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Atlas Plumbing & Rooter

Welcome to Atlas Plumbing & Rooter, we are top-of-the-line plumbers providing commercial and residential plumbing services. We understand that plumbing issues tend to be unexpected, so we are Monday to Saturday per week. Committed to quality service and client satisfaction, our group of professionals look forward to aid you - You'll be pleased that you chose Atlas Plumbing & Rooter.


I can't be more happy with their services. They come we call on the same day. Also I fulfill Sergio who is nice, practitioner, and got the job! Thank you so much!

Workmanship. Professionalism. Follow-up. Phillip is a good communicator and a terrific technician. Really knows his stuff. A aid! We'll be calling him again in the future. Thank you Atlas!

I installed my bathroom about 10 years ago, and it has done a fine job for a family of four (believing we all share one commode!) . At the start of the year, something in the flushing system started to stick intermittently, but if I opened the top of the tank and jiggled the arm a little, the excess water flow could stop. Being the handy guy I am, I did a bit of troubleshooting and moved down to my regional Ace's Hardware, but I was NOT able to determine which parts I wanted, because my bathroom model was really an old model, and normal hardware stores don't carry those components so readily. Oh well, that was sufficient to hold me up, and sadly I cried and also the occasional leaking continued for a while, until a month lately, our water bill practically doubled, and we realized that the stuck flap was causing us a big hit in the pocket! Apparently the excess running had lasted for en entire night or day . Now I was really motivated - that SFPUC has improved the prices high in the previous ten years! I called Atlas Plumbing and Rooter up and talked with Charlene, who listened to my story of woe and set me up with a preliminary, exploratory visit from among the pipes. Danny is his title, a personable, efficient guy who knows how to calm your nerves. Within a few minutes he'd diagnosed the two sections of my bathroom that needed replacement and got to Atlas's parts supplier on the phone, describing exactly what we needed, and getting the prices so that I would not have some surprises. Danny swung back into his office and picked up my components that he'd have them in his possession in the very start of the following moment even though it was the end of his work day. Now that's thinking! 20 minutes later, and my bathroom was flushing absolutely well AND it is more quiet, too, because one of those components he recommended we replace, had been all choked up with bits of debris that had got caught in the water leak pipe. Our bathroom is now currently flushing flawlessly, with force that translates into perhaps not one intermittent clogging far. Kudos to Atlas Plumbing and Rooter - Danny, their plumber was educated, fast and also the pricing reasonable . I have told all of my neighbors.

The plumber came punctually. He wore booties over his shoes to make sure that you keep our floors clean. He had been friendly, repaired our problem mounted toilet in no time at all. Different plumbers I called didn't know how to fix this type of toilet. Additionally, the plumbers I contacted were not more reasonable than their rates. Definitely will use them.

Atlas came back for a job that is bigger replacing my kitchen and bathroom faucets and did a complex water heater replacement. Sergio was the direct on both jobs, he did excellent work and was professional.

Altas cleared clogged drain and replaced the garbage disposal. Really appreciate Philip was totally committed to getting the job done before the night was finished. Thank you!

Professional. Fast. Honest.
We're realtors and, depending on the property and where it is located, will need all kinds of plumbing. In towns on the Peninsula and East Bay you'll need to do sewer lateral testing (and repairing ). Have consistently helped us and our clients outside quickly without charging an arm and a leg, if it's an after-hours clogged drain which requires cleaning the people at Atlas.

Charges are ridiculous. They showed up an hour late, no apology that went to purchase it needed to be replaced and installed. Charge $325 with no itemization. I asked them so high for 77 mins. They adjusted to $285 including $60 for its part. I called the store where they purchased the part and they informed me it's $30. They said it has a few parts, when I asked why the part cost double and the do mark up. As soon as I got it's a kit-all parts included for that $30 and took me 10 minutes to put in our other toilet. Had a reasonable $150 billed or so I would have had them perform it without checking. I checked. This company is fleecing the clients of it. $285 to get 10 minutes of work is like a physician visit.

We'd a gas line that is new runs from the main to the home. This entailed digging a trench throughout the street, covering it while then filling it in awaiting PG&E to lay the pipe and repaving the street. They were very helpful in coping with PG&E and navigating the bureaucracy.
We were very happy and utilized Atlas for multiple significant projects. They're easy to use, and prompt, comprehensive.
Overall we would recommend them highly and were happy with their work!
At every step of the process they have been supportive. When they said they want, they returned calls and arrived, that is not something that I could say with.

Gave a review and heard back from proprietor who apologized up and down for the inadequate treatment. I realized by posting a bad review, a business is hurt but felt it important for other people to remember in case they ended up with the identical tech. I value the proprietor phoning and apologizing and really gave me a refund of $100. Took the article down rather than this one. I really do believe I will give another chance to Atlas and people need a chance but won't need them!

Absolute five star service. What we thought was a kitchen sink clog in our unit proven to be a drain line for the whole construction. Within 30 minutes of my first phone call, Sergio came and immediately got to work diagnosing the problem. After about an hour he'd fixed the problem and possibly saved our unit. We are going to be utilizing Atlas our plumbing needs for all from here on out. Highly recommend!

NOT WORTH YOUR TIME! Our water heater started leaking so we called Atlas. On the telephone, they ensured that the fix wouldn't be a issue and the workers would arrive with what they had to finish the task. After being in our home for 5 minutes, the workers attempted to reschedule for the next week. To us, it seemed they were being idle. When a company isn't reliable, I proceed.

Two weeks ago I mailed them to resolve the shower it opened realized they did not have the part and left leaving the shower unusable.
Do not use this business!
I've utilized Atlas over time although their rates are higher than average because they respond fast.
Regular since then they have stated the part is on the way. Last week they told me they had the area and scheduled a time with the tenant to repair the shower, just to cancel since they were lying (and did not really have the area ).
Today I called again to ask if indeed they had the part however, the worker could not answer because"I am not a mind reader." She refused to even search my address to find out whether there were notes, instead saying that since it had been somebody else in the company who took the first phone call she had no way of finding out what the status. Explain the situation and I tried to be calm, she called me rude and hung up on me.
And the shower still does not work.

Atlas boosts their 24/7 service on their site, but once I called last night (around 9pm) with an emergency, I was told by dispatch I had be contacted within 30 minutes from the on call technician. I never received a call back before 8am this morning. It's a good thing I contacted the other firm to receive my emergency addressed.

I must tell you my experience is the opposite although I read the reviews of folks who feel Atlas screwed them. I had problems with my bathroom, following Sergio and flushes came out the way the tank did not fill up and in less than ten minutes took care of everything. He was wonderful, they were fast and responsive. That is my second time and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Today our toilet wouldn't flush to plunge it. This happens every six months or so with this relatively new (4 years?) Toto low-flow model. Crazy. I phoned Atlas in and they had a person in my door at 4:15. Wow. Fast. He explained it'd cost $195 to correct the bathroom. Ninety-five dollars and A hundred!!! Okay, I thought, this is the final time we will use themthat's just too darn much money. But the fix was wanted by me. Here is the kicker. He fixed the thing in five minutes--together with his special plunging method of relatively shallow plunges--which could easily have been advocated over the phone. Especially to a repeat customer as a courtesy. Five. Minutes. And we had been billed $195.
Yes, I had been the chump who agreed to the charge that is exorbitant. Never again.
We spent close to $1000 getting this bathroom. Atlas plumbers insist there's nothing wrong with it. Only a"thin pipe" and the simple fact that we use 2-ply toilet paper. The plumber urged that people flush after each excretion, even.
Atlas is reliable and fast, and their plumbers are excellent. The business policy of charging high, horizontal fees , however, stinks.

I phoned this morning to inquire about water heater repair. I hardly got my first sentence out when the receptionist blared,"We do not have anyone available TODAY." I hadn't asked about timing. I called the company that was next . The woman there FIRST asked what the issue was, then politely said her accessibility was tomorrow afternoon. I made the appointment. Professionalism counts in my world.

BE AWARE!!!!! I definitely recommend getting at least 3 estimates before getting any plumbing project. Specially if you deal with companies like this one. Had a water heater project and I called them for a quote, they shipped this tech named Nick who apparently makes the costs on each project himself up with no detail of just how much they will charge and what for. For a furnace replacement that the quote was $4300. . But did not define what were the fees and what. Anyhow to make the story short of the are is a rip off business. I ended up finding someone else that billed me $1500 for your occupation including the heater.

I am very appreciative for him going the excess mile and would happily work with him again. Thank you Nick!
In working on our bathroom sink replacement nick was incredibly helpful and professional. The task required becoming creative to make the parts work together and he managed to have it done smoothly and quickly by grinding the bowl down a bit.

I had a backed up sink in my bathroom that's been giving me a problem for months. I've tried everything. Atlas plumbing came and worked their magic and I couldn't be more happy. The plumber was nice and did the job very fast and I'm couldn't be more grateful for the service Atlas. Great company and the costs was reasonable (likely less than the massive amounts of Drano I purchased to eliminate the clog). Thanks Atlas!

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