International Moving

International Moving

Planning to move abroad? Find the most reliable international movers in the industry right here! Certified Contractors will connect you with the best moving company to fit your needs- reliable, safe, insured and hassle-free. Call now!

People choose to move abroad for a number of reasons, including the desire the improve the quality of their lives, for professional/career reasoning, because of financial issues or politics, or because they are simply looking for a change in their lifestyle. And, of course, wanderlust is another strong driving force behind a person's decision to move outside the country borders.

Studies also speak about a so-called group of professional migrants who normally move abroad to seek to put new and exciting career opportunities, live new experiences, and become financially independent.

No matter what category of movers you may fall into, making the decision to move is likely to trigger a highly stressful time for you. There are many logistics to look into, and lots of activities to coordinate simultaneously. And you will also need to prioritize everything and take care of the smallest details. Getting in touch with international movers who specialize in the type of services you are looking for will make a huge difference.

Certified Contractors can recommend the most reliable expert movers that can cater to your every international moving need.

International Moving Servicesinternational mover

  • Free, no-obligation quotes

  • Packing services

  • Container shipping

  • Temporary storage services

  • Special handling of fragile and specialty items

Get Free International Moving Quotes

Get in touch with Certified Contractors and let us know what are your needs and expectations are. We can send you several free quotes from the best international movers that specialize in the type of services you are seeking. All estimates will be provided to you with zero obligations. You can select the company you feel would best work for you. Whether you are moving to Canada, the UK, Australia, or other countries across the world, you should be able to find the logistical expertise and the packing know-how you are looking for.

Your goods will arrive at the destination on time, damage-free, in the original packaging. A good mover will make sure all the right procedures will be taken care of throughout the process. Proper tracking and maintenance of the whereabouts of your goods are also mandatory for a smooth and hassle-free move. International movers with lots of experience in their line of work are familiar with all the local laws and obligations a person needs to comply with. All the right paperwork will be taken care of by them, so you can handle the rest of the details of our move.

Packing Services For International Moves

To simplify things for the movers, you should sort your belongings and set those items that will need to be packed or go into storage aside. Set your passport and other important papers aside so they do not accidentally get caught up in the relocation process. No matter if you are moving to Jana or Mexico, well-trained international movers like the ones Certified Contractors can put you in touch with will show all their care and attention. They will protect all of your items during the move and only use high-quality, sturdy padding and packing materials and boxes.

The crew supervisor will look over all the details of the move and clarify all of your particular needs and special instructions. The packing process will then be planned down to the smallest detail. Floor, carpet, doors and banister protection from damage during the move is also handled, expert international movers.

The packing process will revolve around the most efficient and suitable techniques that will ensure the complete protection of your items during the transition. Each individual household item will be wrapped in multi-layer padded paper wrap, then packed in containers. Professional movers also rely on casings and crates that will be custom-built for your most sensitive items that require special attention during transportation. Additional cartons and wrapping are also used for adding an extra protective coating to your belongings so they can handle the long journey ahead.

Shipping Procedures

Once the packing and loading are completed, you will receive the shipping details to confirm your flight or vessel number, as well as important information on the estimated time of arrival. You will also receive support with the customs procedures and delivery to your new address. It is also possible for some international moves to be arranged with the help of trucks. The process will require the use of a large number of boxes of strengths. The boxes need to be properly stacked and well-sealed, in order to prevent bursting or splitting during the move. Box corners and edges will also be reinforced with the help of tape for similar reasons.

Books and other similarly heavy items should be stored inside smaller and sturdier boxes, and be split across a number of boxes to create a base. Container shipping for overseas moves on longer distances can be shared by several consignments, depending on size and destination. Extra handling procedures will also require more protection solutions, as your items will be more susceptible to potential damage.

Find a reliable international moving service that can assist you with your every need and demand, and advise you upon the best packing and inventory practices to make your move as smooth and easy as possible. The movers you will hire will be a determining factor in establishing how complicated and hassle-free your relocation is going to be. Talk to Certified Contractors and let us assist you in choosing the best people for the job. A mover with an excellent reputation in the industry should be able to offer you unparalleled customer experience and make sure all your desires are well-met.

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