Towing Service Prices

Towing Service Prices

Nearly all vehicle owners have at least once hired professional towing help. The unexpected happens, trouble strikes out of the blue, and cars break down in the middle of the road. Engines refuse to start, you get a flat tire, or the battery is dead. Accidental lockouts and car keys breaking inside door locks and ignitions are also common occurrences that lead to people contacting expert towing agents. There are millions of cars being towed in the United States every year. Adopting the “it won't happen to me” attitude is not healthy, nor smart. You have to be prepared to immediately get in touch with the most reliable and affordable nearby towing services in case something happens to your car and you are away from home. Getting acquainted with the average towing service prices and fees in the industry is one effective step to start with. To come to your help, here are a few of the determining factors responsible for establishing the prices for local towing services.towing service prices

What Towing Fees Include

Towing prices can get high unless you can use roadside assistance via an insurance policy. Being a member of a roadside assistance group will also help you pay less if your car decides to abandon you in the middle of nowhere. And the same goes for having a special emergency fund set up for dealing with various car emergencies, towing included.

If you have never used a towing service before, you might be under the wrong impression that these services only encompass the cost of transferring your car from one location to another. Nevertheless, the prices tow companies charge will greatly vary, as they depend on the circumstances you are in, the distance to your home, the degree of damage your vehicle has suffered during an accident, and the list go on.

Comparing a few rates prior to hiring someone should help you make a better choice. Certified Contractors can introduce you to the best towers in your area/town/zip code. Get in touch with us and our customer support will answer your every question and provide you with all the necessary information.

How Towing Services Work

Whether you have recently been involved in a car accident and your car is damaged to the point you are not able to drive it, you have a major malfunction on your electrical system, the ignition is jammed and the engine won't start, the key is stuck in the ignition or one of the door locks, or you have a flat tire/dead battery, you probably need towing help. While some of these issues are avoidable, most of them come unexpectedly. And when they do, you must be ready to pick up the phone and call a trustworthy service that can immediately reach you.

Towing companies specialize in moving disabled vehicles at the request of the car's owner and transporting them to the impound lot. This is a well-secured parking lot that usually features automatic gates and commercial-grade locks, along with barbed wiring for enhanced protection. Vehicles can also be transported to a car mechanic. Usually, toeing services will also carry the driver to the destination. Upon arrival, the motorist will pay the driver on the spot, or fill out an invoice that will be later on send to their home. Certain companies such as the American Automotive Association sell insurance policies that also cover towing fees. Not having towing covered by insurance will normally mean having to pay for the service out of your own pocket.

There are, of course, exceptions from the rule. For example, when a car is disabled as a result of a serious collision. The towing rate can be included in the claim submission to the car insurer.

There are also times when towing services are used for accidental car lockout emergencies when one can no longer get behind the wheel. Door unlock services and emergency jump start or gas delivery services are also part of the same list of activities you can expect from a towing company. Traveling to remote, mountain regions and getting stuck in mud or sand will also usually require professional help from towing experts.

Average Towing Rates

Towing prices range from one company to another. The average rates vary from $2.50 to $7.00 per mile. For a 100 mile tow, you may be issued an invoice between $250 to $600. If you are driving a heavy-duty truck, you will be charged more for your towing needs. Towing fees in general start at $50 and can reach the amount depending on the type of tow you need and your current location.

Keep in mind that, as long as you have roadside assistance coverage, you are highly recommended to get in touch with your agent in case of a roadside emergency. They may file a claim and send over a tow truck to your exact location. If your policy does not cover this type of service, make sure you hold on to the receipt, as you might still be able to file a claim on your car insurance.

If you are currently stuck in severe weather conditions and your car is not properly equipped, or you are dealing with some form of damage that is making it impossible for you to drive your vehicle, call Certified Contractors. Let us get in touch with the nearest services that charge the most affordable towing prices and provide you with immediate help.

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