Area Rug Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning Services

Owning a Persian area rug or an Oriental carpet is a true privilege. These are some of the finest-crafted masterpieces you could ever step on. Most of them are century-old, and they have been passed on from generation to generation. They are also, needless to say, incredibly pricey. Their price tags range from a few hundred dollars to a few tens of thousands. It all depends on their craftsmanship, origin, and materials used in the making process. Certified Contractors can put you in touch with the most reliable, efficient, zero-damage, eco-friendly, and affordable area rug cleaning services in town.

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Professional Area Rug Cleaning

area rugFine area rugs have amazing stories behind them – where they originate, who was their skilled maker, how and when they reached your home/family. Accordingly, they require high-quality maintenance and repairs. After all, your carpets tell the story of true legends and the people you will always keep in your heart. And they are proudly passed on from generation to generation, together with their new stories. So they deserve the finest treatment they can get. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of damaging delicate area rugs by using improper carpet cleaning methods. This can do a number on the fibers and colors, making them bleed and resulting in a messy residue.

Expert rug cleaners who have been trained and certified to handle fine textiles will know how to get deep into the fibers and remove the most stubborn and hard to remove dirt. Keep in mind a good quality Turkish, Persian, or Oriental area rug made of wool or silk has the power to last for dozens of years. Certified Contractors can help you make sure the preservation is not interrupted by anything and anyone. We will connect you with the best area rug cleaning services that will secure the durability and longevity of your precious rugs.

We can introduce you to the best area rug cleaning specialists no matter where in the US you might live. We cater to both residential and commercial needs, and we can send over a fast and trustworthy team that will only work with the most suitable and fully customized cleaning methods and tools.

Area Rug Inspections

Rug technicians carefully inspect the rugs and actively search for any spots, stains, and additional problems that might require some quick repairs prior to the actual cleaning process. This is a particularly important step that could further lead to color dying or fringe repairs.

Area Rug Dust Removal

Professional rug dusters rely on compressed air to tap the dust, any soil that has dried on the rug, as well as sand and grit. This gentle procedure puts less strain on the fibers, compared to beating or shaking the rugs.

Persian And Oriental Rug Cleaning

No two rugs are the same. A well-experienced carpet cleaner will use the colorfastness test to make sure the right cleaning method will be used. With so many different types of Oriental carpets and Persian carpets, this testing is mandatory. It should enable cleaners to use the most reliable and stress-free treatment for your rugs, with a zero-damage guarantee.

Good carpet cleaning technicians should not use any harsh cleaning and damaging procedures for removing stains and spots. While these methods might work at a visual level, they are known to cause severe damage to the overall infrastructure of an area rug.

Expert area rug cleaning services can also handle gentle hand-washing and deep shampoo cleaning procedures. And they should also be able to clean large industrial rugs.

A quick fix is not something you want for your expensive area rugs. Quality cleaning means slow work, accurate inspections, and thorough cleaning on both the exterior and on the interior.

Eco-friendly Area Rug Cleaning

Certified Contractors can put you in touch with pros that will use organic cleaning agents and suppliers. You will no need to worry about any toxic fumes or substances affecting the health and well-being of your children, pets, and plants.

Rinsing And Protective Coating

Once the washing is over, the area rugs are rinsed with the help of a special technology that will significantly cut the dry time by a few hours.

After the fringe repair and any color dyeing that might be necessary, the carpet cleaners will move on to the grooming and detailing. Finally, they will add a fiber protector or a seal that will maintain the rugs clean for a longer time.

Area Rug Final Inspections

Finally, after the rugs are completely dry, the area rig technicians will closely inspect them to make sure everything is in order.

Keep in mind most of the store-bought cleaning supplies are known to only aggravate your area rigs because of the harsh and cheap chemicals in them. Instead of risking to completely damage your expensive area rugs, contact us and let us schedule an appointment with a skilled and affordable carpet cleaner in your area today!

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