Top Range Of External House Painting Options

Top Range Of External House Painting Options

Painting your house seems like too much of an effort? Not anymore!

Most people, thinking about house painting, imagine a huge, expensive and laborious task. But at Certified Contractors we choose a completely different approach and have made it our mission to provide professional and affordable house painting services.

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We understand that your home is your biggest investment and the most precious space. It should give you shelter and comfort for years. But also reflect your style, and look in such a way that makes you happy. If you think about it, proper maintenance is crucial for the conditions we live in and for the value of our properties. So maybe painting the exterior isn’t such an awful idea? It might actually be more important than you think.

Here are some benefits of exterior house painting!

For starters, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of painting your house. As you will see, it is not only aesthetics that improves, but also some functional qualities can change for the better.

Exterior house painting can bring a nice refreshing touch to your home. You can either stick to the colour it already has or tries something completely new. A fresh layer of house paint will brighten your home and neighbourhood, plus it comes with economic benefits by increasing the value of your property. This means that in the end, the investment will return itself in the house value.

Apart from money and aesthetics, new house paint will increase protection against the outside weather conditions, like rain, snow, high and low temperatures or winds. It can work as a shield by not letting in any moist or cool air, sealing up any small holes in the woodwork or between the bricks and even block out insects. It is especially important for houses with wooden exterior surfaces. Painting and weatherproofing is absolutely critical and should be performed every few years depending on the age of the house and exposition to weather conditions.

Exterior house painting is actually one of the cheapest house renovations you can make. So if you feel the need to change something about your home, or especially if you are interested in putting your house on the market, and need an affordable way to make it look more appealing or even increase its resale value, choosing new house paint is where you can start.

What exactly do we offer with our house painting services?

mural paintingHowever, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding to paint your house. This is where Certified Contractors’s experts come in with knowledge and experience. Here at Certified Contractors, we offer quality service of exterior house painting at an affordable price and with a guarantee that the job is done right for many years to come. Our house painting experts offer a full package: the right choice of paint, preparing your house and finally applying the colour by our skilled professionals. We provide house painting services for all types of houses and sidings. And should you have any special requests, we will do our best to accommodate your most unconventional needs, like mural painting with an image or pattern of your choice for example.

Over the years of being in the business, we have proven to be quick and reliable, so that our clients feel as little inconvenience connected to the renovation process as possible. Our professionals will not leave you with a big mess, and you can be sure they will be respectful of you and your family choose to stay in the house for the time of painting. We understand that house renovations might be stressful, but there really is nothing to worry about when your home is in the hands of dedicated specialists. Remember, however, that paint needs time to dry which often depends on the weather conditions. Temperature and air humidity can prolong the process. That's why exterior house painting is preferably done in the Spring or Summer when the paint will dry more quickly.

The Process

When you call our professional consultants, we will come to your home and consult what you want, assess the work that needs to be done, advise you on your options, what kind of paint will suit your property, colours, textures and provide a comprehensive and affordable quote accordingly. Next, our team will come to strip the previous paint off the house to ensure the new coat of paint adheres to the surface. Then we will layer on a base coat of weatherproofing paint, which seals the surfaces around your house, provides protection against the elements and ensures the topcoat will be even. Finally, we will come to paint the top coat colour in either one or two layers (depending on your preference). The painting process itself is fairly quick, but as mentioned before, keep in mind that each layer of paint will take 1-2 days to dry completely, depending on the weather. So if you choose two topcoat layers, be prepared for the process to take up to a week to complete. 

If you are thinking about painting the exterior of your house, contact us and consult all the details. Even if you are not decided yet, experts at Certified Contractors will be glad to answer any questions you might have, including a service painting quote. The consultation is free of charge and it doesn’t come with any kind of obligation.

And if you have already made up your mind, we recommend combining exterior house painting with our roof cleaning services. This way the new siding colour of your choice will match the roof to make your entire house look beautiful and new. You can find dedicated roof cleaning professionals here as well.

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