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Service 4 Plumbing

Thank you! Sevice 4 Pipes is here to serve all your RESIDENTIAL and properties. Previously Service One Plumbing, Inc., is still run and operated by precisely the same owner. SOME OF OUR SERVICES. Re piping older galvanized pipes with aluminum type"L" IN 1 DAY Video camera review for sewer lines. Water line replacements from meter to house.


Before Service4Plumbing I had been calling a plumber another month to have my own sewer lines started to drain correctly. Enduring the odor of raw sewage not knowing or knowing where it came from. The odor wasn't in the toilet where you'd expect it. It came in the living area. Not a fantastic place to amuse during those times. However, within 2 1/2 days, they could replace all of pipes that are damaged and also that dreadful odor was gone for good! My 70 year old house functions like a youngster! Thank guys.
His team and napoleon came in and repaired 50 years of awful plumbing and work.
6 plumbers were called. These plumbers gave quotes that were different with vague explanations. Napoleon was the last plumber called. His knowledge of my plumbing problems and demands was unbelievable. Following 5 years of headaches, I had been set free! Someone known!

At 1:30 I phoned and inquired where they were and they said they couldn't come until after 3.
Day wasted. Like I did, call somebody else, do not waste your time.
Avoid booking these men. They use a different name on craigslist. Booked an appointment together and they called in the afternoon to ask it to move .

The sewer line beneath the concrete slab floors of four flats corroded and dropped in places, a very item to replace. Napoleon was advocated.
I called pipes firms that utilized hydro jetting to compare. Napoleon's cost was many occasions anyone else. Hydro jetting wasn't the solution for this issue anyway, and wasn't suggested for residential since it might spray on sewer all over Kitchens and bathrooms.
He recommended hydro jetting. His quoted cost was less but still a huge expense.
So this cautionary tale is that going with Napoleon could cost you many times the price that is correct, cause harm, and not even take care of your problem.

I had been quoted $350.00 for EACH, and was even told I could as well just buy an entirely new bathroom (the bathroom was just a few years old,) and only days ago I had it repaired by another respectable plumber for $150. Even at that, it had been replacing a part in the back of the bathroom, but at a going rate, not a rip-off pace. He went out and purchased the part. Then Service 4 Plumbing guy with all the high quote told me the exact same thing about fixing the leaky faucet"not a washer problem, you want an entirely new vanity, $375.00." The identical OTHER plumber only days past fixed the flow by replacing the faucet itself (was old and corroded) for $150. He recommended where I buy this, and offered to pick this up. So for BOTH repairs, it cost just over $300.00, maybe not over twice that amount, as mentioned by Service 4 Plumbing.
I won't ever call Service 4 Plumbing again, and can only believe whomever gave them a higher score, had folks, more fair and honest, come to repair their problems.
Whomever it was came to signify this company deserve a big fat"0" celebrity, as it was evident early on that these two men knew little-to-nothing concerning the easy toilet-flushing fix and easy leaky toilet sink repair.

I would call them if you want to get scared into replacing your plumbing at $20K, That is what happened when I had them look at my plumbing. They said"What's from code" and when I asked them to tell me precisely what isn't, they could not answer. I known as a different plumbing firm who found and scrutinized 3 minor things not up to code and did the job for 1/10th the price.

This place had been called by me for an over the phone quote in which I was told they don't offer quotes over the telephone although it's just for running and hydrojetting a camera during my drain. I made an appointment for the next day.
Napoleon and his crew came out to give me an estimate. My drain started prior to knocking on my door. When we arrived outside he gave us an estimate. The second we told them we're still pricing other companies, Napoleon became extremely rude and stated to his team"on to the next website." We asked them to put back the covers on our drain and Napoleon refused. And just hopped back into his truck. Then we insisted that his employee to do it, all he did was dragged the cap back without screwing it on and then put back the cover on. How impolite?!
Even if this company end up being cheaper than the other firms I quoted (which was not the case!) , I would want to employ them due to the way that they treated the circumstance. As I consumer, prior to deciding which firm I want to go with, I'm entitled to price various companies out. You don't have to be rude when a person decide not to work with you in the time. But if you keep a good rapport, maybe later I would have hire you, who knows?! This is just customer services.

We are renovating our downstairs bath and installing a new hot water heater that is on-demand. Service 4 Plumbing was my 4th quote. Following the 3 stooges had given me their quotes and diminished my confidence in what had to be performed, how long it should take and what it'd cost, my expectations were low. The moment Napolean and I met it was apparent he knows his pipes. He pointed out the folly of installing a bathtub valve - can not get to it should anything go wrong. No-one else mentioned that. He noticed the waste flange for your toilet required to be substituted. Whoever else saw that. For mounting the new water heater inside versus outside, he made an argument - . Outside could have been a mistake. The cost for removing old pipes to adapt the renovation and re-positioning, getting and installing the HW heater including my discount of napolean was within $200 of the finest of another three plumbers. Napolean was chosen by us. He showed up on time together with his crew at 9:00. They functioned non-stop, talked English any time that I was in the area - (that has never occurred to me earlier. , explained everything, cleaned up everything out and completed the job by 2:00. Napolean even filled out the warranty for me, gave me a tutorial on how to troubleshoot the WH so it would be there if we need it and secured the guide to both sides of the WH. When we need a plumber, we will call Service 4 Plumbing. His rates aren't cheap but he's more efficient skillful, better and much more quality concentrated. He is a real company with a crew, not just a guy in a vehicle. He needs a stellar work ethic, trains them pays his folks a fair wage and utilizes top-grade, US made parts. All done and said, his quote was comparable and he did exactly what he said he would do in recording time. A great experience from start to finish.

Wow. I got ripped off to snake my kitchen sink. It should have been at max. This corporation will rip you off. Stay away, very far away! I learned my lesson the hard way.
The job took approximately 40 minutes. The 2 guys that came out probably figured I was dumb enough to get them do the work and shame on me, I was.

I feel both of these were shysters trying to tear me off. Since the company was being represented by them, I can only assume that their organization is dishonest also.
I called these men because my toilet was"singing" when I flushed it. I researched on the internet, and I'd convinced myself it was a air compressor. When the two men arrived (an hour early, during lunch), they examined the toilet and properly diagnosed the problem as coming from the valve feeding the toilet. They said replace the innards of their toilet as well, and the alternative was to replace the valve. I was floored when they said I might as well replace the toilet, and quoted me over $600. I leaned down and gave it a half a turn counterclockwise That solved the singing pipe, since they said it was the worth, and my problem was solved.
I asked them just how much do I owe them just. They said $89, I paid them and showed them the door.
I give these men the negative review. I won't ever do business and you will not do business with them , if you are smart.

I am grateful for Napoleon's help! Here is what happened. Because I had gotten an estimate from Ben Franklin to replace my water Heater, I was desperately calling plumbers just after 5 pm. It was going to cost $13K+. The plumber from Ben Franklin sounded educated and pleasant, and they provided funding also, and could do it the morning after, and that I had a huge escape, so in desperation I almost went for it -- but a friend convinced me I needed to find a different quote. I called lots of plumbers, but not one answered the phone -- except Napoleon, because it was after hours. He and I talked and he promised to visit my house the next morning at 8 to look it over. After he got there he gave me an even higher estimate to replace the pipes, but then he excitedly told me he'd located the escape and it might be repaired for $2200. His men and he did it.
Now, $2200 sounds even though it did take 4 men. I don't have any way of knowing if this was a fair price or not, but I do know it was a whole lot better than paying $13K for a complete water service pipe replacement, so as long as this repair holds, I'm extremely relieved and happy! (Napoleon also assured that if the fix didn't work, he would not charge me. In case the fix needs to break, I will report back on Yelp whether he matches his word. But I'm hoping that won't happen.) By the way, the Ben Franklin guy also told me that I should replace my sewer pump (just another $4K) and Napoleon states the sewer pump is good. I hope he is right.

Way too costly. I had a sewer lateral leak. Yes I signed up the quote for $880 but didn't realize that it would require half an hour to finish the work and two guys an hour. I'm ripped off. And because of that price you do get a dvd. The camera was $250. Today I need to find the camera work done again so that I will give it into the bidder for replacement. A competitor, Pelican Plumbing, does the work for $285. That is $600 less. Service 4 Plumbing has been advocated by Streamline Plumbing who does replacement. Not certain if I'll let them run on the work, however if they do, they'll have to come under the bid in $880.
And here is a further update - another firm, ACE Sewer Laterals came out and scoped it for no cost, and decided that the lateral had not been reconnected to the city (Napolean wrongly told me that he had scoped it apparent to the primary ). I contacted the City and they made the repair. I need the upper portion of my lateral replaced or repaired, however this was.
I stand by my critique, having read Napolean's answer. The price was exorbitant. He and his coworker found ways to stay occupied for an excess hour and half after being advised of my review. I made my views and that's what prompted the discount.

Absolutely a joke. Tried to contact them to cover what a fair price is. Was told 690. Senior discount. Sorry. Not gonna happen.
Were told that they bill by job. Not by hour or components. Nevertheless they have labor and parts .
Charged my 85 year old mother $880 to get a 30 minute occupation. Replaced P snare. Additional an adaptor. And replaced angle stop. I'd bet about $50 in components.
Two figures written on bill. I asked to have the numbers. $ 389 was components was told by was.

Napoleon managed to restore performance to our elderly and problematic sewer lines in our slab foundation house. They also substituted a clean outside and portion of a pipe from root damage. Lots of digging required. Fair. Thorough. Prompt. Excellent clean up. We really appreciated the"over and beyond" service.

Since the landlord, I feel completely ripped off and there is nothing I can do about it but write this review and warn people to not use them.
You know what happens when Service4Plumbing knows some thing is being fixed by them in a rental not compensated due to the tenants? They charge the renter knowing they don't care since the landlord will cover it.

The bathroom sink got lethargic and contacted Service 4 Plumbing. The issue may have been caused by a builder mixing plaster in the kitchen sink, however, the plumbing were old. Among those technicians ardently suggested checking under the house for a leak. After checking he then said that there was a leak. The pipes were replaced within a day, but the plumber said because another port was required in the garage that the work wasn't done. After paying 9900.00 could not afford another 2000.00. He then said that replacing the parts in the garage sink would only cost 1200.00. Because he just did not notice none of this was included in the bidding. A neighbor had recommended this business, and at the time I thought the job was good. The aging bathroom had issues, last month. The bathroom did need to be replaced. The price quoted was over 1,000.00. A friend recently told me that I got taken advantage of. Authentic - checking a different place or Home Depot out might have explained the cost of a bathroom that is decent. Finding a quote for installation will be available at Home Depot. Should I've waited much more? No way of knowing except I am not anxious to use this company again. Reading the reviews on Yelp or even utilizing Home Advisor would have been smarter.

1 final thing are fair and competitive. He describes in detail what the job involves and how the job prices are figured. He also explains what's currently happening and why during the job. We have learned a lot on the way!
We're Loyal customers!!
We have been utilizing Service 4 Plumbing for years. They have done jobs for us like replacing all of our plumbing. Napoleon (owner) is excellent and has a lot of integrity. He carefully checks all of his work and remains on site 95% of their time. He is most worried about doing each job right. If something is wrong, he'll do over it. Also, whenever we have had issues he corrects it and comes. He guarantees his workmanship 100%. We feel really blessed to have met Napoleon years back. We call only him and have a relationship with Service 4 Plumbing and Napoleon.
This afternoon our year old water heater finally gave out. We called Service 4 Plumbing immediately and made an appt. Napoleon saw our name on his record and arrived within half an hour! (He didn't leave any job reversed ahead. He was really finishing one job once we predicted ). I have to state when we began using Service 4 Plumbing they were very timely and he always calls if by chance he conducts.
Thanks Napoleon to our new water heater! Job from time we called took less than an hour!

The folks at Streamline advocated Service 4 to repair my offset sewer lateral. Excellent choice.
And hey, the kitchen sink eventually drains normally...
They were not the quote, but promised on the place it could be accomplished and completed before the day's end. When a river of unfamiliar filth is flowing down the yard, waiting"a few weeks" isn't worth $100. Within 15 minutes of my touch, there was a team digging at out the hole. They excavated a hole that was wider, deeper than anticipated, which directed them to detect that had screwed up the entire thing. The excavation discovered a jolt unconnected line from the home that had been flooding the subsurface because the botched replacement. Acute jumble, filthy, requiring all sorts of parts that are replaced, and wet. They just billed and held for their labour quote. The connections were made properly, and the entire thing was designed to deal with the anticipated ground motions in my steep clay-soil yard. They had everything in place .
After viewing the shoddy work done by the contractor, I was happy to find these guys do a systematic tracing of each drain coming to ensure we'd found everything where we believed it had been draining, and everything was draining. Professional, friendly, and cleaned up after themselves.

I could not have coordinated this. I am really thankful for his attempt both during and following. You will not go wrong with Napoleon.
After the pipes and sewer repairs were done at my home, Napoleon suggested that these very costly and extensive repairs would be covered by insurance - a possibility I hadn't thought of. I opted to open a claim. He, of course, wanted to find the property and discuss the technical aspects of the repairs, after I provided all receipts and documents into the insurance adjuster. Needless to say I'm not capable of speaking about plumbing problems. Napoleon explained everything and met with me and the adjuster. Napoleon coordinated calls and meetings with all the adjuster and contractors where necessary. Long story short, my claim was approved and I received a reimbursement of my costs.
I'd like to add information to my critique that might be helpful to others.

I had been having a problem with a backed up toilet and known as Service 4 Plumbing. And Abraham was that the technician sent to my house. I had work accomplished by Abraham so I knew the quality of his job was good. I was too high therefore that the toilet wobbled if you sat on it and wound up getting a brand new shiny flushing toilet which was put on correctly because my previous toilet was not cut . Must say it's nothing like having a toilet that flushes.

Wish I could give them 0 stars. My realtor set up a sewer lateral review for me to a home I to buy. Like I do, he obviously didn't test Yelp. The appointment was certainly for 10-11. The owner of the business shows up at 9am and then calls us. We rush to the house to be considerate despite his error. I think he just likes to perform testimonials when no one is there. We reach the house to find out that he has already crawled under the house and finished his review of the house. There's presently a tenant on the house who wasn't expecting somebody. Within two seconds after getting there he clarifies that we need to add a clean outside and he is ready to bid on the job. I explained to him I just need a review but I'd like a bidding for when I'm the owner. He says an inspection can't be done (Really he supposed he wanted to begin his own lunch early!) . Though I'm a woman I understand my construction, therefore I say what about pulling a toilet or going through a roof vent. Oh the roof that the vent is an option of a sudden. Let me see the footage and the initial bid for the project was to conduct the camera. Now to go on the roof that the bidding became 650. Mind you my roof vent is 10 feet upward and two feet off the edge of the roof. It costs 400$ more for insurance reasons. My property agent mentions when we scheduled the appointment, that should of been brought up. How absurd!!! If you don't enjoy your time don't call these men. I concur with yelps on this. They do what many plumbers do and push around waiting for the desperate person who will pay the prices that are insane and bidding many tasks. Some companies just don't know customer dedication comes through quality work. Job is followed by small jobs eventually. Burn your gasoline around bidding tasks driving. Waste an hour under my soon to be home that you get 0 bucks paid. Sounds like a good business plan. I'm on to the next plumber.

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