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Plumbing Services in San Mateo CA If you're having a plumbing crisis call us immediately. You may thank San Mateo for those viral cat movies although its place has since transferred. No matter where you reside in San Mateo we may have a plumber. Rooter Hero plumbers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year. You may count on Rooter Hero to be there once you need us. You may always reach a'live' operator when you call. We understand that plumbing problems have no schedule although A good deal of plumbing companies closed down after 6:00 pm. Since we're available 24/7/365 there aren't any'later' hours. Give us a call today if you're having any kind of plumbing problem. From leaky faucets into replacing an entire sewer line, to septic systems, Rooter Hero has the skill to save.


Thank you Rooter Hero - I have a plumber in my telephone book that I can rely on and refer to my neighbors.
I found some reviews whining not honoring vouchers for extras or free camera review. However, my coupon very clearly said that the camera review was valid using a"standard" drain cleaning, which I took to imply NOT using the 77 special. Along with the other discounts (e.g. 15% senior discount) clearly said"not to be combined with another offer." So prior to anticipating something which isn't offered people will need to browse the coupons.
Perfect! The scheduling response and arrival would earn 4 stars. However, CARLOS? Terrific! Very friendly introduction. Before coming inside, he put. Put down plastic and beneath sink. What that was Described he was doing. And because he"only" had to clean out the P-trap (gross), I was only charged $54 rather than the 77 drain cleaning coupon. WOW!
Totally pleased! I haven't wanted a plumber for a long time (knock on wood). I had a slow draining toilet sink drain. Rooter Hero needed a ValPak coupon for drain cleaning. Diamora from Rooter Hero reacted to my after midnight petition (!) (via Yelp) to schedule appointment the next day (10/2/19). Between 3-5 PM, she advised In my request for day. I got a telephone call to state they'd be here between 3:30 - 4:00.

3. If you think something is away, get another opinion. You will most likely find that you're LIED to so that they could try to push services that are additional $ $ that were not needed.
1. They might not appear for hours, Even though they give you a two hour window for their arrival.
2. They DON'T honor their coupons. Perhaps it depends on the technician, either way.
This was my experience. My advice would be to try to get a business that is trustworthy through recommendations. Save yourself the trouble of wasting money and your time.

Julio was A+++Julio came at 11pm! The group projected an ETA that is accurate and was swift. After we placed the call julio came 20 minutes.
RH will be called by me again!!

I strongly recommend Rooter Hero. They're fairly priced. They charge you for the support just, not hourly, like Rotor rooster charges to come take a look. There was no established fee simply. I had a plugged up tub. Julio came out and fixed the problem, he managed to repair it, very tidy and considerate. He left my tub looking. Charged me $77 to come back my tub.

Julio out of Rooter-Hero came out immediately, was very professional, and also did a fantastic job! Could not be more happy! He looked at our sump pump which has been malfunctioning while he was here and fixed it, although he was there to get our backed up drain.

I called the following plumber and said no. He charged me $95 spent 15 minutes fixing it.
I won't create any subjective comments. I'll only say what occurred, draw your own conclusions.
I described the problem on the phone it hummed. They said something was likely stuck in there. Clear and they would need to disassemble it.
They sent somebody out. He inspected it, went out to his van for 20 minutes and returned with a $230 quote.

Call this company on a Sunday afternoon. They kept me posted on the eta of the plumber by series of forecasts. Soon as his job was completed by the plumber that he was discharged to my resident. He took care of the issue immediately and pricing wasn't super expensive since it was on Sunday.

I'm at least 2-for-2 (and possibly 3-for-3?) Having adventures with Rooter Hero Plumbing. Timely, courteous, and professional. One of the times I'd called them for a plumbing emergency and, they pro-actively provided the Yelp bargain to me when it came time to cover, even though I hadn't seen it. They never try to upsell me anything; over and constantly hard-working board. They are now the sole pipes whom I call.

Made an appointment to come out at 9 am by sending a picture of the pipe which was leaking and necessary replacement. I had to contact them to figure out if anyone was coming out. They said they will send someone out"immediately". Well, no one showed up until noon. The pipe was seen by the technician and said he wasn't the plumber and someone will come out to give me a quotation. I have questions about the entire episode, but I'll just leave it in a 1 star review and get in touch with a regional REAL plumber.

This is actually the second time we have used Rooter Hero once we've had drainage problems due to tree roots. Julio Septien, the service tech, was in caring for us in a really reasonable 21, prompt & efficient. We highly recommend trying Rooter Hero the next time.

This is a company we've used several times. Our home is 46 years old. Night at 530p our tap would not shut off. This day the water change turned off hoping someone would be able to assist us. It took their tech and Rooter Hero you call Omar Mendoza was here within 90 minutes. He took are of the leak. He was very professional and courteous. He indeed was " Hero".

I can not recommend Rooter Hero enough. I was able to obtain an appointment on a Sunday afternoon to get a FREE estimate (another company wanted to charge me $189 only to have someone come out, because it was the weekend), the dispatcher called to give us accurate updates on when the plumber would arrive and if he did arrive (right on time), Basilio was knowledgeable, friendly, thorough and willing to explain what he was doing every step of the way. He also fixed our problem and gave us a great rate. Truly EXCELLENT service...I would give a bonus star, if I could

Don't be tricked by this places supervisor writing a contact inspection to make matters right, because you are never going to get a response for an email you send out regarding the event details.

. .like others have said, we have a voucher in the mail. I called when 11:15 wrapped around and was told that the dispatcher called my husband and left a message stating that someone could be between 11 and 1. I called. The dispatcher called me and said it is now looking more like 1:30 which we never needed an appointment for 9 to 11. Seriously? This is the place for you, In case you have nothing better to do than sit around all day waiting to get a plumber. I'd suggest looking elsewhere. No customer service!

I am NEVER using this company again and strongly urge anyone not to use them. They ought to quit doing business.
Completely unreliable. Called them on Thursday. At 9 :15'm they said they had some problem will not get until noon to me and called. I needed to go to work, made a decision to reschedule. Called them at 11:30, they stated they ran will probably be 1 and between noon. Called them they stated they are still running t but I am the next on the list for their tech. Called them at 2:30 pm - told me their tech in our field called in sick and did not come to work that day (!!!) . Called them they stated a dispatcher would call me back. Never heard from them, nobody came.
UPD: Once I posted the inspection, a tech showed up over 1 hour at my home. I wasn't home, so the following day, he agreed to come and came we agreed upon. He gave some guidance for future and unclogged the drain. I appreciate the job, so my score went up to three stars, although I am disappointed that I needed to write my review and give only 1 star.

Overview:I attempted to"push" Lilly in a previous appointment - she had been courteous, professional but held fast. As it had been Julio came on this window's side within 30 minutes. When a dispatcher doesn't overpromise it's great!
With a plumber, I have never had a better experience in my 35 years at the Berkeley Hills. They arrived within the two hour window, did the task as quoted and didn't push any upsells (as the others have done).
Customer Support:
Main sewer lateral (70 year old terra cotta) clogged with tree roots required EXTRA work performed by Julio. His manager? (Sal) came a FULL hour into the project - they consulted and provided (at no extra cost) to utilize the camera to VERIFY that every one of the roots were eliminated. I developed a new appreciation that amuses a drain is a project - Julio and Sal are specialists.
Work details:

I have updated the systems and as a result have engaged a number of the transactions. Rooter Hero was start to finish.
My home was built in 1946 with galvanized steel pipes, cast iron drains, inefficient furnaces, no rust, wooden shingle roofing, fuse boxes, etc....

$77.00 any drain, you cannot beat it. This was the price years back. Excellent work, no complaints.
Until it overflows to the living room, call them!
Bang bang bang, done!

They State it is Review on Telephone Wasted a lot of time

On top of it, they charge $500 to"fully" inspect leakage onsite
In truth technician wanted to bill me $77 for showing up

I requested a quote same day along with the came out. The flow was due to needed re-soldering and also solder. I was quoted about $500 from 3 other plumbers. These guys quoted me a whopping $1200. Stay away!

Thank you John for taking care of things though it was your home! Fantastic experience. Would certainly recommend.

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