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Pinasco Mechanical Contractor

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Pinasco Mechanical Contractor

Pinasco Cosmetic Contractor has been providing commercial and residential customers of Central California our services for more than 50 years. The family owned company calls upon their commerce expertise and professional experience to tackle the challenges that confront the construction industry. Our large portfolio of projects, which range from privately funded commercial buildings to the complex networks of mechanical systems present in schools, fire stations, police stations and government centers, has assisted Pinasco Mechanical Contractor build a reputation within the Central California community of ethics and a degree of professionalism that cannot be matched.


All the drains in my house were clogged. It ended up being a problem with the main pipes. They were so friendly and fast! I will use them and had a great experience with these men!

Service was great, they fixed my problems very quickly and economically (hence the excess star) but. . .watch your invoice because I was billed about the hours.
I requested to be re-invoiced because I was charged by over one hour. I mailed in phone call logs (that I have) that showed the plumber had called me to say they were on the road from Stockton at 2:46 pm. He called at 3:18 pm after he got to my home. I was back to my work at 440 pm (10 minute drive). Yet some how I was billed at more than 100 per hour for 2.5 hours. This took place nearly a year ago since I sent all this stuff back in March 2016 requesting the hours to be altered. Never heard back from them regarding the invoice before now a full 11 months when I receive a phone call asking for the full invoice payment. Obviously, this fell on deaf ears. Since I will be needing one for some work 21, would really like to find an honest plumbing company here.

Don't use these guys! The owner Tom is a crook. If draining the sewer line, then maintained it was not broken, broke my toilet. Um, when water is leaking out the floor after the snake hit on the toilet bottom and moved in the wrong path, I presume water coming the foundation out! Prevent!

I called early in the afternoon to get some service done in my own GE water heater and that I asked them if they would be able to repair it that day because I'd missed job and they said of course we will send someone straight out.... Well some man came took my own water heater asked me if I'd a certain tool he asked me for reading glasses because he could not find the screws and needed. He finally took it apart and tried placing a non GE role in the water heater which didn't work he phoned his boss and put him on speaker told him this component is not functioning his boss said no it won't work you want a GE component.... At this point I'm furious because he left parts out and attempts to place the water heater back together and tells me he can't mend it. So my question is would you Tom the manager send one of your employees to perform a job without parts and the tools he wants to finish a job!!! So when I spoke that he would not allow me to speak he had been rude and said I owed them money along with the firm I made to fix my own water heater probably stole the parts because it is not possible to get those parts!!!! Never would I ever recommend them and this firm I went to gave me 6 months warranty. Pinasco said they never provide any kind of warranty and the other firm is stupid for doing it... That should let you know what kind of firm Pinasco is!!!!

I lately had Pinasco Plumbing replace the bathrooms in my store and apartment in an older building. Provide an estimate and john came over to look at the job. He made certain that our commodes were compliant and second, he treated us fairly. John and his staff are'git er done' kind of folks.

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