Cabinet Painting Services

If you want to enhance the overall look of your kitchen by getting your cabinets painted, get in touch with one of the painters found on Certified Contractors. You can find highly rated professionals in your neighborhood who will reach your home and give your cabinets a fresh new look.

Refurbishing your kitchen is a lengthy and tough task. Painting your cabinets yourself is a very complicated work task as it needs a lot of patience, experience, and skills to do it properly. However, getting assistance from our recommended professionals will make the task of painting cabinets a very simple task.

The providers we suggest also offer suggestions regarding color themes and can help you find the right color and the type of finish you need for your cabinets.

We only suggest trustworthy professionals who will give you the exact cost estimate before starting the task so that you know what you need to pay. Our recommended painting professionals are experienced and equipped with all the necessary tools to help make the cabinets of your kitchen or bathroom look fabulous in no time. 

Use the Help of Experienced Cabinet Painting Contractors

Your cabinets are an important part of your home and they are usually neglected. However, having them painted and finished can drastically change the entire look of your kitchen and your entire home. Giving a coat of bright paint to your cabinets is a simple way to make a big change.

In order to paint the cabinets, you need to follow the appropriate procedure. The first step includes cleaning and degreasing, which is followed by the removal of cabinets and drawers. The surfaces are then finished with sandpaper. Later, a wood filler is used, and a primer is applied. After this step, the main painting work begins.

In order to conduct this lengthy task all by yourself, you would need a lot of time. If you are not a professional, it will surely affect your daily life. Thus, it is always recommended to use the assistance of a skilled team to get it done on time.

The Difference Between Cabinet Painting and Staining

When thinking of getting your cabinets renovated, make sure you know your options and the difference between painting and staining. You can either get your cabinets painted or stained.

When you decide to get cabinets painted, you can have a wide range of choices for style and color. On the other hand, staining the cabinets focuses more on augmenting the overall appearance of your existing cabinets.

Although homeowners have become more open to bright colors for their bathroom and kitchen cabinets, white or ivory is still the top choice. Wood color is another favorite choice, while gray is opted by only a fraction of people.

The Cost of Cabinet Painting Services

There are numerous things that will decide the total cost of cabinet painting and staining services. It is dependent on the size and the number of cabinets in your home that need painting. Other factors include whether you need to get the cabinets painted or just stained to make them look clean.

Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom Today!

Certified Contractors is an online platform with the aim to make researching contractors simpler. We search for reliable, affordable and certified professionals all over the state and list them on our website in an organized, per city and state manner. When visiting our website, you can search for the right technicians who can come to your home and conduct the job perfectly.

Our suggested cabinet painting contractors will reach your home or office and take a look at the job at hand. They will gauge the amount and type of work to be done and offer you a fair estimate, without any hidden fee so you will just need to pay the price they have quoted and no other extra surcharges.

If the job at hand is an emergency, you can enjoy their efficient, quick services. Their main motive is to provide their best services in the shortest time possible.

So, why wait? Add a dash of color to your home cabinets and give them a fresh look. Visit Certified Contractors today and look at our top suggestions for cabinet service providers. We are sure you will have a stress-free experience.

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