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It's been in service for 15 and if your water heater has a 12-year guarantee, it may be time. Within the warranty period, a water heater might fail in houses with water, which can be tougher on water heaters.


Ray and his team were professional and did the work well to fix broken toilet. His quote was fairly priced.
I recommend it to other people and would certainly be utilizing his services in the future.
He accommodated my minute appointment petition . He responded to phone/texts.

I called Ray this morning to get a plumbing issue. He was able to get there within a few hours. In and out fast and charge a reasonable speed. My in-laws are older and he was really sweet with them as well.

There is a degree of integrity, ingenuity, etiquette, and professionalism I've yet to experience from some other Plumbers! Of course, I was flexible with their schedule and very kind to them... and I'd advise if you are respectful and flexible together, you'll be amazed at the outcome.
The Red Tulip Plumbing staff are an entirely different category of plumbers in my personal experience after having four plumbers to come to our house and quote us outrageously high prices for a complex project to fix our double shower bath. Everybody else suggested that go throughout the tile or we need to take the wall apart.
Red Tulip team managed to modify the new faceplate and cartridge to work with a different version diverter in the wall and managed to check out the real problem which were cartridge and the face plates. They ordered that the small metal part and for the diverter they found it had rust and will replace it. Overall into a endeavor turned to a hundred buck occupation and then gained a client for life!
These guys are smart, clever, and aren't attempting to up sell some high cost item. When I said the hardness of our water being the reason behind damaging our taps, they suggested the lowest cost option for a device that I could set up myself which deacales the pipes and I installed it. They could have tried to push some project.

Ray came over to assist me having a clog difficulty in our shower. He was responsive and transparent came on time, did his job quickly and well quickly! He's comparable with his prices and offers a 30 day warranty policy also. I would recommend Ray to your plumbing requirements. Thank you, Ray!

We had a bathroom. The Response time and messaged Red Tulip was very quick. That he scheduled to come Sunday 12,, because it was a Saturday night. He arrived he said and fixed the issue right away. Ray was quite professional and price is affordable! Will definitely use him again!

They supply an amazing service. I had a water dilemma with my toilets. The owner came to take a look and told me I would need to have them replaced. He tried to set a temporary fix until afterward and did not charge me anything for it. I did get them replaced eventually. They did a real good occupation that is clean and charged me less than that which technicians were quoting, highly recommend.

I had a toilet problem fourteen days back and it requires snaked. As promised within one hour, ray arrived. I have very little experienceon this but his friend and Ray came in with rapid diagnosis and quotation. They used different tools fix the problem successfully and finally to try out. Since all three bathroom are all backed up the very best aspect of this job is they made sure that all of them working individually and at precisely the same time. More optimism things should not happen again. This group is polite and professional, willing to discuss a lot of knowledge. I would recommend them to anybody with sewer problem and emergency. Thank you!

I've called them a few times, they always do a superb job for a reasonable price. After to put in a toilet and after to join a fridge water dispenser.

Ray does quality work, and is very professional, punctual. The price exceeded my expectations and was reasonable. Will definitely hire him again!

Had a problem with water pressure throughout house- that the service was prompt and friendly and the issue is solved today - price was reasonable- recommend.

I predicted several different plumbing firms with 24-hour emergency numbers... And nobody picked up. . But after we found that it was not a right-this-second emergency, he agreed to show up at 6am (thank you!) And had me send pictures to make sure it did not look worse than I thought (luckily, it was not.)
I transferred and cleaned two pools of water everything under the sink and from off the counter. There was a slow, yet continuous flow from your kitchen faucet... that I could mostly* redirect with a towel into the sink. If nothing leaked, anyhow.
We did a little exploring in the rain to discover my home does not actually have a water shut-off. However he installed valves to maintain water from the leaky faucet, checked to make sure that there were not any other leaks, and came back to put in the new faucet when I purchased a replacement later (Home Depot, $70-ish.)
We were * from escrow closing five days on sale this home and that I had been awakened by a water trickle at 2:30. This was *much * better than I worried about... And it helped that, after I phoned three or four other pipes with no answer, Red Tulip was willing to talk me at 4am, show up and fix it , and then come back later the same day to set up the new faucet. Thank you!
I awakened to the continuous, irregular tapping which usually means a water trickle at. I headed into the kitchenlooked about and under everything, and started moving stuff from under the sink, putting down towels and throwing away soaked cardboard boxes...

Desired an job done. Ray and Wali did an amazing job, not complaining about the more than anticipated difficulty it turned out to be (because of rusted parts). Will recommend to others, and hire again.

I am very happy. Ray was very polite, without being asked, voluntarily eliminating his shoes. He cleared the clog and charged anything! You can not ask better than that!

These guys are really wonderful. Had a crisis problem and they were able to look after it and did a very professional work.

I would like to give 10 stars if I could. I Yelped and discovered Red Tulip Plumbing. I sent a couple of images to Rohullah and asked him. He gave me was able to come onsite to inspect the real scenarios, and estimates quickly. It had been for Kitchen Faucet replacement and a Toilet Angle Valve install. The job was done quickly, and Rohullah is very easy to do the job. His quote was honored by him even though the job may be slightly complicated with this place. He even checked the water distribution valves out that I installed myself just to be sure I did it properly.
Honest, and down to earth. Thanks Rohullah.

The cost is fair and BTW, the engineers that are coming are fair, extra-money do not charge. I'm glad they offer a cost that is crystal clear to you till they operate and they can solve the issue.
After trying their tools the very first coming plumbing company is experienced, but they failed. There are a lot of"grace" from the pipe, and they clean out a lot, but the pipe is still stuck. I'm frustrated and opt to replan and also my kitchen has to be brokenup. I tried Red Tulip, before I gave up.
It is a GREAT choice. When they arrived and bring out the tools, I'm not that certain since the tools are smaller than that I saw in the daytime it can be fixed by them. They engineer keep those tools, and eventually they pull a plastic valve and show me it's the root-cause of the issue. A few minutes later, the pipe functions. To be certain the pipe can endure for quite a while, the engineers create the drain cleaner 30+ feet deep, and educate me to maintain the sewer system away from grace in the long run.
I'm very glad to have such type of service in our community. Plumbing is a significant problem in my mind and a house is frequently made by it into mass. Following the experience, I'm glad I will have a nice service.
The Red Tulip Plumbing team are great.
My sewer system is obviously a problem in my mind, the clean year we need to do. I'm blessed I can allow it to work myself in the past ten decades, but is clear that the pipes are clopped increasingly more serious, since my tool can go in the pipe shorter and shorter. This time, it is stuck. I provide up to call plumbing service and tried of my ways.

Ray from Red Tulip Plumbing helped me . They did quite professional job and helped and guided us in appropriate direction. They supplied most cost effective solution to fix the issue. They advised us. I strongly recommend his service to anyone looking for plumbing work that is reliable.

Been working with Ray for a while. He is amazing. Stopped by at strange hours to help me diagnose a problem with my fridge. Do not take any cash. Helped me find parts. Followed up with me to determine whether the issue got solved. Outstanding craftsmanship and fair.

Friendly pricing, on task, came punctually. After phoning, picked up phone immediately. Fixed our issue and no issues. Highly suggested.

I hired Ray to repair my shower. He came and got it all done for me in a very reasonable price. I will certainly use him.

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