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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Homeowners everywhere have depended on Roto-Rooter for honest, professional advice on all kinds of plumbing and drain cleaning services since 1935. Financing Available - Roto-Rooter has partnered with Synchrony Bank to provide financing options to make your plumbing repair expenses as easy and stress-free as possible. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions section to discover answers to our top plumbing questions.


I would recommend and utilize Roto Rooter service.
I called to make an appointment. 5/5 for scheduling and telephone service. For maintaining the appointment, 5/5. 5/5 for understanding and ability . Tech was very upfront about the possibility and cost of these unidentified parts of the problem ( luckily we had no openings ). The support provided was worth it because I had to do it but I did feel the price was on the high side. Tech's job was strong so I will mark this as.
I don't work in their industry but it's dreadful so I know I guess.

UPDATE: this review is read by Roto-Rooter and contacted us. Complete apology for a refund and the inconvenience. They wished to make sure we were happy with the outcomes and demonstrated an outstanding level of customer service. I'm updating the inspection. I've seen reviews for businesses which were low because the company did not require possession to address a issue and did not work to make the client happy. Kudos to Roto-Rooter for creating things!
This is a tough one. I would give them 5 stars for promptness and friendliness. Someone broke a water pip e and we discovered water. This firm was responsive and they mended the leak no issue. We found it a bit pricey but we were happy to get the leak repaired. Our irrigation system guy was no longer any water flowing into our irrigation method A week after. He had to redo the repair. According to this I wouldn't recommend.

I hate to give 1 star to them! This is more of a"ripoff report" compared to a rating. On a Saturday night that they showed up an quoted me north of $850.00 to clear a pipe. Beware!

"First they will come within an hourToday..."Theres nothing we could do for you tonight." And they aren't coming at all...
Mind you this is already 9 pm...
And this is support????? Unacceptable...

Eduart Bajraktari performed an superb job. He offered me great advice regarding future plumbing issues and was very knowledgable.

I called Roto rooter to get a slow emptying. We had tried snaking it ourselves from HD with the auger. It was evident the clog was further down than the 25 feet that we can get. They said they would call when they had been 45 minutes away. No one called, he just showed up. Until we went outside, however, he sat outside in our driveway, he did not come to the door. He explained it was $400 to wash the drain!!!! I informed him it was crazy. He said ok we could bargain.... Actually? It ended up being $200. This took him less than 15 minutes! He'd say there was something obstructing the drain. He left, it's still not fixed. The drain has an odor that's why I searched for a flow. Nothing was backing up in the house it was just a bad smell in the drain. $200 for 15 minutes! That is insane! I would not call them. My receipt says I received a $200 discount and it was $400. It is similar to switch con & the bait. I should have stuck with it and said no. It is not fixed properly. I feel like I was scammed. There are loads of plumbers out there. I suggest calling them.

Very dissatisfied customer would highly recommend other Firms in the City... All These People Today give you the run a round run Across run Across don't trust them

The rates are outrageous and the support is slow. $305
There are many lower costs plumbers to Pick

$58 in components... No digging, or demolition... Just disconnected a pipe that was leaking and stretched back into the main... Looks great, however.... Took 1 hr 15 min of work... Although I didn't watch to see how fast he was moving to ensure + or - 15 min... Either way labour was $391.00
Dr's do not even make that...
I Looked up Tampa Bay pipes prices - $75-$125... so $175ph is ridiculous!!!
Called Roto Rooter customer support that the charge was correct and the next day. $175 per hour charges
Never using them ...

Woke up to find water anywhere. It had been so bad that after the floor dried I would step on a tile and water would seep UP from causing fractures from tiles and the grouting. It seeped out into the living area. After a quick investigation I called Roto-Rooter plus they had a technician out ASAP. He had been thorough, courteous and prompt and fixed the problem within a jiffy. The price was fair to get a late night telephone and the service was fabulous. The technician also mentioned other causes behind the leak and services which could be rendered when the problem persisted. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone needing emergency plumbing work.

But when your kitchen can't be used by you what's one to do.
The I thought they did a good job.
Had a badly clogged kitchen sink, so I phoned Roto-rooter. If the plumber would be available to work in my problem, I was told by them and they were close. I agree with another reviewer and he was very comprehensive on what he do to solve the problem but found the price .

My tech was awesome. When they said he'd he showed up. Professionally dressed. He found the wash out cap had been pushed down to the sewer line plugging it up. Fantastic JOB Fred!!!! Thank you.

So our drain was clogged and it seemed that they got it unclogged but we had to call them . They charged $420 the first time and they charged us AGAIN for not unclogging the drain. This time they offered one price and it had been $200.00 more than the quotation. We had to pay an extra $660.00!

I called them on Sunday morning at 10:00am and they were at 12:50pm (approximately 20 minutes later than promised). Technician gave a free estimate was favorable and did the work as promised, for the fee quoted at the estimate. Did not try to add-on anything or modify the price once he started (though it turned out to be a stubborn clog and took him a lot more than intended ). Job cleaned up was completed and paid for by 2:15 pm. Would definitely use.

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