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Your service telephone is more than only a stop during our day. You will receive personalized solutions that are tailored to satisfy your requirements. You can expect service that's tailored to satisfy your requirements. Having fair service you can make certain you are going to obtain the results you're looking for. Our services are carried out according to the maximum industry standards so that you may enjoy peace of mind in the comfort of your own house. You know that charming sound that's coming out of the kitchen faucet? That is not simply a leak that is harmless, it's a timebomb. Most people tend to dismiss water escapes, considering them quick fixes, to tending them yet never coming about. If captured on time, in fact, most small leaks can be repaired. National Wellness month is designed to take some time. Whether that be self-care, managing stress, or working on healthy habits, it's a time to concentrate on the good of us all.


Highly recommend .
I had Paul perform a work for me back in the mid-80s when he was first starting out... He did a great job then so I phoned him again to get a significant mainline replacement of our four unit building. He did the work immediately, on time, quite neatly and offered a fair cost, and the bid didn't alter, even though Underground utilities needed them to route the most important line otherwise.

2 cancellations at last minute... still no ETA - Actually unprofessional Support They tell you Thursday afternoon and they call to cancel at 12.30 pm. I ordered for Saturday morning. Saturday, 9.30 am, they don't even have a program yet. They say maximum 1 pm, 11 am. They telephone 12.45 pm to say there's no parking, so that they drove off, without even a ring. I go outside and there are 3 spots open... They let me wait for an hour. After an hour and a half, they nevertheless don't have an ETA.

Very disappointed.
Before they even touched it, they insisted I would require a new water heater ($2,200) and they didnt'want to' repair old water heaters since it was not worth it!
Contacted these guys to come a look at my water tank for a repair following PG&E guided me to replace the spark ignitor (~$180 fir this component ).
I must have known if they refused to provide me an additional estimation of the repair part +installment over the phone...

Big thanks to Bernardino at Magic Plumbing for repairing our major water leak! He took care of the problem of flood water and assessed the matter, came out on a Sunday, then put up a follow up appointment to fill out the fix for the next day. He was prompt, comprehensive, communicated the problem's nature, and was professional and friendly. Also thanks to Pablo for response. Great to know we can rely on Magic Plumbing at a weekend emergency.

P.P.S. And to let you know about the caliber of the job: the backyard hose for which origin bib was replaced spews water everywhere because technology couldn't even bother to replace a 5 cent rubber seal that goes between the bib along with the hose (that I now need to find time to locate at a hardware store and replace myself). Nor did he re-seal calking across the shower regulator, something that I too will have to do in my.
I had a leaky shower head had to replace Delta cartridge. I phoned office and because I do not need trim that was new, I taught them to purchase cartridge that I knew was about $75 from Delta, but figured with labor - that would be OK. A month came. Tech advised me that initial quote was at 50% off because was quoted with new trim at full cost (nowhere indicated on the quotation ). , so went to charge $550. Silly me requested to also replace backyard hose bib, a $10 item, was charged $189, so reluctantly we came into the"magical" number of 735. I would warn others from using these rip-off artists and will never use again.
P.S. Unlike what owner proposes happened in his remarks - the fee of $735 still sits on my charge card. There was no offer to adjust bill - neither by the technician (well, he did adjust from $220 to $550 for previously quoted work) nor from the head afterwards - and they know how to find me when they would like to supply a partial charge. And additional work ($10 hose bib for that I paid $189) was on top of $550, so can't account for increase. As I mentioned earlier: to get a appointment for quite simple and over $600 in labor barely $100 in parts work.

They finished in under two hours and were thorough in their job. I will certainly be calling them for any work that I need!!
This is one - Pablo and I corresponded via email regarding my specific need. He had been clear in regards to the type of work needed and even gave recommendations on a replacement faucet for my kitchen sink to me.
Scope of work included installing a reverse osmosis kit and replacing the faucet - Ryan and Mike were my plumbers on the day of installation. They were at my house inside their appointment window and texted me a half hour before their birth. They greeted me and walked - part of the tank for the inverse osmosis kit did not fit under the sink so Mike managed to adjust the work and utilize a portion of my cabinet to accommodate the kit.

Girls be aware. I did not feel safe. He had been unprofessional. I almost got outside my weapon to get him from my location. This place should train their employees about the best way best to treat women. Inform your employees it isn't okay to touch your clientele. Never again. I should have reported him.

Great company. $2,240 to replace water heater. Perhaps I should have shop.

Their quote came in much higher than any other plumbing company for a trenchless sewer lateral replacement. In doing the job seemed honest but not interested. I think of this as'the impact'. Sometimes when companies have a lot of yelp reviews, they become more costly than everyone else.

Magic Plumbing is comprehensive, arrived and assessed the damage done by a water heater and also came up with an I tervention to stop catastrophic damage from leaks. Pricing was competitive. Dino was a seasoned plumber and helpful and cordial professional.

Horrible people, no consideration, rude, unprofessional. Not sure why they bother to get a company if they don't understand how to service client.

He looked after it and was a pleasure to use!
I strongly suggest Magic Plumbing.
James did a great job.

Amazing service! As seems to always occur, my plumbing crises occur the day before a 3 day weekend... in this case Memorial Day Weekened, if my hot water tank died completely. Instruction, advice and expert advice on the tankless water heaters quickly followed by installation and then cleanup work. I have space where the old tank used to sit, but also I have hot water. Thank you Phong, and thank you Paul for making it happen and getting me into a livable home, and sho

James was prompt and pleasant. He first gave me a quote, subsequently washed out a garbage disposal full of foul smelling crap and discovered that a large pit (avocado?) And many small pits (olive) along with other stuff that never should have been put from the disposal. He explained what he was doing, made sure everything worked and helped me to avoid the expense of replacing the garbage disposal. After the job was done, he cleaned up.
If all Magic Plumber staff are equally friendly and as efficient as he had been, I will utilize Magic Plumber again. My highest recommendation.

I was extremely happy with the service that I received from Magic Plumbing and would recommend them without reservation. The thing that you wish to hear is that you need to have sewer line replaced. . .ugh! But mine was original to the house, clay, and 80-90. Magic Plumbing offered a fantastic service. The communication was superb. Options were also spelled out. The job was completed ahead of schedule and in the bottom end of the cost! Everything is working great. They even pointed me toward a voucher that I was unaware of for the cleaning and video inspection. I hope to not have to call them again soon. . .but if I have a pipes need later on...I finally have a plumber!

I've used Magic Plumbing many times previously. The services I used contained minor plumbing difficulties, replacing toilets to those who conserve more money, and most recently, to replace water heater. It was simple to set up an appointment and they could come out the exact same day I phoned, which had been a Saturday. The technician came out and managed to determine the water heater needed to be replaced. He managed to get it to work for a day till he could return the following day to replace it. There was a bit of a hiccup when he replaced itbecause it had been a bit too broad for the space, but he managed to return the following day and replace it with one that fit. In the end, everything turned out well and the water heater has been working fine. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Magic Plumbing for any plumbing issues.

$427 for 1 hour of effort to replace sink pipe!! that is u-trap
Communication was great to track location of this plumber instead of waiting and wondering where they're.
The $427 invoice is outrageous for 1 hour of work and much less than $10 in parts (fresh u trap pipe).
I'm pleased with the job was done.
My buddy helped me out by meeting the plumber there's no way I would have agreed to paying that much!!

I've used Magic Plumbing twice today - quick service (even same day!) , and results. Love they inform you if the technician is on a link, and the road to track their progress so that you know exactly when they will arrive. Also great that they quotation so you know just what's being done before they start the job and provide an assessment. Highly recommend!

Thank you
Absolutely a fantastic service, competitive price and professionalisms.
After reading Magic Plumbing I decided to give it a try and Our Plumber Miguel was totally terrific. My stove needed to have a gasoline shot down valve right For the installation of my stove. I called late on a Saturday and they were at my home in less than 24hrs.
They cleaned after work and cleaned beneath the stove.
It is quite tough to get an honest, affordable, accredited plumber.

Used their support and I can recommend. Marcus did a fantastic job!

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