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Trio Plumbing Co

Our consultants all have solid backgrounds in both commercial and residential construction. You get the advantage of expertise that has been obtained year after year. We begin working once you approve our layouts and funding. Trio Plumbing has a proven track record of providing quality service to commercial jobs such as"The Dome" and several fast food restaurants. We pride ourselves on completing kitchen projects and custom bathroom. Trio Plumbing Company is a company you can rely on and trust. Knowledgeable, trained, licensed and insured technicians using quality goods from the leading producers ensure durability and quality performance. Our goal is to establish and keep clients, satisfied because Trio provides quality performance and value to each service supplied. Our Experience and Awareness in the Plumbing Arena allows any Plumbing Problems to be Solved by us. Our accredited technicians are delighted to repair, replace or upgrade any of your home or commercial needs, in a timely and efficient manor.


I have to say my experience using this plumbing company was the home service experience I could remember having, although It's quite uncommon for me to rave about a tradesman. I could not more highly recommend Trio Plumbing.
The job that the Drew did was well done, nothing that was perfect, no mess, no problems. He was knowledgeable, and seemed to want to help and be sure we had the dishwasher running and in before the weekend. I got the exact same attitude from Mark, who I think may be the women in the office, and the owner.
I've dealt with a great deal of plumbers through the years. Following a few years of using different technicians, I think I've FINALLY found"my pipes guy".
We bought a dishwasher from Sears (which I do NOT recommend doing) and Trio was their installer. There will a million issues on Sears with delivery and the dishwasher purchase, and we were all told that the unit would be at the shop on a Friday morning. It was not there, and actually was not scheduled to arrive until 1-3PM. I guessed I would have to wait until Monday to have it installed.
I spoke to Sears and they said they'd let me know Friday afternoon if the dishwasher showed up. We can schedule an installation period. Much to my surprise, I had a knock on the door Friday afternoon about two and there was Drew from Trio pipes with the dishwasher. Pick it up, see if the unit had arrived, and the people in their office and he took it on themselves to check with Sears. Until the dishwasher was installed as a matter of fact, I didn't receive the promised call from Sears.

Plus they don't acquire the licenses they're supposed to get.
The shut-off valve downstairs had to be substituted, the major bathroom water shut-off had to be substituted, and the latest thing was that the water heater. That's ridiculously inadequate workmanship. Needless to sayI hired a capable company (NOT Trio Pipes ) to fix the last three things.
After a home fire, the plumbing of my house was completed by Trio Plumbing. This was just two decades ago. Since that time I have had the kitchen piping fall apart--literally. That was repaired by trio at no cost because it was significantly less than 1 year old, however they'd have billed me for the following:

Gave an entrance window of 10:30-12:30, doorbell rang at 10:30 exactly. In and outside with two shut off valves replaced in less than half an hour. Great. Our only regret is not calling.

Trio pipes just put into a water heater for me. The tech was David, very professional, very courteous, very enlightening. I would recommend this provider. I Got my water heater this is the business they use and I'd recommend them

They are The Ivy League pipes firm. I've had to use different companies in the past. Trios is to waiting comparable. On time. Decisive. Prepared. Methodical.

They set up a kohler power flush toilet, Fast, polite, fair price, very nice people. I am not to thrilled about Lowes selection or aid, in shop or online. TRIO Plumbing is recommended by me. I found a mature design tank, AO Smith 40 gal gas which Lowes cant order. I will use TRIO to install. Its nice to locate a honest, honest & type plumbing Co..

Avoid Trio Plumbing!! Sears uses them as a support supplier for the St. Louis area. Sears charges a flat fee for setup which is to incorporate the required equipment and labor (for a water line set up for a refrigerator) and after Trio comes into actually do the setup that they ask for more cash on the spot. They will not do the install If you don't provide the money to them. I'm in the process of dealing through Sears with the escalation procedure. I received a call from the owner of Trio who proceeded to yell at me as if I were a complete idiot. The owner was stern, threatening and extremely rude. As we continue through this procedure I will update this review. Until others end up in this situation, I wanted to find out a warning.

Highly recommend!!!! They did a fantastic job and came out on short notice! They were very professional although this custom made vanity could touch and not merely did they do the job and also the final project is definitely to their own criteria. Very pleased!

Aluminum pipe beneath a sink. No fun. Mike came out and repaired it. Very rates. He also repaired an unrelated problem while he worked. Excellent support.

He knew just what to do after the job was complete, and the place was clear. I would call them first with some of my plumbing needs.
Incredible and reasonable price work.
I had hot water heater installed in Lowes and they sent TRIO to perform the setup. The guy was a professional!!

I discovered a crack above the dishwasher in my countertop. I am getting it repaired. The repairman had an extremely difficult time and revealed that the installer extended the rear legs and jacked up my countertop until it broke out of the framing. Thus the dishwasher for 5 ft and the warmth was just supporting my countertop from the dishwasher caused the crack.
I wouldn't recommend this company! Find, Should you buy an appliance from Sears
Trio installed my Bosch dishwasher that I purchased from Sears. I paid $ 200 for the install that requires a permit over. The city of Chesterfield inspected it an found that it was done incorrectly and I predicted Trio repeatedly. They returned to fix the setup. I set the issue.

Their technicians came in to repair my dishwasher. When they moved to turn the water back on, they switched the valve and flooded my basement. They are claiming they are not responsible for the damages. Without telling us left , and Mark, the manager, continues to tell us that they are not liable even though they had been the individuals who flooded the basement and left water running. I would never recommend this organization.

We recently purchased a new dishwasher from Lowes and decided to have it installed. So I didn't have a decision in choosing this company, lowe's utilizes Trio Plumbing because of their installer. The dishwasher ordered so I knew it would be some time before it would be installed. Trio Plumbing known to affirm that they would do the install the day after I purchased that the dishwasher. That was my first hint that this was a firm. I received a call stating my dishwasher was offered. In a few hours I had a call from Trio Plumbing. They were ready to put in it the next moment. With my program I wasn't available Tuesday. They told me that the installer would call me on Tuesday between 8 and 7 am with a time for the install. On the day of the setup I received a call at 7:15am confirming the install. I was given window of 12 to 2 that the installer would be here. Since I had another appointment later in the 22, if they are here nearer to 12 instead of 2, I inquired. They stated they'd comply. I received a call from Eric. I have never had someone appear early for an install. When Eric came, he got to work and assessed the situation. He was done in no time! Eric courteous and was very professional. Since they kept me informed, were very courteous, finished specialist work and showed up 27, I'm very happy with my experience with this business. They are highly recommended by me.

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