Reliable Commercial Locksmiths

Reliable Commercial Locksmiths

From rekeying to lockouts to security assessments, professional office locksmiths can do it all. For all your business security system needs, call us now.

Do you need a new alarm system for your office? Has it been a while since you upgraded your locks? If you're looking for experienced, reliable commercial locksmith services, look no further. Certified Contractors will connect you with professional locksmiths with years of experience and a reputation you can count on. We will find you the best in the business for all your office security needs. 

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Office Key Copies

When you hire a professional locksmith, you will receive professional locksmith services! This includes a locksmith that can duplicate keys for you on the spot; they even carry a supply of common manufacturer keys so they can usually give you a key that's identical to your original. A simple key copy can be completed in just minutes. More complicated key duplications without original keys may take a little more time but are still made possible using innovative technology and years of key-cutting experience.

Rekeying Office Locks

If you work in an office with frequent employee turnover, it's crucial to have a locksmith you can trust to perform regular rekeys or reprogramming of keyless locks to maintain a controlled number of people with access to your office building.

Commercial Lockout Solutions

When you're locked out of your office, you need reliable professionals who can respond quickly and work efficiently so that you can get back to the things that matter most. Certified Contractors will connect you with locksmiths who value your time and important engagements and work to provide the shortest response times possible.

High Tech Office Security

An experienced office locksmith is well-informed about all the latest innovations on the security market and can make recommendations on systems that may be right for you. They can review features of alarm systems, surveillance cameras, motion sensor lighting, high tech locking mechanisms, and smartphone synchronization and install a customized system that is right for you.

Keyless Entry Installations

Many business security systems are made most efficient through the installation of keyless entry locks. These are operated using key cards, codes, or fingerprint scanners that allow for individualized entry methods and tracking on persons that have entered the building. One benefit of this system is that cards can be activated or deactivated remotely and locks changed through programming rather than manual lock changes.

Master Key Office Security

Master key systems are useful for restricting access to areas to only certain employees, but also for giving managers and supervisors fast access to the whole system.

Emergency Response

When you experience a break-in, need a fast lock repair or require lock picking services, our professionals are ready to help. We work around the clock, every day of the week so that you never have to go without security assistance.

Security Assessments

If you want to be sure that your commercial security system provides the best, most thorough coverage, we recommend starting with a security check. An expert locksmith can come to your location at any time that is convenient for you and perform a thorough inspection of your facility. He will check all the lock functions, fix faulty locks, test your windows' integrity and make recommendations for comprehensive and affordable business security system upgrades.

They can recommend alarm systems, keyless entry programs, and other customizable options. They may even suggest some security additions that you hadn't thought of before like file cabinet locks, mailbox locks, or additional panic bars for emergencies.

All offices function differently and their security needs are unique. We will connect you to professionals who can help you build a plan that is most effective for your structure and location.

Besides improving your security, professional security assessments offer two additional benefits for your business. The first is improving the secrecy of your private company documents and products. As you know, making sure you get your products manufactured, produced and marketed first and foremost, before your competition, is essential to most good business practices. We believe that good, solid security is just as essential to preventing corporate espionage as a sophisticated firewall. 

The second benefit is to lower your insurance premiums. Even simply ordering a security assessment will improve your insurance rating, but implementing the recommended upgrades, even if they are as simple as replacing the fuse on your security system's power box, can significantly lower your ongoing insurance costs on a monthly basis.

The Certified Contractors Guarantee

At Certified Contractors, we are proud to offer you nationwide services, with professionals located from coast to coast in towns near you. We are known for our fast response times and committed to saving you both time and money with our amazingly low prices. We work with trained and licensed locksmiths who provide quality work and have years of experience in providing innovative security solutions. You can trust us to bring you the service providers you can count on for all your locksmith needs.

If you want to schedule a security assessment or upgrade your commercial security systems, contact Certified Contractors today for reliable and trustworthy locksmith services near you!

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