Fast Help For Any Electrical Emergency

Fast Help For Any Electrical Emergency

electrical hazardEmergencies can occur when we're least expecting them and can range from very inconvenient to life-threatening. Something as simple as a broken refrigerator can ruin hundreds of dollars' worth of food, or something more serious, such as an electrical fire, can be life-threatening and cause expensive property damage. In any emergency situation, it's important to know that you have people that you can call who you can trust to help you. In electrical emergencies, specifically, it's very important that you employ the help of a professional and do not attempt to fix an electrical problem yourself, as this can be extremely dangerous. The professional, licensed, 24-hour electricians at Certified Contractors offer round the clock emergency response so you are totally covered. 

    Types of electrical emergencies:

    • Sparks or faults in your circuit board
    • Switches or electric equipment that give off shocks
    • Water or flooding that affects live electrical equipment or sockets
    • A broken air conditioner in the summer
    • Broken heating in Winter
    • Faulty refrigerator or electric stove
    • Power outages specific to your home or workplace
    • Fallen powerline
    • Power surges - especially during a storm

    What not to do in an electrical emergency situation:

    • Do not touch anyone or anything that has been electrocuted and could still be connected to a power source. Most of us have received a shock or small jolt from a small appliance or static electricity, but being electrocuted by a larger current can be very dangerous, even fatal.
    • Don't try to touch or turn off the live switch causing the situation. Rather try to turn off the electricity at the source if you can - but be very careful and use a thick plastic or rubber item to flip the switch!
    • Don't use your bare hands or anything made of metal if you must touch something that is in contact with an electric current. Rather use something that does not conduct electricity (rubber, thick plastic, wood or glass).
    • Don't try to install your own electrical fixtures. Jobs that may seem simple, like installing lighting fixtures, new switches, new plugs or ceiling fans, can be very dangerous if not done properly.

    When you call a professional electrician, you pay a small amount of money for much lower risk and avoid numerous potential complications from faulty installations. 

    wear rubber soled shoes and rubber glovesHow to prevent and react in an electric emergency: 

    Firstly, get your home or office checked before an electrical emergency arises. Have a professional come out to assess the safety of your electrical set up and be sure that you're doing everything you can to avoid an electrical emergency. Outdated appliances, old wiring or faulty electrical equipment can be extremely hazardous. A professional electrician can fix anything dangerous and make recommendations to make sure you are prepared

    Be sure that you store and use all electrical appliances far from any source of water, such as a faucet or a sink.

    If an electrical emergency does arise, call a professional. Do not attempt to fix an electrical problem yourself. You could be electrocuted and experience severe injury or death, not to mention you also risk starting an electrical fire. And if someone has been electrocuted, call 911 first. In any scenario where someone has been injured, you should call 911, but when the injury involves electricity it's important to take extra precautions to keep yourself and others safe. And don't forget to let the emergency response crews know that there is an electric hazard present.

    Certified Contractors has specialist electrical contractors who are trained in all kinds of electrical emergency situations, available 24 hours a day and located strategically all over the country.

    Why choose Certified Contractors?

    • Even in a non-emergency situation, Certified Contractors's electrical contractors are experienced, reliable, affordable and offer same day service.
    • All our electricians are local to their community. We pride ourselves on providing services that are quick and efficient and delivered with friendliness.
    • Our prices are honest and fair and we provide a full-service guarantee on every task we complete.
    • We are familiar with code compliance and safety standards, so you get exactly what you need.
    • The electricians at Certified Contractors are part of a nation-wide network located strategically all across the USA. This is why we can afford to keep our prices affordable.

    Our local electricians are happy to provide a service check for you today and ensure that you and your family are safe when it comes to your electrical set up. 

    Contact us today to hear more about our services and let us help you with all your electrical needs.

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