Professional Electricians You Can Trust In Your Home

Professional Electricians You Can Trust In Your Home

Need a trustworthy electrician on the double? If you've ever had to deal with power outages in extreme temperatures or electric faults that cause a safety hazard, you know how important it is to have emergency electricians that you can trust to respond quickly and resolve the problem safely and effectively. When you contact the residential electricians at Certified Contractors, we guarantee excellent and reliable services every time.

When To Call A Professional Electrician?

When you experience a home blackout or an electrical malfunction that can't be fixed by flipping the main power switch back on, you need to call in a professional electrician. 

You also need a trustworthy electrician to come to your home for any kind of electrical emergency where either you or your family could potentially receive a shock. We are surrounded by electrical equipment in our home and use electricity on an hourly basis, but electrical shocks are more dangerous than most people realize. If your health or safety is at risk, it's important to take care of the problem quickly. Call us if you are experiencing any of these situations:


      • Electrical equipment or sockets exposed to water or flooding 
      • Circuit board sparking
      • Switches or electric equipment giving off shocks
      • A broken air conditioner in extreme heat
      • Exposed wiring
      • Broken heating in temperatures below freezing
      • Faulty refrigerator or electric stove
      • Smoke around electrical sockets
      • Power outages in localized areas
      • Fallen power lines
      • Electrical code violations
      • Power surges during storms

      Safety Precautions: Staying safe with electricity

      When handling an electric emergency, it is important to be informed about the proper safety measures. If you or someone around you has been electrocuted or exposed to electric shock, failure to properly stop and avoid the electric currents present could result in serious injury or death. In any electric emergency, your first step should always be to stop the electric current by cutting off power. If the mechanism used to turn off the electricity is electrified, cover your hand in a material that doesn't conduct electricity such as rubber to disengage the electricity. If you do not think you can safely disconnect power on your own, wait for professionals to arrive.

      Other services we offer:

      • Wiring and installation of lighting- Our home and office electricians are available for installation of lighting fixtures inside and outside your home or business. We are able to complete all kinds of wiring jobs, big and small.
      • Appliance installation- From kitchen appliances to air conditioning units, our professionals are able to install any electrical appliances safely and efficiently. solar panels
      • Ceiling fan maintenance- We can help with wiring and installation for your ceiling fans so you don't have to bother with it. 
      • Wiring repairs- If you think you may have wiring that isn't hooked up properly or find that you have exposed wires, we can repair and replace wiring wherever necessary. Faulty wires can be a safety hazard.
      • Safety Inspections- Our electrical contractors are trained to know about all the electrical code requirements for your specific area and your type of structure. Getting a safety inspection can be a great way to keep your family safer and usually can lower your home insurance costs!
      • Solar panel installation- Save on electricity bills and save the environment by utilizing modern solar panels to store energy naturally from the sun.

      Nationwide professionals with a hometown feel

      When you call the emergency electricians at Certified Contractors, you get to connect with the top professionals in their field who have years of experience and can deliver the best services possible. Because of the way our network is structured, we have service professionals from coast to coast that lives in towns near you. This is why we can guarantee great response times and courteous services. Not only that but since we can order in bulk and save money on our costs of business, we get to save you money. We are proud to offer you the most competitive prices, making us an easy choice for all your professional service needs. 

      Give us a call today to connect with one of our emergency electricians and find out how we can save you money!

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