder if they just tried to market a brand new water heater. So I paid $287 and they did nothing. I ended up having to cover the company in the morning 150 to fix the pipe. How I see it that is $150 if the pipe had been mended by Roto-Rooter I would not have had to pay. I voiced my concerns and called. Every time the supervisor was not available but was going to call me backagain. I never received a call .

For the record I did call a few other services in town and they were too busy to help me. I believe these men were similar to the fourth place I called and they could work me .
It's fine too that they take credit cards are checks...
My only negative was the communications. When I called in their dispatcher she had time and said she would call the tech and have him call me if he could fix the matter. But instead he just showed up. Not a huge deal as I was home anyhow. So just a minor matter. Regardless either way. I got my problem resolved in a timely fashion on a day which was I a one for them.
Had a semi-emergency in the form of a leaking exterior hose bib on a Sunday afternoon. They said they would call their tech to see if he had the components and time to fit me in. It had been a cold and long streak of weather therefore there should have been broken pipes all but about an hour later the tech shows up and immediately gets to work assessing the issue. He was very polite and knowledgable. He had the components and with a little assistance from me to save him a third round trip he was able to fix the issue. When it its needed not only did he fix it made it so it may easily be fixed later on.

Called Roto Rooter for a drain on a Sunday. Tyler Larsen was at my home within half an hour of my call, and he had been professional, thorough, and fast. Great service, would highly recommend.

Root-Rooter into the rescue again! We have used them but this time it had been for disposal and the kitchen sink! They were very fast in they even had a person on phone to get us when we had the work completed that night! Cole was educated and completely experienced! He was in describing the situation patient and got the work done!

Our toilet clogged over the weekend. The bathroom was backing up into the bathtub, so I knew that it was beyond that which I could solve with a plunger, liquids, etc.. I hadn't ever used. I was contacted by email at 7:30 a.m. Monday with an appointment period. Still worried, I called into the local Roto-Rooter office in Boise to affirm. The woman I spoke with was friendly and quite professional, which I found reassuring. She needed my appointment right there and we agreed that I'd receive a telephone call twenty minutes before the technician came. This is huge for me, since I was able to visit my office 15 minutes off and continue working, instead of sitting around home all morning, waiting. Like clock work, I got the telephone call. The technician (Todd) came on schedule, and was professional in his demeanor. His job was skillful, clean and productive. Todd took and I didn't have to inquire. He was on site for 2 hours. Our clog was awful. Todd had to take out the toilet and run an auger 30' the way out of the house plumbing. In my request, he also repaired our bathroom which had experienced a valve for a long time. I'm giving Five Stars into Roto-Rooter. I strongly recommend their services for drain clogs that are tough, and courteous. It was worth the $ to have our drains in order, and our peace of mind. Thanks Roto-Rooter!
Boise ID, chuck Best

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