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Chuck & his group of accredited Chicago Plumbing & Sewer experts have been fixing, installing, and replacing all types of sewer and plumbing fixtures in Chicago, IL. We've worked to Gold Coast Condos in bungalows. 2-16 Flats, storefronts and hip restaurants - you name your own residential or industrial building type - we can solve your plumbing or sewer issue: water heaters, plumbing, drain clogs, toilet repair, sewer rodding fix and much more. We are fully insured & licensed offering Good Honest Upfront Estimates for all work. No trip charge during regular business hours for scheduled quotes. When you select Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc., you get the most trusted plumbing repair agency in Chicago IL. You want to discuss flood prevention options or whether you need sewer repair, we've got the right solutions. Our customers have relied upon us for garbage disposal repair drain cleaning services, sewer cleaning and repair, and much more. Life is to short to wait around for plumber daily. We've got plumbers in your neighborhood or another one over. Ready to find and offer a Free Estimate / Repair Your Pipes / Sewer Issue. Toilet overflowing, pipe, leak from the ceiling no matter your emergency plumbing problem in Chicago is.


I had an experience working with Apex. After calling a number of other companies and really having consultations with others, they had been the first to confidently take the task of installing laundry at the 3rd floor of our apartment building.
Chuck and Chaz were equally easy to talk to, informative and professional, as was the rest of the group. The job took two weeks and the guys never seemed to stop. EI plan on visiting them for most of the plumbing that is upcoming work I would like. I feel they're reliable and upfront.

My husband am on a Saturday morning.
We wouldn't advise that you give company to them either, and choose not to work with Apex.
Apex ran and did give us a call to admit say and their tardiness they'd be at our house at 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the company showed up at their scheduled time, looked around, gave us a quote and was proceeding to depart, when my husband and that I visit the Apex van pull away from our residence. My husband promptly calls them and they say"we are not getting into a bidding war. We are a professional business and do not do that."
I completely understand that they didn't need to enter a"bidding war," but they might have called my husband, asked to reschedule (especially considering they had been so tardy!) , as well as waited outside more than two seconds to see that the second company left.
We were given the opportunity to utilize their services.
It seems odd that they made an error coming so late, but accused us and refused to emerge back in. The point of having quotes is that you do that from more than 1 company so you can find the best fit (and price!) for yourself.

My pump stopped working. I called on Sunday afternoon and'd Chuck at my house. It was an easy fix, but I loved politeness and his promptness. Will call again.

I had an ejector pump. Had one decided to find a second and quotation. Apex was marginally higher (roughly $200) however Chas and Colton assessed out the pumps, confirmed their age (they were working but WAY older than what the normal"life" is) and may replace them today, and so I went to it. Along the way, Chas answered questions regarding some work that was potential to be carried out in the future. Professional pressure, prompt. Sterile and cleaned up then. Recommended by a neighbor who had any work that required several trips back so as to obtain the problem's source. Sometimes cheapest is not best and Apex was satisfactory in my own book.

Had a sewage backup on a Friday afternoon. Chuck had his team on site within thirty minutes and had the problem resolved in one hour. Came back during the work to extent that the sewer line and discovered that a break. That week repairs were done.
I couldn't ask for much better or more professional support. Great guys and I will work with them for sure.

I didn't know we had one until it caved in. Chas gave me a quote and came out for connecting my house or rebuilding the dirt basin. Chas and chuck were able to give me advantages and drawbacks .
The only pet peeve I have is the cement isn't smooth like the parts of the basement floor. But they didn't tell me that they aren't a cement firm so I guess that makes sense ‍
Apex kept in contact with me and was really helpful.
So I would not need to keep up the grease basin I decided to connect my house.
They were even able to add a pipe connection for my washing machine to drain !
The whole procedure took two weeks! They dug up my cellar to connect to the main sewer.

To make sure he suggested we can do a camera investigation. It did not feel to ensure peace of mind. Thank you Apex!
Chas called ahead, showed up early, and with his spouse he took a look at our catch bowl scenario that was empty that was strange. He listened with no dismissive and after some analysis, reassured us our plumbing was likely alright. The catch basin had been thrown at some point from the building's sink drainage, and as new home owners we weren't conscious.

Get estimates from 3 other technicians prior to going using apex! Apex was the firm that returned my phone and lent me $495. I waited a little and decided to alter the job slightly (making it simpler ) and sent them a movie showing the situation and exactly what I wanted done. The price climbed to $595 for some reason. I am getting bombarded with yelp from the rest of the plumbers. Ended up taking the $150 from a business with ideal 5 star reviews. So 25 percent of the price Apex desired. It is your money.

We had our catch basin cleaned and pumped, and also the key into the sewer and into the house rodded. They were able to find the blockage away, and were extremely quick and professional. I saw A LOT of build-up pouring into the catch basin, I will spare the description of exactly what it looked like. They men said that it hadn't been cleaned for more than 10 years. Cleaning that is recommended is 2-4 years to avoid situations such as mine. Every couple of years we will definitely be pumping it.
They predicted 20 minutes before showing up as promised. Chas there for about 30 minutes made his evaluation, and showed on time. He gave us a quote based on what he had been very sure was the problem, and then told us a worst case scenario quote if he was wrong. I always prefer getting a range for estimates.
Chas and his team were awesome! Thank you so much for saving us.
For maintenance, Chas urged filling the kitchen sink into the top with water along with a dish soap to use.
Which I called Apex to schedule a free estimate, our laundry utility tub was backing up into a neighboring spout. They were able to come next or same day, but I had been fine a couple days, waiting until we can program around.

I did, however, decide to have both of the shutoff valves fixed under our faucet -- yet another $200 for the second one. That's where I should have woken up. Why swap out a valve? But I figured they are the professionals, so it must be work. I asked him to re-install the faucet we would just put in since the non-professional who had completed it had wrongly included would include $100 to the job. We are up to $700.
Time: one hour. Let's state the hourly fee is $150/hour. This could take into account fuel costs and shipment fees. Let's say even $ like insurance. So the actual COST of accomplishing this job is $240. Now let's add some buffer -- because this really is flat rate pricing. What if it required to the plumber? Well, they would be a plumber if it took that long, but fine. So another $150 brings it up to $390.
"Notes to self" / Here is what I learned from my experience with Apex: 1) ALWAYS Read the Yelp reviews before booking any service ; 2) Do not reserve yourself super early in the morning, since you'll be too tired to back out whenever they give you an unreasonably high quote for the work; 3) Flat rate costs for plumbing are BULLSHIT unless you've got a plumber who's capable of coming up with honest flat prices.
In my heart, I knew it was a great deal but I was tired and didn't have the capability reschedule the job, look up other pipes, and to send him away. I truly wish I had done so.
Regarding #2: When Ben asked and asked to come 2 hours sooner than scheduled, I should have said , I'm asleep go away. But instead I let him show up when I had had no java. We had a leaking shutoff valve under our kitchen sink. I knew they would have to shut off the water to repair it. So when Ben said that could cost $200 I was like, Ok. He said it'd be $200 to change out the valve. Again, Ok. He suggested I might want to change the valves the valves would be the same age and while I am at it because of the expense of the water shutoff. In fact, a lot of Condo buildings may have them change all the valves. Our small fix-it job would turn . I said .
But the cost was outrageous. He was done at a little.
I told him if they didn't at least attempt to make it appropriate by minding a few of what I paid I was planning to give the company a bad review on Yelp. His response? Again, complaining,"I feel like this is extortion." What? So me for it company practices, calling out your company is extortion? No. It is called the MARKET. You have to compete with those who are going to charge a fair price. Consumers now have services such as Angie's List and Yelp so they could determine which companies are SHYSTERS and which ones provide a fantastic service for a fair price.
Materials: 2 water shut off valves. As close as I can tell, these are at most $20 each at Home Depot.
This is 79 percent more than actual cost of performing the job. ($390 x 79.4871% = $310) So $390 + $310 = $700.
Now here's the humorous part. Later, after he left and I had had coffee, I was like"What just happened?" I mean that is a great deal of profit for a single hour of work. Or even two hours of work. So I wrote to whine that the flat rate pricing was wrong. I got a call from Ben. When we talked, he was basically whining at me like"what do you mean? I gave a cost to you and it was consented to by you. You're saying you do not like it. What was wrong with the work?" I had to repeat to him three times there was nothing wrong with the work, it had been the pricing that bothered me.
Which brings me back to #1. Always. Read. The. Reviews.

We used Apex's emergency line to get out a plumber to get a basement toilet that started running immediately and leaked out the back. 2 plumbers attempted to diagnose the matter and came out that afternoon. They removed the toilet and they arrived at the conclusion that the pipe was clogged and that the toilet had an illegal boot at the base leading to the local pipe and needed to be rodded. They also advised me the toilet was irreparable. They informed me that they could ensure it is only two feet before they hit what they believed to be dirt and could not go futher and got their rodding machine. They hinted the pipe may not be connected to the sewer. At this pointI cut my losses using Apex however they charged me $900 for basically removing and moving a toilet (and giving me a lot of wrong tests. .
I hired a sewage specialist I reliable from past work to get a movie extent (William Sommerville at Sewer Viewer). He struck the blockage but stated he can make it 14 feet into the pipe by hand (strike 1, Apex). It was tree roots using a blockage in front of toilet waste that is normal, not grime as Apex guessed. He received his rodding machine which looked far more powerful than the one Apex attracted and got through the waste blockage but was worried the pole would get stuck in the roots. He advised on a herbicide since the local pipe was too narrow to get a root pole and that has seemed to clear the blockage. Thus, Apex's pole machine was underpowered for the job and only made it two feet, but they charged me about half of their usually rodding fee (strike two ).
I had. Apex stated it had an boot that is illegal and couldn't be mended, although mind you, this is a three year old Kohler toilet, not off brand. The plumber at Baethke laughed off the boot assessment. It was the piece that came with the toilet, it was nice (strike 3, Apex). He also said the toilet was in great shape. It was the ring at the base of the pipe that was corroded and installed. He also fixed the ring along with the pipe link and the toilet works no problem now (strike 4, Apex did such a poor job that I can not even use a baseball analogy?) . Perhaps only a crew that is poor rather than Apex as a whole, but why charge $900 to get a lot of guesses without any fixes? I will not be utilizing Apex and will stick with the expensive but quality John Baethke plumbing.

I called Apex to ask them to reduce the purchase price. They said they'd knock on the purchase price down . I said I did some and a overflow and waste replacement seems to be more like $350. He said no way, that's way too low. So I explained how? He explained $2700 was as low as he would go and educated me that I was put by them ahead of the queue when they had plenty of jobs. So after fussing about it and obtaining the cost decreased, I was not able to acquire a cost I would consider reasonable. $2700 for three hours is a lot.
I don't have any issue with the quality of the work that was done and the plumbers were friendly. I feel I was really ripped off with the cost.
I had been quoted $3400 to substitute a tub drain pipe. The plumber indicated it was likely to be a major deal and involve working and cutting through the downstairs neighbor's ceiling. The job ended up taking 3 hours and didn't wind up requiring cutting through the ceiling. Since it had been so much less work than was expected, I inquired if the cost was likely to be . The plumber said the quote was that's exactly what I owe him and so for $3400. So these guys appear to think it is reasonable to charge over a thousand bucks an hour.

My hot water heater went out on a Friday night. I called and Ben returned my telephone call . He gave a quotation to me and also came out faster than he had stated. Ben appeared trustworthy and is a person. The quote he gave seemed high but I made a decision to move. It was not which I understood I had been overcharged. To the tune of $500 - $1000. Further, I was emitting carbon dioxide right alongside my kid's bedroom and discovered that the exhaust valve was not sealed. If you're even thinking about using Apex, then I recommend you call around and get other estimates as they will gouge you if they see their opportunity. What's more, their work's standard is suspicious as well so I would use any other plumber!

There was water coming from the ground underneath my dishwasher! I called Apex and they showed up over 30 minutes and they managed to stop the water instantly!! They were able to fix my problem & the plumber, I think his name was Ben were booties & cleaned up nicely (he sure was a handsome fella)!! If I needed a plumber, I would call them again! Thanks Apex!!

Ben from Apex Plumbing was beneficial and provided expert attention. He expertly repaired my attempt at fixing the plumbing underneath my slow draining bathtub along with my kitchen sink. I've utilized Apex through the years and have always been satisfied with support and their pricing! You can trust them as they consistently provide you with the information with numerous options - leaving the decision.

Just wonderful! I had a significant plumbing emergency at one of my managed properties on a Saturday night. I called Chuck and clarified the situation. He managed to have it addressed within 2 hours of reaction out! Unbelievable response period. I was beyond impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of what was required. Chuck saved and that I couldn't be more pleased with my experience.

I've called another plumber for a quote to correct and for that which you quoted $550 for a replacement slice about $750 and the water heater to install a sink, he did for $400.
Apex way overcharged me for a project - $350 for a ten minutes job to replace a little bit of a pipe at the sink. They also told me my water heater was old than it is and attempted to tell me it'd die anyday 4 years and needed to be replaced which of course they stated was 1700. I knew they were lying and did not replace it, but I felt not satisfied with the service and the mindset that and cheated the guy gave me. Will begin calling somebody else moving ahead.
In reaction to this APEX remark - I really do feel the job that has been done, although very pricey, was done well. But I also think that as a company by pasting at a inspection report to answer is improper. That document was delivered to your office for inspection by a plumber only and could be considered a document that was private. And to compound on that, an inspectors job is to make everything sound worse that a purchaser could get from a vendor, and Evaluate issues, so everything from the report ought to be taken with a grain of salt.

Called at 8a, they had been on site at 10:30a. Very responsive, strong recs on extent of repair. Ben was thoughtful, meticulous, efficient and incredibly tidy. I would hire BEN at a minute! He is a plumber. Apex is not the least expensive, rather more but worth it. I had been to my brother -- a plumber at a different county -- delivered pics on the phone -- he confirmed work and pricing inspection.

We had two Sunday emergency plumbing issues within our rental units. In the instances Ben did a quick job and clearly explained the answers and the issues. Since then, we have continued to utilize Apex for all of our plumbing needs and plan to keep on using them in the future.

Really Apex ? You've got some guts. We found someone to do it. Yes a plumber.

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