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SJS Plumbing Maintenance

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SJS Plumbing Maintenance

My company specializes in all minor or major plumbing issues that are residential. . .water heaters. The plumber with character to match his pipes knowledge. I value customer satisfaction.


Sean was great! A first time using him was painless. He was very fine, and adapting me in for swapping out my garbage disposal. His pricing was reasonable and the work was completed with years and years of experience! I recommend him to anybody and will use him!

We would definitely use SJS again.
Great response time, great service and personable! I had a problem with my kitchen sink not draining properly after my husband used a auger. Sean quickly responded to a message thru Yelp (on a Sunday), showed up the following day & fixed the problem quickly.

Fantastic Plumbing perform, with good experience.
This guy know what he is doing and also gives choice on the fix to u depending upon ur budget.
Excellent support.

I made it seem simple had a small problem with Sean and my toilet as a specialist should do and resolved the issue. I will add him to my connections to get any future plumbing problems. Hope this helps all who view.

Why Sean is highly recommended :)5. Sean came back to be sure everything looked good and that we felt comfortable After all was done.
3. While my husband was the sole mainly in contact with Sean during the job, Sean informed me too and kept me updated too with what was happening (called to Discuss the procedure and sent images of their pipes being repaired )

4. The job was done in a timely manner.
1. He's up front of what needs to be done/cost
Best decision ever!
2. To performing more work than desired doesn't push you

I had a slab leak in my kitchen and Sean was able to come out in such notice. He solved the issue and it almost looked like it had been a walk in the playground but that showed his experience. His work was professional and as a business owner myself, I will not be afraid to refer him to friends, family, and my clients!

Responsive, professional, and knowledgeable.
SJS is now my go to plumber for any troubles.
SJS came through with my AO Smith water heater, requiring 2 new components installed. AO Smith messed up rather than sending all the parts required, and offered to pick up the tab. That would have left it 4 days w/out warm water, as a result of AO Smith not sending time, nor all the needed parts. I had among those components, the other was being sent. I got SJS contact information as authorized installers from AO Smith. When I explained my situation to Shawna, she said they may have the missing part (gas valve). After assessing and calling her tech's, they did have one! Within 2 hours John came with the part, and used the other part I had received to get the water heater ready to go again.

Can't believe this business has reviews. A gentlemen from this business came out to our home to consult the plumbing issue we had at our home. The issue was poor water heating in one. He then requested a visit. He showed up to this trip but called 30 minutes consenting and requested to reschedule his trip to the next morning. For some reason, he left us dry and replied. I'm not one to compose yelp fact this is my first one. Our town doesn't deserve this kind of service also it needs to be known.

Sean is the owner operator of this organization and what a job he did solving my plumbing issues. He was educated and very frank about what my repair called for. He likely could've taken us for a ride but his honesty permitted for a quick and affordable repair. This man is highly recommended by me!

I discovered Sean through Nextdoor and Yelp and had a water heater leak. I texted him a few pictures of the harm and he was over right after finishing work. I could tell he had been seasoned in his craft, and he had been able to advocate a restoration service (Apex Restoration, who has been equally agreeable to work with) for your water damage. He set up a new water heater in a temporary place until its location could be mended. His quote was honest, and that I never felt he had been attempting to upsell. He had been concentrated on the job I was in describing the details of the work he had been doing patient and phoned him for. I recommend him to anyone. I hope to never need him but he's demonstrated to be a guy.

Sean was an easy guy. He told me that the possibilities of what the problem could be. He understands the issues which might have occurred with my plumbing and this profession. The price was fairly decent in regards. The completed was done and he kept me updated by sending pictures and calling me with what's happening, in regards; that I highly valued. I recommend his services. Thank you Sean.

To be without a toilet sink. . Your morning routine is outta whack!!! You call a friend(s)... searching to get a tried and true: plumbing support. A word of mouth referral and Shazam: Sean into the rescue. SJS secured my speech and decide on a service window. SJS was recognized the problem and promptly on time; he supplied a quote and the best part it match my budget, '' he tackled on the fix and explained the fix procedure. He was very professional through outside the support call. He unclogged the drain and replaced with a pipe, he put me back onto our morning routine on track. I will certainly refer friends and all my loved ones to SJS Plumbing Maintenance.

Sean is the best. It's hard to trust people believing that they're going to try and hustle you, bust Sean was fantastic and didn't try to upsell me cause I know nothing. He took care of my plumbing issue and even checked my other faucets and showers to address my plumbing concerns. He handled everything fast and professionally. I would certainly recommend him!!!

The entire process took. Sean began by installing the water heater at a temporary location so the damaged area could be totally dried and fixing the leak and restored. He had me the following day in hot water. . . .and when all was revived, he came back, and relocated it and put it.
The work was outstanding. The group of people that he brought along were fantastic. Every one of these made me feel very cared for. They took the opportunity and it had been clear they knew what they do. Sean made sure to strap on the water heater and everything, each time he came, was left very clean. . . .not to mention he was an absolute pleasure to use. He sent out his leak sensor to be sure everything was sound after it was done, FOR FREE!
As I told Sean, I am uncertain how I really feel about using a fantastic plumber (since I do not want anything more to happen!) , but now I know that when I have issues, Sean is there for me and I do not need to worry about finding a terrific plumber who's honest and honest, and that can recommend.
I had. I noticed the problem when I found water. I found Sean about the Nextdoor program, although I called a few plumbers, a few which could not leave out it. His review had pricing and said he was honest, so I called. Sean instantly took care of business and came out within hours. He showed me where the leak was, did an exhaustive check of the entire house, then known as in his water restoration and leak. While it's always a bummer to have to deal with these things (and produce the money!) I went to bed feeling like I'd found a guardian angel -- Sean and his entire team made me feel comfortable and the issue would be fixed by the BEST.

Possessing a plumber is never an enjoyable task. You need to feel like you can trust the individual. I had been referred from a friend that was close to Sean and he believed that Sean was capable of tackling the job for 3 toilets. Sean arrived on time and was quite professional, also explaining each step going on as I had been curious. All work has been completed and also our problems are solved. Highly recommend using Sean to your household plumbing needs, and that I shall do business with him again!

I contracted Sean to fix a slab leak, and he came by on short notice. He was friendly and very professional and mended the flow effectively.

Sean did a great job at at replacing the sprinkler valve at my property. He did the job quickly and very efficiently and arrived right on time at the morning. I would highly recommend him and will definitely be my first choice in case I need in future.

I had a slab leak and called our 4 technicians to get an estimate, not only was Sean the only one to come out same day, but not only was he the cheapest... BUT he was the only person to suggest that an alternate means to fix the pipe underground to conserve my brand-new kitchen flooring and cabinets! Because it was really near the outside he suggested, he would tunnel a small from the outside to get to the piece under the house. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I had been provided with and highly recommend him!

In the interest of complete disclosure, before I predicted SJS Plumbing I had yet another rooter firm see the issue in my parent's house. Not only was their leak misdiagnosed by them, but they needed them to perform work which was completely unnecessary. I'm glad I found Sean and asked for a second opinion. He told me exactly what he thought the problem was and showed up over the hour of calling him. He used a company named Pegasus Leak Detection to pinpoint exactly where the flow was. Sean told me he had been a really busy but he had been willing to move his program so he could start the next morning, work. The job took the better part of the afternoon but Sean was checking in and giving updates to me. I can't start to explain how thankful I am for discovering Sean. He showed compassion towards my parents told me that he'd take care of them. If I could provide Sean and SJS Plumbing Maintenance more than 5 stars, I'd. I strongly recommend anyone who's searching for a solid plumber that's fair and honest, then do not waste your time calling multiple quotes and do yourself a favor call Sean. I promise you will be glad you did.

Called on a Monday made an appt when he said he showed up took a look at my Difficulty a Much cheaper price than two before it an was fixed by him I could Not be more happy thanks agin

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