Septic Tank Repair Services

When homeowners plan to get plumbing maintenance done, they commonly consider getting their drains and pipes repaired. However, the septic tank is quite important because it assists in managing the waste of your home. When not checked regularly, the septic tank can overflow and cause serious damage.

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What Are Common Septic Tank Issues?

There is a chamber in the septic tank that allows the entry of wastewater. After some time, the solid waste settles at the bottom while the lighter particles float at the top. The liquid material moves to another chamber while the solid material settles at the bottom. Eventually, the liquid waste is thrown into the drain area. In this process, the waste is decayed in an anaerobic manner.

The Common Problems of Septic Tanks:

  • Corroded Walls: The walls of the septic tank become corroded because of the surrounded hydrogen sulfide gas in the chambers.
  • Detached Dividing Wall:  If the septic tank ruptures in two chambers, the muck could trap in one compartment, hampering the working of the septic tank system.
  • Roots: The main function of the septic tank is to discharge wastewater. In some cases, plants begin to grow, and the roots of these plants might cause a lot of damage.
  • Full Tank: If the septic tank is overflowing, it usually signifies that there is an issue with the ability of the drain field to absorb the wastewater.

Our septic tank service providers offer the following assistance: 

  • They keep the surrounded area of the septic tank free from debris and waste.
  • They work to reduce filthy odor from the tank.
  • They increase the functioning of your septic tank by using their skilled techniques.
  • They respond immediately and arrive quickly at your destination.

How To Know Your Septic Tank Requires a Repair

You may not easily realize if your septic tank is functioning properly because you cannot see it as you see your faucets, sinks or drains.  There are, however, a few signs that you can look out for that may signify if your septic tank is working the way it should.

Some of the common warning signs that you should watch for are:

  • Filthy Smell: An overflowing septic tank will emit a filthy smell around the house because it will cause the scum to rise.
  • Slowly Draining Toilet: When the septic tank becomes full, it usually affects the working of your toilets. If you find that your toilets are not draining quickly after a flush, check your septic tank.
  • The Greenery of Your Lawn: All septic waste doesn’t work like fertilizers and may, therefore, kill the greenery of your lawn. If you find that there are brown and yellow patches in your garden, chances are that your septic waste is overflowing.
  • Pooling Water: When there’s water in your lawn or field without any good reason, chances are that your septic tank needs a repair. An expert can do the necessary to fix it.

In addition to basic septic services, you can also get assistance for other plumbing issues.

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Certified Contractors: A Trustworthy Company

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