Our Super Snow Plowing Services

Our Super Snow Plowing Services

snow on the roofAs we enter the winter season and snowfall levels are increasing, it's nice to enjoy the scenic beauty of white landscapes and the joy of kids making snowmen, but unfortunately, snow and ice also bring many problems with them. From your driveway, to your sidewalk, and even your roof, snow can present hazardous safety conditions and possible damage to your home. Some of us are able to do some basic yard and home maintenance around this season, but for the best results and the greatest convenience, it's best to employ professionals to help.

The snow removal specialists at Certified Contractors have all the expertise necessary to take care of your home and driveway. 

We provide every service you need for winterizing your home or business.

  • Preventative ice treatments - Before the snow starts to fall, our professionals will come to your home and assess the areas most likely to need preventative treatments. Before snow or ice is expected, we can lay down salt and other de-icers like calcium chloride to keep walkways clear. 
  • Clearing driveways and sidewalks - After a storm or snow, we can return to address any affected walkways that need further de-icing or shoveling. We know how dangerous even a simple walk outside can be in slick conditions and we want you to be able to walk safely around your home. 
  • Roof snow removal - We are happy to help with snow removal from roofs and recommend that you do not attempt to clear your roof yourself as many people are injured doing this. Icy conditions make even simple tasks extremely dangerous. It's important to have roofs cleared regularly to avoid any roof damage. 
  • Snow plowing services - In many cities where snow is common, municipalities will provide snow plowing and de-icing for large main roads and even some neighborhoods. However, if you aren't in one of the covered areas, we can provide snow plowing services for your street, so you have a clear path wherever you need to go. We will also plow your driveway and any other areas you need.
  • Shoveling porches and doorways - Sometimes snow piles up so high that it's difficult to open your doors or windows. We are ready to come clear away the snow from all entrances and exits to your home so you don't have to. When you have children or pets or just want the convenience of being able to sit on your back porch, it's important to havesnow cleared road these common areas shoveled as well. While the snow in your back yard can be beautiful, it may be better to have some areas shoveled and removed to make these areas easier to traverse. 
  • Commercial snow removal - Snow removal outside of businesses is crucial to public safety and also to avoid possible liabilities. Parking lots should be treated regularly during cold seasons and plowed as well to allow for safe access for all consumers and vehicles. Failing to keep a parking lot, sidewalk or entrance cleared could result in legal suit against you.

Let us help!

So as the temperature continues to drop and the storms start to roll in, give yourself the gift of a hassle free winter and utilize our services. Our snow removal specialists are experienced, insured and ready to provide the support your family needs this season. We promise to arrive promptly, work efficiently, and provide you with the best prices possible. Avoid the hassle, back pain and possible injury that can come with working in tricky, icy conditions; and let us do all the work for you.

Give us a call today to find out more about our services and get a price quote for winterizing your home!

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