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As I've worked with Son and Savage for over 30 Decades.

As soon as we use Savage and Son, we all know the job, be it a significant construction project or a plumbing fix, will be finished within budget, on time and in good order. 00. An agent of Son & Savage attained the required cooling with no moving components and simply tapped into that duct system, needed a penetration created into the space and watched the system for providing combustion air to the vapor boilers. On a undertaking that is re-model there are unknowns, particularly on just about any construction project. I only had a new sewer and water line installed by Savage and Son, Inc. and that I wished to tell you how satisfied I am with all the job your employees and sub-contractor did. To the job completion, from the very first call to the workplace the experience has been wonderful and you may rest assured I'll inform all my buddies about Savage and Son. I thank Savage and Son for a job and I'd love it if you'd let each one of those fine employees and subcontractor know my appreciation. As a customized home builder for 30 years I have advocated the Savage and Son Showroom for picking their plumbing fixtures, to customers. Without exception my customers have been very satisfied with their choice to purchase in Savage and Son.Kevin Konsmo2016. The successful completion of this project is because of the efforts of Son.


Kay Grady
Roxie replaced a faucet for me. She was cared about cleaning up after the job was completed, and professional, personal. I'm a native of Reno and remember when Savage and Son was on S. Virginia Street and understand they have had a long standing exceptional customer services. Thank you Roxie

There is a reason that this company has got the most early business permit in Reno and remains in business today. They have employees that are good and are honest! Roxie recently set up two new toilets for us and I must say that she is a"monster". She is one! I was completely impressed! I recommend Savage & Son for the plumbing needs!

Mel James and updated kitchen did a fantastic job. Will definitely use them again. 5:out of 5 stars need I say much more thank you

Bad worse quality of work and communication. Highly more costly compared to other competitions in the region. I wish I would have taken my period and hunted to utilize.

Phil was instant knowledgeable and fixed my problem. Nothing worse than having a problem with your plumbing but nothing better than having a fantastic plumber to repair it.

I had a problem with"water hammer" in my home and Savage and Son's sent Mel to my house to try and solve my problem. Mel solved the problem in a very reasonable time. He was very professional and and friendly. I had tried with another plumbing firm that was not able to solve my problem. I would recommend Savage and Son's and Mel for any plumbing requirements. If I need plumbing work done in the foreseeable future, I will get in touch with the people at Savage and Son's as each the people at their company handled me so. I give them Five Stars.
Jack B
Sparks, NV

Bad customer service! Dug a hole and left it for open 3 weeks.

The faucet which Savage"fixed" (not substituted ) still has not stopped leaking. In terms of the replacement parts, there were none except a filter cartridge. So, I must try & fix the leak call or myself a handyman.
Such a waste of time and cash to call Savage plumbing.

I phoned Savage and Son to replace a faucet out in front of my house. From the interaction with Kathleen into the job by Aaron's conclusion, it was the most pleasant experience. I haven't been so happy with a business and would urge Savage and Son to everyone!!! There's a reason they have been in business for 125 years!!!

Carlos came out, and we had an issue with all the drainage in a bathtub and fixed it, no problem! He was respectful, professional, and easy to communicate with. Thank you, Carlos! Highly suggested.

I have used Savage and Son and they have been great. My water heater began dripping Saturday, and they had someone look at it in just a few hours and come out. He recommended we go purchase a new water heater, and he could return early the next morning to install for $195 an hour (weekend cover ). He predicted Sunday morning stating there was a casino which had a crisis, and he could come that afternoon out. No big thing. We asked him if he had accessibility on Monday, because it was much cheaper during the week ($95 an hour). He explained he could have someone come out on Monday, which they'd call to program it. Monday comes about, and they're reserved out. And, it turns out, nobody wants to install a water heater. Ended up spending $300 more than he offered us!

When my water heater ruptured I have done a fair amount of research. I was quoted by 3 other companies and none of them came in $300 of exactly what Savage and Son quoted. Same 7, they couldn't get out, but I set the next day or an appointment. I called the dawn of the appointment and asked while they were here they switch out my kitchen sink and faucet. Their scheduling moved and informed me it would not be a problem. Carlos showed up right on time. He was SUPER friendly and professional. He fixed everything I asked him and the bill for everything was less than the 2nd greatest quote I received for just the water heater. I have referred them. Thank you guys.

My opinions and observation about the current work (project #3) done by Savage and Sons. I was hoping to write a 5 STAR review based on my previous two experiences with the business. That said, an individual can judge a business by the way issues are handled by it. I really do give a 5 STAR rating because they did follow through to solve the issue to the company. On the flip side, the"First Service Tech" they sent to do the work the first four times gets 1 STAR. A job that should have taken at most two weeks was stretched out within six Service Calls and three weeks until it was resolved. For the aggravation that the first"Service Tech" cause me, they get two stars. Complicated? I could give you the details and lots of graphic images, but I will not...I respect Mr. Savage and his company too much.
In summation: When the first Service Tech would have taken the 45 minutes that he billed me for the work that he plumbed the aspect like I thought he was doing, and didn't do, he would not have been required to return. At lasthe was in a rush to get down the path to his next job. It seems, from my experience, that the caliber of the work is dependent upon the Service Tech that they send to do the work. Bottom Line: I'll utilize Savage and Son in the future for pipes work, but I will not be trusting of their variety of Service Techs".

Whilst draining a drain in 14, the employees stole a watch in my home. I will never forget that...

I have used many Reno area plumbers within the past 15 decades, and while most are pretty great, Savage and Son is clearly the best for me. They are somewhat more expensive but the quality and speed of tackling problems which range from sink pipes to clearing out drainage lines is exceptional. Their plumbers All are extremely skilled and they arrive in fully stocked trucks that manage anything. I strongly recommend these guys if you want to find the job done correctly.

Absolutely wonderful! This is a wonderful experience from scheduling to the actual appointment! The plumber showed up if he was supposed to (always appreciated!) , he also fixed the issue quickly and economically, plus a coupon I had was honored by them. Very affordable and superior work that got the job done on the first try!

The guy who owns this place is so rude. I've not ever had the joy of working with this company. A bid was received by me . It seemed high. Consistently rude each time that I have predicted over the past 16 months. Perhaps they are nicer to men.

We talked with a manager and called Savage. He left, came out to look at it and never contacted us straight back to fix this problem.
Cannot recommend them. Have them as poor on customer services and performance ability.
We had a valve is installed by them at our home. Without testing it, the technician left. The water pressure was clearly quite low.

I had a gas leak in my house and NV energy shut off all of the gas . I called Savage and Son and talked with Dave on Monday. He was scheduled me right away and extremely helpful. He was very sympathetic to my situation of having twin infant girls in the house free of gas available. No hot water, laundry, cooker etc.His follow up was fantastic also. All of the issues were resolved although it took a couple of days with a fantastic man. I can't thank you guys enough!

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