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Brio Locksmith

5 stars rating
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Brio Locksmith


I thought I was gont shed my appointment. The guys was considerate and very efficient. It was reasonably priced along with the price of took him approximately 3 minutes to open my door.
Very very good choice in the region. I had been concert About my house I fount this enterprise.
I definitely recommend this place and as many times I'll use them service of course
I appreciate they accommodate my rush request I had. They're understanding and friendly. Even tho I had been on panic stack.
Thank you guys!!!
Is handy. Rates are true and service is extremely fast.

This place is amazing! For some reason, I am prone to locking myself. Brio was there to save the day personally, when I wasn't able to get anyone else out to help me! Their 24/7 support is definitely a life saver. Their job is efficient, and they know what they're doing.
They offer a diverse choice of services, therefore for any of your needs- that I would highly recommend giving them a call. Things happen haha, although I don't intend on locking out myself again in the future. And when I find myself in a situation like that again, I will certainly be giving them a call.

I was so scared to call a locksmith after decades of hearing horror stories. After finally finding myself locked out with no spare time and trying to pick the lock myself... I finally called Brio. He came in 20 mins, was considerate and friendly, had every instrument possible (we had many - apparently I've a industrial design lock my bedroom), and obtained my door open without damaging my lock or doorframe or something. Was quoted $75-$95 on the telephone and charged $95 for the service. Incredibly reasonable for almost any Housecall service, particularly at night, in a significant city, particularly in LA, for the number of tools he had to use, etc etc.. Thank you so much!! Would recommend.

I recently locked myself out of my vehicle and I had no idea where I had placed my spare key. They were very helpful, fine After I predicted, and they were fast to rescue me. I was not in a hurry but when I was they came to me. The reason I would suggest them is due to professional and honest there are. I felt super respectful and comfy with the procedure on helping me. I am the best in procrastinating because as we all know, finding someone great for anything is hard. I have keys for my gateways that are significant now. Thank you . Because I was treated with respect I would suggest this place and I didnt feel like they tried to tear me off. Where I could tell they aren't being fair and it stinks so the fact that I felt like they wanted to assist me, I've been to so many places, my guard went down.

I am very grateful to them and quick and how professional they were. Surely will use this company again in the future. . .but I trust I won't ever get locked out.
I'll forever be greatful. It's the worst feeling ever when you are running somewhere and realize you have locked your keys in the vehicle. I don't use the buttons on the key fob to lock my car when I drive my car. I'll use the buttons around the side door , to lock in the throw my keys. Not thinking, rather than putting my keys I actually put them down locked the door, got out and shut the door. Just after I had done that I realized my keys were still in the vehicle! I called the locksmith and they could get to me to receive out my keys. It looked so easy and only took a few minutes!

This review is really for when I was in L.A a month. Mind you I drove all the way down in the Bay Area. I was exhausted, sleep deprived using brain function of only 20 percent left. So I spent the next 30 minutes calling and approving every locksmith in the region and picked up. Maybe since it was Friday evening? Well anyways Bro Locksmith and saved! In facts, my excursion. The worker that came to help me was wonderful! My whole experience was a breeze.

You know how sometimes you are just not thinking? Well, I was just NOT believing and walked outside my apartment (in LA) to throw away the trash. My apartment is gated within this atrium that was tiny, and that means you need two keys: one to get into one and the complex to enter your apartment. Since my trash bin is outside the complicated, I walked from my apartment and from my complicated, and because I'd need it to return in, I had totally forgotten to grab my crucial. There's no apartment manager onsite (plus the apartment is my brother's, so I couldn't just call them up as I owned the area ), and it was during corporate working hours no one was home to hear my yells. I freaked out! Luckily I had my phone on me, so I appeared locksmiths and Brio came to my rescue (my roommates were in work).
They were pretty fast and their quote was reasonable. I won't forget my keys again. And when I do, Brio has my spine!

Exceptional support. Quite thorough. My home keys threw down the elevator hole and got locked out of my residence. I called brio locksmith and got a brand new lock and keys. Prices are cheap and reasonable depending upon your situation. I waited about 15 minutes until he got to assist me. Very reliable and friendly. I wouldnt use the solutions of anyone else. I strongly recommend.

I had a experience with Brio locksmith this past weekend. Yet I chose not to call my landlord to have him come up my door and locked myself. He's done this for me a few times since I moved in and the last time he informed me when I locked myself out of my apartment in the middle of the night I had been in my own and he wouldn't have the ability to assist me without charging a fee. I weighed my options and I figured I might as well just pay a locksmith cuz itd be better than having to hear my landlord whine. I called Brio told you my situation and they gave me a quote that Would be verified when the locksmith. There to evaluate the circumstance. He gave me a quote and the locksmith was there what seems like less than 30 minutes and it appeared lower than I had been expecting. Locksmith was nice accommodating and fast. It just took a few minutes and he had my door in no time. To them coming to my rescue on this short notice I am very appreciative. Great job Brio! I am definitely calling you next time!

This place is fairly efficient and useful. Service is priced fairly fair. Definitely not too pricey or anything mad. Place responded immediately when I needed them. Someone was able to came out about 10 to 15 minutes so the wait was not long. I live about two or three miles from the place for reference. I'd highly recommend them if you are located close by. Service was quick and was favorable. Overall a good experience to get a situation that was great in general.

Brio from 24-7 is great locksmith. He knows if you're panicked about your home security, or if you're locked outside.
He was totally fair. Great guy too, actual people skills. Highly recommended
Brio is responsive and helpful. My issues went beyond a simple lock, and that he was ready and willing to help diagnose and solve the issue.

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