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Root-O-Matic is a plumbing company that was created in 1965 and has the trust and expectation of excellence our clients from all. Upfront and pricing allows the technician and the customer work together without any worry and worry about the task at hand. As a company that is well managed, we are able to keep our cost low and therefore our rates with flexibility in payment methods and strategies. Sewer and Drain Cleaning, Water Heater installation and repair. Pipe thawing and installation, Total Plumbing repair, gas piping. Faucet and toilet repair or installation, tankless water heater install. Root-O-Matic's owners and workers live up to the standards that are anticipated by people permitting us into their houses. Our first priorities are being clean, courteous, and forthright in all our dealings with our clients. Leaky faucet?Do it yourself... OR conserve time and money and have it repaired by a professional plumber. Clogged pipe?Get it mended RIGHT, once and for all.


Do your self a favor and call Root-O-Matic with your plumbing problems. I have also had him run other work - he is a true handyman! You won't be sorry!
The other reviews are NOT Jonny. In fact, after reading the reviews I think the people are confusing Jonny's Root-O-Matic with the other corporation.
HIGHLY recommend!!
Jonny is an wonderful plumber and all round handyman! He's a hard worker, professional and quite polite. I phoned him he immediately called me back. Within a couple of hours, he had been at my home diagnosed my plumbing issue and was ordering components to get it fixed.

I had a flow. I phoned a large company but they didn't have time for more than a week. These guys instead came highly recommended by a friend. Same day, they came when scheduled. Fixed it fast. Do not try to upsell me. Charged a price, a bit less than the quote even. They'll be my go-to plumbers from today on. Luis did the work.

I had been expecting the company would have attempted to do anything they could to repair the issues she's had but they've done nothing! All together half of a Saturday, and also an hour to get a follow up to repair the issue. And now she has to go purchase chairs since they took away her chairs which would have been far better than those things that are plastic she had installed.
Disappointment is an understament!
At the time I was asking quotes for this work, Savage and Sons had been higher by about $50 so I thought I would save the money and go through Root-o-matic, boy what a mistake this was.
The appointment was scheduled for Tuesday from 8-9. At 11 a.m, nobody had shown up. Called and left a message and installer called to say he had no idea that he was supposed to be there in that time and that he could be there by 2. He stated that he couldn't do the work whatsoever that he would need to reschedule and because he did not have the tanks and then called back at about 1. 1 whole day wasted.
While I was there, I checked every one of the bathrooms and noticed that the chairs that were installed were the cheapest chairs I've ever seen. When I initially called to place the service order, I requested to have installed in her home the EXACT same bathrooms they had installed in my home a year ago. Once I noticed that, I surely thought that a error was and they would appear and replace the chairs. Well, that's not exactly what happened. After phone calls, many messages and many days filled with frustrations, owner calls back and says I'd requested the cheapest possible seats to be installed and if she wanted the chairs it would cost $45 per chair! Which could add up to an additional $135.
My mother calls me telling me there's water all around the floor in one of her baths thursday. I run around, switch off the water, she puts off the phone with the installer that says it is totally normal for something to be loose and leak like that and he couldn't come out that day but that he would be by later 4 on Friday. So he called to say he'd come out Saturday morning He couldn't make that appointment .
Where do I start? I had this company come out a couple of years ago and they did some support for me and I had been pleased with the work, and so I thought since my mother had been seeking to change out her bathrooms, I would refer them. What a mistake I made.
The installer chose he could appear and install on Saturday. Produced an appointment and he really showed up this time. After a while, I thought that this ordeal was over.

ROOT ME!!!!!I believed this was an inordinate amount of time to do a repair. I whined to the HOA. They explained they couldn't correct the bill and to call John, and speak to him. I call several times and left messages for both Luis and John. I called, asking for a quote on doing a repair. Neither answered or returned my calls. I needed to resort to using a title that is fictions to talk with Luis. With out going into detail, and acting like a stupid home owner, he accurately diagnosed the issue and stated it was a simple fix, no more than hour. So, 84.00.
Be certain that you tell them the tools they will need to bring Should you think it's a wise idea to use this business. Drain cleaner, ladders, hammers, pliers, might remind them to bring their own truck. Otherwise, they will be more than happy if they didn't bring what they needed to over charge you. Oh, I and I suspect they will be happy to charge you if they don't do the work right too. Be sure that you keep an eagle eye on them.
I call back the HOA and relayed what I found out. Again, no assistance but the HOA man there said he'd talk to the proprietor John, about the reason they billed out at two hour for a 30 second job. He stated they needed to return to the store and didn't have a ladder, As soon as the HOA man got back to me. So I have to pay for their I phoned John again and left a VM. No return call.
I had the misfortune to get this business do a service call on my roof top swamp cooler. Somehow, it started leaking and my HOA called Root-O-Matic to stop the leak. The invoice that the HOA introduced to me came in at two hours 84.00 each hour, 168.00. The repair was for fixing the float valve.

We've just handled a plumbers and heating companies in the Reno area and this place was professional, non-gouging, honest and seemed sincere . Luis was the man that helped us with fixes and all our freezing pipes. Will most certainly do business with them again! Can't say enough good things about these....great initial impression!

I had been in a real pinch for the vacation's while visiting my inlaws and John was by coming over right away useful and quite receptive. We had them work a variety of services over the past few months and we've been quite pleased with the end result and the cost. Thank you John!

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