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D & D Plumbing

D&D is a household run by brothers Dalton Dale and Jerry Lowery. Two places, one in one and Sparks in Fallon, serve the Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Truckee and Lake Tahoe regions. D&D is a mechanical contractor that does plumbing and radiant heating function at the commercial residential and industrial areas. Does service work out of both offices. The committed owners and employees make D&D a shop that takes pride. Please browse through the rest of our website to learn about our business and how we can serve you.


DandD was predicted by me. Was educated and quick to reply. She had Albert call me and go over the issue. He was at my home with the instruments in 20 minutes. He was nice even though my 3 lb chihuahua barked the whole time. He smiled and giggled. I won't ever call anybody but DandD pipes.
I had an emergency leak on a gate valve. I called 4 pipes business who responded"were busy","I could come by at noon tomorrow." And my favourite"Not tonight."

Is I give them one star. I won't even think about using a service which my period starts once the driver is in route. That's ridiculous.

Not once did anyone sympathize with us, provide any compensation to us, or attempt to truly work with us. If I could give them 1.5 stars I'd because they are a friendly bunch of folks, but I won't ever work with them or recommend them to anyone.
And a error was made that left two foot long gouges in brand-new hardwood floor that was installed.
After this was completed, the technician assured me that D&D plumbing would look after it. We were told to get a quote by the company who installed the hardwood. D&D plumbing REFUSED to cover this. Jerry (the VP) offered to come inspect the damage. While still continuing to be requested to pay our bill we were in a holding pattern for weeks. In the end, after 6 weeks, Jerry (the VP) came out to our house and never once confessed that his company made a mistake, just attempting to flip it around saying"That is what's likely to happen with hardwood; scrapes happen". Though he did re-polish the floor, and it looks better than before, the gouges won't ever go away.
I worked during our kitchen remodel together with D&D plumbing. The technician was friendly and knowledgeable and the services were done.

I had an outside faucet that was leaking. I called the man and my plumbing business said they don't carry parts for this faucet. He said they would have to tear out the wall and put in an access panel. He left. No charge but he left. In comes D&D plumber named JOHNNY and he did have to cut a hole no access panel needed and when the new one needs replacement years from now, we can only pull it out and replace it. Easy peasy. JOHNNY had the simplest and best option. THANKS D&D Plumbing. Recommend.

As we are so delighted with the job by D D Pipes now, we wanted to give a recommendation! We had a couple of items that we needed help with adding a regulator that was not working with our house water pressure in 120psi, our hot water heater has been making noises after trying to unsuccesfully clean it out and drain it , and an expansion chamber that was not working. Albert came out, he was really nice to have our house, he fixed and replaced the items needed with no push at all to replace our water heater (that is 18 yrs old now), he was sharp, helpful, and we're so very thankful we called D D. They have our greatest recommendation and we will use them whenever we require a plumber!!

I have used D&D for projects considering moving here 5 years back, including installing a new water heater. They are the ideal. Reasonable prices, Speedy response. When the pilot light went out on the water heater, I have had to call them. Both times they could divert an agency man who had completed a job within one hour to my home. And, they did not charge me! Someone is searching for a plumber I try to direct them.

It is 1 star because I am extremely disappointed with their surprise pricing. When we asked and asked what their pricing was, we were quoted a service charge of $140. It is Easter weekend and the local business wasn't available. The part for the heater was straightforward and the job took tops a half an hour. We were charged $427.00. Apparently is when we scheduled a $95/hr travel fee which wasn't disclosed. I understand the fee. We've owned a carpet cleaning business. Upfront pricing is an important part of doing business. The service man did his job and was courteous and kind. Unfortunately this was overshadowed by our sticker shock. It was just a big expense that might have been prevented if we had been informed about the travel fee when we predicted and scheduled the job. It is just bad business. If you understand a client is outside of the region, it's underhanded to not inform them you'll probably be charging $300 just to push to them. Additionally today happened to be a heavy traffic afternoon so it took extra long to get here. ?? It just feels awful to be taken advantage of.
In reply to this business reply: I believe that is disingenuous. We asked on our first call and when we talked with the tech what the service fee was. We were told 142.50. We did not ask the proper questions. There was no reference of door to door or explanation of what that means either time. You can be sure that later on we will clarify that with future companies. I understand that the burden does not belong to the enterprise. It is just good business to do so.

I see a pattern, after reading reviews now. Jerry worst customer support! Unprofessional! After trying to get a month to have him return my calls (receptionist said he had been there then came back and said he simply left) needless to say he'd fly by night. . Glad I found out before engaging their services. Can not imagine doing business with them‼

I've had nothing but great response and support . I made the error of peeling off a few a lot of hardboiled eggs (no one told me you shouldn't place them down the disposal. . OOPS!) And clogging up the disposal/drain. They got somebody out to my home and he had the problem fixed in no time after he obtained all the eggshells out. I was turned onto this business and I steered me in the right direction.

Our experience with D & D Plumbing has been fantastic. Alan B. is straight forward, hard working, personable, and reliable. Through insurance companies, we were made to work with 2 other local pumping companies and they didn't hold a candle into D & D Plumbing. The companies submitted proposals that did not even align with thermostats, modules, the zones, and radiant heating method. D & D Plumbing recognized the matter immediately and accurately. Thank you, thank you!

I had them come out to do an estimate on a job; 10 days later, still no word from them. I've asked and asked about the quote, theyhad other explanations, or're working on it. Called out Ben Franklin Plumbing to actually get the work done.

My condo in Incline Village needed a gas line leak last August and they could schedule a replacement even though they had other program conflicts. Although they did charge overtime, occupation was excellent and I was pleased with the quality of work and educated staff.

According to my experience, I must say the reviewer's experience is rather a surprise: My experience was the opposite. Everybody could have a bad day I guess.
But much to my joy, the bidding was affordable. They had someone over quickly, as anticipated. D&D got the work done ahead of the other firms got their bids . I needed the work done, and it was.
I chose D&D to unveil a few gear at my store just because they were so near me. If figured if they were close... they could get me enthusiastic in a rush. I've had some terrible experiences with plumbers over time and was searching to get a bid that was higher than I wanted to pay (always is it thus!) .

When the part came in, they sent a different person out to put in this, and all he knew was"he had a box." My husband's shower had a distinctive sort of setting that enabled it remember it in the dial and to preset a temperature up, and he installed it upside down, making it useless, once it was installed by the man. The moment my husband arrived home, he saw it had been incorrect, and called them. Install it which took them a couple of days and they needed to come back out.
Aside from that, they've cared for us and I would recommend them to others. As others have mentioned They're expensive, but their quality of work is good, and they'll work with you in the event that you tell them you're on a budget.
They would have five stars for certain before the time they came out, because they've always taken care of us, from us. My husband's shower had a escape, and our solar system made a loud noise in the loft. John discovered the origin of the shower escape and came out, and took care of the problem from the loft. He needed to purchase a part for the shower, also said it'd be in about a week. Everything was nice.
We've used D&D Plumbing for years, since we moved into our home, because they scrutinized our solar panels once we moved in, and they became specialists in our solar system, that is antiquated outdated, and difficult to keep. Our heater since and They're able to do it, and also have been our men to maintain it.

This past spring we called this business into give us a bid on a project and though they showed up on time, we are very considerate, and left with the guarantee of a bid over the week, I couldn't get any follow up reaction. I spent calling the office leaving messages but the technician that visited us would call us back to say they couldn't do the job didn't have time to do the job. . .no word back.

From the office personnel to the service technicians, I cannot say enough about the D&D staff is. In my experience, they are always knowledgeable and friendly and, unlike many service companies, I've discovered when they give you a window for if they will be. Highly recommend.

Their work is first rate, their people are friendly. But watch out for their bids. If they run into problems you can enter overruns and end up fighting afterwards. Get all change requests in writing and up alongside bids that are new.

Our 20+ year old system eventually had a leak in the coil found in the attic. Two other pipes companies had a hand in attempting to mend what was originally pronounced a fairly simple,"cheap" problem however, after racking up $650 in bills, I had components but the repairs weren't finished and the system was not operational. I moved on that they functioned on solar and just according to their site. Alan was the initial contact and he ended the pipes connections up . He was very professional and focused. I asked for a demonstration on all the valves etc worked, if there was a problem later on, especially how to shut down everything. We chose a movie could be a good idea for future reference and now I have that on file so I can look after it myself! The pipes was repaired but the system failed to restart Alan known as in Jerry, one of the owners I believe, and he diagnosed a master control. I was going to cut the entire thing off and call it but Jerry was determined to get it going. I received a bid it was fair for all the effort he put in. Jerry said he thought he had a replacement for the controller back at his store. There he was having an older. . .vintage. . .box with my 20+ year old model control! I informed him I felt like he was Willy Wonka! I was fascinated by the way dogged and interested in this he was! He worked with the controller for a few hours, systematically attempting to make it operate. It did not and I was going to give up. Not Jerry! He drew up a schematic went away for another week or so and fabricated it and came back for another few hours. Problem solved. The system is working perfectly, it looks great with the fine, new components and I am quite pleased. It was not straightforward. It was not cheap, like the very first plumber . (That is the point where I might have just not repaired it but I have bad information) D&D got it going with smarts and some actual devotion and pulled it out. I never felt like it wouldn't get done, though it was a project. It is great for another 20!

We have used D D & whenever we have had a plumbing problem. I don't believe we would use anyone else. Fortunately for us, they send Albert. He is considerate and he gets the job done. We had a project that we thought was going to be a big endeavor Now. Albert looked at it and he would return. He arrived back with a component ($14). He also installed the part and was done. We'd been told ahead we would need an entirely new fixture. D & D doesn't try to rob you blind. They do attempt and the job to keep down the prices. I'd recommend them highly.

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