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R H Hydronics

With over 25 decades of experience servicing and installing both in Europe and the USA, R.H. Hydronics / / Green Heating can update your radiant heat system to present efficiency standards. As an Eichler specialist, we provide client service and wisdom on all of your Hydronic systems.


We have RH Hydronics come to our house to do a check. The last couple of years robert has arrived. He does a great job and is quite thorough in checking the furnace over. It is almost always a fantastic feeling on cold days to understand that our furnace is operating efficiently and has been checked out! Thank you!

This is absolutely the best company we've used to service our boiler. I have never once been unsold. They are thorough and professional. I feel like we're getting really good service from those who genuinely care. I have tried other companies, including some that are known. I recommend them. Great company, Fantastic work.

Beware!! But this month. I asked if they do the annual back flow water pressure testing to maintain my boiler permit and they said"yes". So I scheduled the boiler pressure test and annual maintenance service. On my machine certifying it was completed and I confirmed the they did not put a sticker and the completed paper work wasn't registered so That was last week. They charged me $410 and did not give me an invoice since the serviceman said he forgot to bring his paperwork. My check was cashed by them a d haven't responded to some concern about the backflow test certificaion. Me ripped off.
Dont hire RH Hydronics company. I used this company several yrs back to put in a new boiler for my own radiant heating system and they have been professional.

Failed to look at their work on what should have been a simple job (shutting off the heating tubes on our second floor) and bombarded the stairs in our house ruining hardwood, tile, and possibly cabinetry. They've been completely unresponsive with respect to repairs which are required as a result of their mistake while they came out to the cleanup.
Prevent RH Hydronics in all costs.
Despite recognizing error (in writing), the owner of this company has strung me along for nearly fourteen days - neglecting to return any telephone calls and only providing the most limited of email replies. This episode is currently probably going to the CA licensing board and will require an insurance claim.

Stay away.
RH was known to us by the Bosch Manufacture Co. for my tankless water heater repair. Two technicians came (Dave & Roberto) and analyzed it. I informed them of my communications with Bosch, the valve required to be arranged. I atempted to contact them follow up by email and a number of phone calls but failed. RH Hydronics never return to us. What's the point of a diagnosis if it doesn't result in a repair? I paid them $245 with all the guarantee that it would be credited toward the project's completion. They were in my home for perhaps 15 minutes. 1 man looked at my own water heater while the other has been enjoying the view from my living area. That is more expensive than my lawyer. I'd ask for my money back if I could get a hold of anybody...

RH message was rude and unprofessional. Considering his reviews, I see the lousy attitude of RH is the norm, and not the exception.
The manufacturer of my tankless water heater which failed refered to me RH.
I advised my heater's manufacturer about the episode and my treatment, and RH was eliminated by them .
Potential clients waiting in limbo if there is a potential crisis brewing should not be kept by RH.
Trying to schedule an appointment with RH has been a case study on how best to not treat clients. They never returned any messages, and never called back Following an initial telephone call to schedule an appointment, they promised to call me the morning after. The only real message after that of RH has been to schedule off.
Avoid RH.
I exceeded my own expectations and took my company to another company that finished the job the next day. The occupation has been a few thousand dollars and I was pleased to give future company and the company to that company.

The owner states he tried to call me - an outright lie. When he responded to his customers and took his business seriously concerns and needs rather than making excuses and lying, he will not be having people give poor reviews to him. It is that easy.
Very disappointing...
I called a second service and at 15 minutes had diagnosed the issue that turned out to be a pump which wasn't wired properly. It turns out that all the work RH had done in prior years was a hack job.
I have used RH Hydronics for the boiler service for several decades. Generally I've been happy with their service and the techs seemed competent.
You also do not throw away and I'm a small business owner and mistreat your customers like that. For the owner to not pick the phone up and call to apologize and offer to come outside to see exactly what the issue was is fantastic for me.
Two service techs came over for a boiler service, one of that smelled like he had been out drinking all evening. Despite expressing hesitation Another technician had no expertise with my boiler, but moved forward. We noticed our radiant heat wasn't working so that they sent another technician man who said one of our control planks replaced it and was outside. He wanted to charge me $400 but as I felt that the initial service was the cause that I wanted to talk with the owner about the fee. Additionally, I wanted to talk to him concerning the alcohol breath technician (left him a message), but did not hear back from him. A few months went by and we discovered our heat still wasn't working (warm weather so that we did not use it much). Called RH again and they sent one, over 2 more techs being the exact same alcohol breath man! This time they identified air in the system. These guys spent the next 3 DAYS bleeding atmosphere and attempting to receive our heaters working. The technician finally asked him to come out and try to diagnose the machine as didn't work and referred to as the owner asking for counsel. He told me he could not do anything else and the owner must come out. He wanted me to pay a $1200 service telephone which I denied as nothing was repaired. I never heard back.

Update: incorporating a celebrity. Our call was returned by them a couple of days after our original review. They came back 3 times (like one trip by the proprietor ) until the problem was fixed.
RH set up the heater and we paid for them to support it the previous two decades - but it's not working. We have left repeated messages within the previous two months and received no call back. We do not recommend this enterprise.

A couple of decades back, I called them back, and in the timethey serviced our boiler again, however there was an issue regarding our thermostat, Again, that was a relatively fresh (2011) system. They replaced and did not tell me that it would be a brand new one, which necessitated my needing the HOLE left in the wall fixed. Round and round, so I chose to replace it.
Obviously, the mixing valve wasn't under warranty, however they sent out yet another technician. This technician, though very nice, did not do something, besides earn a recommendation. He suggested removing the mixing valve completely, which would require replumbing a few of the pipes, (not recommended by the manufacturer). He stated that he would go back to the store to discuss and send a recommendation to me. I did not hear back from them, so I called. The person I was suppose to get wasn't there. I called again. Same response. The service call was on 1/9. On 2/23I received an email with the quote of exactly what work they advocated. I couldn't open the record, but it was for naught. I will not use this company again. They are not the exact same company that they were years back.
I had another company come look and they believed the mixing valve needed replacement but recommended that I go back to the people who replaced it the first time. At that point, I called RH Hydronics back. The person who answered the phone stated that they had no record of doing any work in my boiler since the first replacement of the valve , and was insistent that they didn't replace the thermostat to begin. Found the album!
I was known RH Hydronics four decades before. The builder who installed it had since expired. There were several problems, and RH Hydronics altered the mixing valve (whatever that is) in the time, to the tune of over $500. Warm water and our heater was debatable.

We had a boiler installed two decades back, fairly wonderful man, no issue came to perform the install. A component caused water damage and leakage and failed. After almost two weeks of waiting to get a part, they came out to fix it. 1 year after a different area is failing. I phone to schedule someone to come out-explain we are frustrated that a brand new boiler is having parts break annually and the man on the phone says,"that's normal""thats to be expected" When I replied that this didn't seem right and I would like someone to give the boiler a complete once over for any other defects-he got mad, said I had to read my contract that requires yearly maintenance (which isn't at all any paperwork we received) then proceeded to hang up on me!!! The woman I talked with when I phoned back apologized, did attempt to explain that it should not have broken but, that things do break and proceeded to inform me they'd need a person to come out to 1) write down the serial number of this component, 2) then wait 8-10 days for the guarantee to be confirmed and the component delivered and then 3) come out to set up the new component. Furthermore we have to pay $150/hr, for two hours of work, to get the defective part ! I would recommend You Don't use this Firm

The service man came on schedule, and he had been very courteous. Since it turns out he had been in over his mind and didn't repair the problem, even though the visit price well north of $200. Despite leaving numerous messages, I could not convince the company. Consider Owens instead.

They scheduled an appointment with me for January 10 to fix my heater, after contacting RH Hydronics. They left a message they had to cancel the appointment and also encouraged me to call to reschedule. I called later that day and left a message. After not receiving a return call and two days, I called again, leaving a message that I'd like to reschedule. My call was two days afterwards. I am still waiting for a return call.

When I had problems with a heating system used these guys a few years ago. Robert (owner?) Seemed competent and honest. According to his recommendation, I paid $3K to have a hot water heater. Four decades later, it's failing. Paid a service charge to call the installer and also to get another plumber come out that informed me that the unit should be under warranty. He also noted (very indirectly) that the hot water heater was a bit of crap and refused commenting further since he"didn't want to throw another firm under the bus". Took three days to find anybody to phone me back. Robert said he wrapped up and didn't do the install when eventually on the phone. WHAT!!?? I've got payment verification and the proposal facing me. Called him back so it was completed and he explained the tank he installed just had one year of warranty. I found out it was six years to get the tank and parts, after calling the mfg straight. When he is eventually made to speak with you, not sure what is happening with this guy -- lying, refusing to service work he performed not returning calls, impolite. I trusted this guy and he took advantage of that confidence. Don't make the exact same mistake.

Strange experience. I worked with Paul by telephone over a few months, getting advice about a brand new towel rack. Much appreciated. I contacted him by email just before it was to arrive asking because the yelp testimonials were a bit negative on a number of the installers, if he'd perform the installation. No reply. I called a couple of times. No reply. Strange means to do, actually to not do, company. So I could not recommend this company.

We had a great experience in 2013 with R H when heat was added by us to our place, so we contracted R H to install the heating there too when we were prepared to redo the bathrooms/bedrooms within our home this summer. However, the setup did not work which meant we either had no water to your home OR had to have the heating. This was so obviously having the heat turned all the way was not an alternative. We emailed/called for months with no response from anyone, and then eventually late-Sept somebody came to work on it but they did NOT FIX THE ISSUE, actually it is almost worse because it cannot turn on at all. It's now November and we still do NOT have heat in our home. Radiant heating + R H services were not cheap and we are so frustrated at the lack of response to making it right and fixing this issue. I wouldn't recommend R H.

I am a Realtor. I contacted Robert in RH Hydronics who explained to me the machine wasn't to code. I requested that he provide documentation as part of this report to encourage this, such as the product guide, code etc.. I was told no problem. I asked for a quote to replace the present system in order for me to negotiate with Agent and the Seller, I have to have recorded facts.
During that conversation I learned that this firm does not test those and that the cold and hot water pipes run in the ground and that I ought to contact American Leak and Detection. When I voiced the buyers worry about leaks from the 19, I wasn't informed of this prior is past me.
On site I had been told policy was good but that the"newly installed" method was insufficient as it would always be cycling and that it wasn't to code. I had been provided a summary that was handwritten.
What bothered me most is that we had to call detection and American escape to verify the pipes did not leak.
As he did shoot my calls just like a true 15, I will praise the proprietor and he seemed very knowledgeable, however, my expectations have been higher based on my requests that are concise and clear along with that what I had been asking for, his response would not be a issue.
I contacted RH Hydronics dependent on the yelp reviews. I expressed that my client was purchasing an Eichler and they had been worried about the pipes from adequate heat coverage and the flooring leaking. I asked as to if they could test those pipes, such as imaging and provide a report.
After a couple phone calls and some of my own study. The version installed TK-3 is manufactured. The Seller set up the unit in 2005. The guide for this version says it can be used for heat, however, as Robert explained building codes does not allow for this system as a result of high NOx. Essentially, the machine was to code depending on the date.
In a couple of days I got the report.... A version of a statement and this report . I obtained no more photographs of policy, no files to support the machine wasn't to code.

TERRIBLE !!! I wouldn't recommend this company. Customer support. Totally unresponsive. They installed an Buderus system that's still under warranty. I've had boiler problems for 3 weeks using the unit failing to flip on during cold weather. Now I have no heat. I was told by them this unit is having problems. And they appear for repairs or don't return my calls. I am a senior, not pleased to be living in a house, and dismissed by an company.

Included in the renovations, we had to substitute the 30 year-old hydronic boiler and they did it fast and at a cost that is competitive. Ever since that time, we've had them relocate the boiler system from the room and and to the garage, they did a job.
These men have been doing work for us for the last 4 decades. We was 30 years old and purchased a house.
Highly recommended and good to do business with.

They have been used by me annually, and was happy with the service rendered. However, this summer the people answering the phone have been incompetent. I was every time assured my calls could be returned, none of which happened and kept calling a few times. The man answering the phone promised she would call back later that afternoon, and told me was her problem child, like that were my fault, but never did. I eventually gave up, since I found out there are plenty of people capable to work on my own hydronics system which has been a blessing in disguise.

Great!!!!!! This is only one of the most business I've ever delt with.
They are highly recommended by me
His team was quite proficient and did a superb job of taking shoes off before entering our property, cleaning up after...
Robert was over the day and our heating system went outside and we are saved!!!

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