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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Homeowners have depended because 1935 on Roto-Rooter for honest, professional information on all kinds of plumbing and drain cleaning services. Financing Available - Roto-Rooter has partnered with Synchrony Bank to provide financing options to create your pipes repair expenses as easy as well as as possible. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions section to discover answers.


Tech 1910 Kelly. I will call them
Very professional. He came to the front door booties on and that he was able to find the problem in minutes. His support was worth every penny.

I had to call 3 times before someone finally responded, sorry, yeah, you need to have a tech come back and attempt to unclog it. They moved the wrong way. Sunday, I waited all day and was led to believe someone would come out. No one did. My Labor Day weekend was spent on this provider. I talk about them moving forward will never recommend them. Worse customer support than Comcast.
Then I called roto rooter to perform they jetting and they stated they would send somebody. I waited all day and a person revealed. He was the camera man that stated this was never a endeavor and needs before hydrojetting to inspect the pipes, this pipes won't even match his camera and said he needed to leave for a crisis but a person would return.
D&B plumbing came out Tuesday morning and mended the clog.
I've not ever had a worse experience with any company in my life. My new kitchen sink drain was apparently clogged between my neighbors and my condo upon move in. I predicted roto rooter. They sent somebody that day to estimate me. They quoted my $400 to snake/unclog my drain. I said no method so they came back and walked and quoted $275. Wow. Nice. I said I'll look around because because nobody else was Labor Day weekend that was available that seemed shady but had to call back them. So they came back this was Thursday. They tried for two hours (one man seemed to be training another guy) to snake/clean my drain out. They couldn't get to the congestion and recommended I hydrojet the drain. I was told by them roto rooter doesn't do so but they do.

Only had a terrible experience with Roto-Rooter. We moved to our condo and the garbage disposal, which worked fine during the inspection, did not work when we tried to use it for the very first time yesterday. We called Roto-Rooter plus they told us someone would be at our location between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. today. The man showed up right at 1 p.m. and did not seem to understand what he was doing at all. After we told him that seemed pricey since you could buy a garbage disposal for that , he got an attitude and started asking us why we bothered to phone a repair firm. We also pointed out that it seemed odd that it could be clogged, because nobody was using the disposal in the last month and it worked fine a few weeks before, and he started yammering on about the way artificial garbage disposals"dry up" and may get"full of dry material," which makes zero sense at all. My boyfriend squandered waiting around for this man, who was rude and absolutely useless and put off running errands. Definitely will not be phoning Roto-Rooter ever and I do not think anyone else should either.
It had been super-easy and it is mind-blowing to believe we were likely to be billed almost $400 for something that simple.

This is my second time with Rooter Rooter the employees' who came out were really professional. The 1st worker job that is great.
The worker JUAN TECH#5155 was professional respectful person on the job and a man of character. He let me know about the 6 month guarantee and contacted a Mr. Nelson to come out to get a camera pattern of piping to inform me what to consider if they should anticipate anything long term or worst of many rainfalls to come if mud builds up again in my piping.

Whatever you do, avoid them.
The gave me a window that was 9-1pm I had to take off work. No one shows. When I called they said it had been canceled with no explanation. No offer to make up for their error.
Small business that is bush-league-ran, Complete rinky-dink.
So I was set by them for a new window and then phone a couple of times to let me know they haven't forgotten about me to call in the end of the day to attempt to reschedule. The whole day again, with no effort at making up the fact that they made a customer stay home.
I wish I had looked at Yelp before booking this"plumbing firm."

Gabriel and Josh came out quickly and on my program to rod my stairwell drain out. The explained what they do together with the price in advance and were considerate. They were very thorough going through the system correct it and to determine where the issue was.

When it was not fixed (after a few hours of trying) guessed to call" an expert" with more powerful tools. At the time he spent , although the man was fine. We understood the drain was still clogged, he ran his equipment and came back from out *. Not suggesting the flooring and pulling anything up needs to be torn up to enter the line. Charged $1000"as a deal." For 2hrs time spent shop. ($630/hr) no cost quote supplied at the outset or what the outcome was anticipated to be.
As roto-rooter, could have anticipated them to pole the drain, but was never suggested or tried, and finally that was the repair. Quite.
03/08 - got a call went over details back of what occurred, provided $400 refund (basically the cost of what we needed to spend to repair the issue that they did NOTHING to assist with) -- appreciate it, but I now own the tools that I would need to repair the issue if comes up again in the future so nevertheless wasted $600 for somebody to come, and do nothing except suggest we tear up the floor"insurance will cover it" *eye roll*...

After he abandoned ended up Going into a shop spent another $400 on a rodder, and spent the following hour and a 1/2 from getting back from shop, opening box and setup, pulled more gunk on a rodder and finally the (apparently ) closing congestion - drain was functioning fine because. The call was a waste of time and cash.
**Email sent to"reply" to this review 6:08de on 3/5**

Extremely disappointing encounter now. Had an problem with my water heater.
Called at noon. Thought I would go with a company to ensure I could get someone. My mistake. Said they'd be here 5-9pm. Called. No thank you. Never again.

I wish I would have read the reviews I contacted Roto-Rooter because of this $60 off service coupon to get a kitchen sink over my local plumber they had been advertisements. The clog was even fixed by them at 20 mins - therefore $570 to get 20 mins of work felt extremely overpriced. I called my local plumber after and they mentioned they would have billed $180 for the identical support. I'm livid. While the service was professional and satisfactory, it was expensive. I won't use them again Telephone your local/neighborhood plumber.

Never use these people. They're ripoff artists. It backed up , although they charged me $420 to rout my drain. When I phoned them again to come back out, they told me it had been that the mainline, not the floor drain (which is the one they routed). They tried to bill me $6000 to replace part of their mainline drain. I phoned a local plumber to get another opinion, and it was that my mainline did not need to be replaced - it was just some tree roots which needed to be drilled out. He charged me. He suggested I request Roto Rooter for my money back because they routed the drain that was incorrect. I phoned their offices and I got an insane woman who hung me up and kept screaming at me once I asked for my money back. I called back again and she wrapped. These people are totally unethical. Avoid at all costs.

The reason why I am giving one star that is Roto-Rooter is because their prices are too large. My bathroom sink was clogged and after attempting home remedies (baking soda, vinegar), I decided to bring in an expert. Because they are a company I called Saturday morning. I should have checked the reviews first. The service that I received from Jeff (Technician No. 4164) was excellent but the cost for this service was outrageous! They billed me $520. I gasped when Jeff quoted this cost. $520 seemed excessive to me and Jeff needed to use a wet vac to clear the pipes, although granted the clog was in a pipe in the walls. I opted to pay the cost since I'd been without my bathroom sink week but this is going to be the final time I use that organization. I've had the same problem previously and has been billed under $200 by a different company.

The next time round roto rooter showed up far to come and perform the fix. I have wasted two months on these idiots and I'll never ask another thing from them again.
Initially they sent he had been was attempted and late passing a $500 bill off . I say this because I discovered the part he wanted to charge me $100 for online for $25, thanks to the upcharge roto you guys sure know the way to be honest.
Don't waste your time because they really dont give a shit.
I have tried working with Roto-Rooter double today.

I had been ripped off by ROTO ROOTER guys, they had come to fix a leak, my spouse is older and suffers medical illness, the roto rooter technician # 3407 frightened my husband and extra great deal of additional work apart from repairing the leak ( MIND YOU THE OTHER THINGS he ADDED WERE NOT NEEDED--have confirmed along with other plumber) and gave a bill of $1800. He'd come to fix a leak. This can be a service.

An appointment was made by me around three days beforehand on line for 8am-12 noon. I took some time off . At 10:56 am they phone to day delay that is minor and they'll call me. At 3pm I've heard nothing and I call to find out they have no plumber. They state they are supporting although they have men out there, I tell them as they are beginning rehab in my 27, neeeeed a plumber. I ask as I have sat home all day waiting if they'll send anybody. They can't tell me. I can't reschedule. I go to internet and find an emergency plumber that arrives in 1 hour-does the work leaves and lickety split. 5pm I call Roto Rooter to cancel. Beware just you since you make an appointment does not indicate you are a priority!

First -Roto Rooter is out to squeeze every dollar out of you, fixing the problem is a distant second.

Yesterday I called them, they advised that the quote is absolutely free and came out. The guy was very professional considerate he coated his sneakers, protected all of my things. He gave me a price tag, I FAINTED!! , clarified the situation he and his manager worked . The drain to the line, cleaned all his mess, was quick and fairly priced. He explained everything even showed me what caused the problem.They even guarantee their work,

Horrible!I wish I could give this business stars that are negative. This afternoon my hot water heater went outside. I called them and was told that somebody would be out within 2 hours. 3 hours later no call no show. I called back and was told they were SERIOUSLY delayed and had no idea if or when they could come out. Really??? Why tell someone when you are that delayed you'll be out within two hours. The woman said she'd have someone call me and was rude, when I questioned them on it. That was more than an hour ago. . This seems to be a frequent issue, after studying Yelp reviews. Call another corporation.

Im feeling good about the interaction.
(We have sold our house and turn the keys to the new owners on Sunday and would feel badly leaving them using a slow drain therefore we're in a time crunch)
OK. That is weird. (and it should have been a red flag...)
They agree to the rate of 480, Regardless of my asking my husband to tell him to leave ASAP.
The customer support rep is lovely. She gets my advice for now, and tells me a text message will be provided by them 30 minutes prior to their arrival. The coupon is mentioned by me and she says she will make note of it.
For reference, in the event that you charged $480/hour, you would make nearly a million dollars a year...I suppose I should have been a plumber?
As previous experience has told me-- $520 (or maybe $480) for a hour of work to snake a drain is FAR outside or range from the norm.
I called on Tuesday afternoon after snake a slow emptying straightforward and finding a $60 off coupon on the internet to come outside.
And guess what, they were nice, honest, and able to give me a quote over the telephone.
WHAT. THE. WHAT?! $520? Whats more, is that they do not have the $60 coupon document and its no longer on their site.
My spouse is there to meet with the plumber, who informs him and looks at the bathtub that it will be $520 to snake the drain.
The plumber describes to my spouse that the BASE speed to snake a drain is $520 (but do not worry, there's absolutely no service call fee...) and cannot supply an hourly breakdown cost for your labour.
Before getting off the line, I request an estimate to snake the drain. She tells she"is not a certified plumber and cant provided me with a quote." I request a range, again, she saids"well I've got a cookie sheet to mention on pricing but Im not able to discuss it with you, but the support call is free and they will offer you the estimate on website."
I have no known as THREE plumbers in Chicago, with estimates that have been $250, $289"give or take a couple", and $300.
Run is offender. I'd used Roto-Rooter in the years back for a toilet that had to be snaked and found them convenient and reasonably priced.
You should be ashamed. I'll file a complaint.

I want to thank Elvir (3962) for coming out late night to fix our backed up sewer. Did a great and speedy job cleaned up well after ceremony. Thanks again for the great support.
Client satisfied.

I would if I could quit zero stars! DO NOT employ them. You will be sorry and $25,000 in debt. They let sewer water to go into both of my bathrooms and cellar And Pat when I asked roto rooter when they were going to help me along with my sewer water filled home, your representative stated"contact your insurance company".

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