24/7 IT Security

24/7 IT Security

Compromised internet security can be expensive, dangerous and sometimes irreparable. Having a team of professionals that can monitor the security of your system, install and program necessary security measurements and repair breakdowns in the system is crucial for the integrity of your business, network, and personal files. Here we will define and discuss some frequently used terms regarding your internet security and list all the services we provide to help keep you safe. We want to help keep you informed and well protected.

What is Malware?

computerMalware is a shortened term used for malicious software. This is characterized by any software that is intended for disruption of computer operation. It can be used to compromise systems, steal sensitive information, or gain access to networks that are supposed to be private. Examples of malware would be things like computer viruses or spyware. Viruses, similar to viruses spread among people, can move from one computer to another within a network or through a certain program. Spyware refers to programs that monitor systems without consent in order to report or corrupt sensitive information.

Why Invest in IT Security?

Implementing strategies to prevent hacking and protect your individual computer's browser security is crucial. Once malware is on your computer, your data may be compromised, but also your network's security, and even the entire operating system. Without proper protection, you or your company's network may be vulnerable to fraud, phishing, or any number of viruses that could greatly affect your system. Implementing a protection plan for your system and employing a team of experts to intervene in the case of a breach is important to protect your assets, both personal and business-related.

How We Can Help:

At Certified Contractors, our internet security specialists do everything from safety planning to emergency virus response. We provide internet protection services like:

  • Data encryption- Encrypting is a way of sending coded messages when transferring data that protects the data from being intercepted or compromised from unauthorized parties. 
  • Malware removal- If your system does contract a virus or other malware that has interfered with your system processing, stolen data, or corrupted files, we are able to remove the malware and restore your system to proper function.people on computer
  • Password protection- Adding passwords to your systems is a great way to keep out unwanted visitors and adds layers of protection to personal computers and the network.
  • Firewalls- Firewalls basically keep certain kinds of data from traveling between secured networks. These protect your network from intrusion from outside sources and prevent information from being stolen.
  • Browser recommendations- Not all browsers offer the same level of security when it comes to internet protection. We can make recommendations on the browsers that may be right for you or your company. 
  • Antivirus software- This software can detect, attack and remove viruses from your system and we can help you choose the right software for your network.
  • Password management- Purchasing applications or programs that safely store passwords can be another effective way of protecting your system. Passwords stored in easy to access places may leave your system vulnerable to being compromised.
  • Security programs- There is a wide variety of security programs available on the market right now, with varying costs and usages. We can explain, recommend and install different programs that are customized for your system. 

Fast, Efficient and Effective Services

At Certified Contractors, we guarantee great service, every time. We know how important it is to be able to rely on a team of experts working for you around the clock to ensure your system's safety. We are aggressive in solving security breaches and patient in helping you with any questions or network problems you may be having. We are proud to offer you great prices for the highest quality in the business. And we are happy to provide experts with years of experience with various network issues to tackle even your most challenging IT problems. No matter what you're internet security needs are, we've got you covered.

If you need assistance with a computer virus or are interested in comprehensive internet security for your network, call us today!

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