Local Moving

Local Moving

Looking for a moving company to help you move house? Hire a local moving company for a stress-free move. Certified Contractors specializes in connecting you with companies that are reliable, expert and fully insured.

Are you getting ready to move house soon? You wouldn't be the only one. According to official 2018 statistics, close to 36 million Americans move on a yearly basis. And they use the entire range of moving solutions, personal vehicles, rented vans, and complete professional moving services included. Eleven percent of the U.S. population has moved in 2017; however, this is the lowest moving rate since the Census Bureau initiated its tracking activity many decades ago. More than 60 percent of movers stick within the borders of their country, and close to 35 percent start their lives after same-state and interstate relocations. Most people move to live in a new or better home, to establish their own household, or for the family- or job-related reasons.local movers

No matter what might be making your move, and how far you plan on going, contacting a reliable mover can make all the difference. If this is your first time moving house, or you have simply never used a professional mover before, these next few lines should help you out. Don't let your move slowly turn into a nightmare by hiring the wrong people for the job. Opt for short distance movers with experience in the field and let them help you set up a stress-free move.

Local Moving Services

  • Free, zero-obligation estimates and quotes

  • Furniture blanket and padding

  • Furniture disassembly/re-assembly

  • Complete local moving services 

  • Packing/unpacking services

  • Last-minute moves

  • Temporary storage

Hire an expert local mover like the ones recommended by Certified Contractors and take advantage of state-of-the-art trucks, long expertise, and advanced packing skills.

Get Free Local Move Estimates

Look for expert movers who can provide you with fair pricing upfront. Focus on getting several written estimates and compare them prior to making your final call. Choose the right price-quality of service ratio. Certified Contractors will introduce you to verified movers who are licensed, which means they comply with all of the standards issued by the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can expect long years of experience in the trade, impressive expertise with handling the most complicated packing and moving experience with zero hassle and problems.

It is important to get no-obligation estimates and choose a service that is up-front with all charges, so you can avoid any hidden fees. Keep in mind you should also factor in all fuel expenses and any surcharges for extra miles, road tolls and taxes, and additional loading and unloading labor costs.  

Packing Services

To most people getting ready for a short distance move, the packing/unpacking is the most stressful thing they worry about. Professional movers can help eliminate this stress by using expert packing and unpacking techniques, high-quality materials and padding, and the safest gear possible. You do not only wish for all of your items to get to your new address on time, but you also everything to arrive in one piece, with zero cracks, scratches, or damage.

Short distance movers that have been in the industry for a long time can handle anything and everything from fine china, porcelain tea sets, paintings, electronics and kitchen appliances, furniture pieces, and anything else you may need to pack and move. They can provide you with different types of packing services, ranging from basic packaging of TV sets, beds, cabinets and entertainment centers, mirrors, and anything else you may be having trouble with. Basically, all you should pack for enhanced protection during transportation. Packing boxes, labor, and materials needed for the job will all be added to the final costs.

Partial packing solutions include the packing of dishes, clothes, books, chandeliers, and other specialty items you may need special attention with. You can also opt for full packing services for the previously mentioned categories of items, as well as any other personal items you may need to transport to your new home. It's the alternative that will allow you not to move a single finger when it comes to packing, and instead focus on the rest of the things that require your attention. Unpacking upon arrival can also be taken care of in a similar manner.

Last-Minute Moving Services

Family emergencies, new job opportunities, and other personal matters could trigger the need to immediately relocate someplace new. Last-minute local moves can also be handled with the help of nearby moving trucks ready to pick you up at a moment’s notice. If you have an urgent deadline for your move, Certified Contractors can put you in touch with the best nearby emergency movers.

Temporary Storage Services

Oftentimes during a move, people need to find temporary storage for some or all of their belongings. Their new home is not readily available for moving in or the old owners are still there, or they haven't yet found a new place the rent. When the unexpected happens, you will temporary storage units. Free storage is usually available for long-distance moves, but you can inquire about local moving storage solutions with one of the companies Certified Contractors can recommend. Take advantage of climate-controlled warehouses and look for a new place to move into without stressing out about your items.

If you are currently looking for a fast, affordable, and reliable local moving service in your area, contact Certified Contractors and let us put you in touch with the best people. Whether you need to move from your home to an apartment, condo, or high-rise across the city, the right mover will make your transition as seamless as possible.

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