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A car is one of our most cherished investments, and no one can afford to risk its security. Different measures can be taken to keep it safe, but if done by unprofessional locksmiths can lead to futile results. With our nationwide locksmiths, we have the best breed of auto locksmiths that will assist you in beefing up your auto security. Some of our car security services include:

  • Car alarm installation.
  • Car alarm maintenance.
  • Car tracking installation.
  • Car tracking services.
  • Car key replacement.

We enjoy a nationwide coverage with every metropolitan having several of our team members to help out in case of an emergency. All our personnel are trained on proper delivery of these car security services and will leave your premise after you are satisfied.

Our Services Include

Professional Alarm Installation Services

A car alarm is one of the simplest auto security systems in your automotive, but it is the most useful in curbing carjacking cases. We have specialist locksmiths in handling the installation and maintenance of car alarms. Though we don’t sell alarm systems, we have collaborated with many reputable dealers to ensure clients get the highest quality alarms. Proper programming is vital for the perfect functioning of the alarm system installed. We have hired the best programmers around and invested on top of the tired machinery to ensure accurate programming of your alarm system. If you have not installed an alarm system, or your alarm system is not functioning appropriately, just give us a call and we will be happy to serve you.

Repair of Car Alarms

Just like other mechanical gadgets, car alarms are prone to damage and require constant repair and maintenance services. Car alarm problems can arise from:

  • Poor installation- A lot of wiring and mechanical skills are required in the installation of an alarm system. If these steps are conducted by an unprofessional, the alarm system is prone to malfunction soon after installation. However, with our nationwide locksmiths, such experiences are notwithstanding, thanks to our highly qualified alarm installers around.
  • Poor programming- Poorly programmed alarm systems can be of nuisance to the neighborhood, due to its uncontrollable functioning. At locksmiths, we are experts at rectifying the flaw and reprogramming it to ascertain effective functioning. To curb the nuisance from a failing alarm, you are advised to switch off the whole system and reach out to your locksmith.

These are some of the flaws that lead to a failing alarm system, and if not addressed with urgency, can put your car at the risk of carjackers.

Car Tracking System Installation

People install GPS devices for diverse reasons. To many, a GPS tracking device helps in tracking their fleet of cars, but can also help as an antitheft device. It is one of the most effective tactics to ascertain your car security. It, however, need professional installation to avoid easy manipulation by carjackers. With our nationwide locksmiths, we are known for our perfect car tracking installation services. We have partnered with the best car tracker dealers globally to ensure clients get high-quality GPS devices and with the help of our personnel, people can get real-time tracking of their vehicles.

Car Tracking Services

After the installation of a car tracker, clients need a tracking agency that offers real-time access to their lost cars. With our nationwide locksmiths, we collaborate with high tech global positioning systems (GPS) for real-time identification of your vehicle. Clients can breathe fine, as we not only provide the location but also coordinate with authorities to get your car back. If for instance, you operate a car business like car hire services or cabs, we also help you in identifying how your car is operating. The GPS tracker sends signals on the speed, movement, direction, and location of your car. We have an integrated mobile application, to help you track your car`s functioning at the comfort of your homes or offices.

Why Choose Our Services

  • 24 hour locksmith services- Unlike in the past when people queued at a locksmith’s workshop for automotive security services, nowadays that is not the trend. With our nationwide locksmiths, we have a team of automotive locksmiths in almost all metropolitans. Once you call for a service, we will dispatch one of them to your location in less than 30 minutes and get your locksmith need sorting. However, for sophisticated operations like car trackers installation, we advise our clients to reach out some few hours before or better still visit our offices for a good scheduling of the process.
  • Certified locksmiths- We hire the best breed of automotive locksmiths around. We then take them through a personalized training to ensure their working ethics match those of authorized locksmith workers. Since the technology changes every other day, we ensure all our automotive security experts are taken through an annual refresher workshop, to help sharpen their skills.
  • Affordability- Our prices are reasonable and pocket-friendly. If for instance, we need to outsource a given gadget, like alarm or GPS, we negotiate exciting deals with suppliers in line with the client`s budget. We also offer free consultation services and quotations to all our clients. To increase your trust on our personnel, we ensure all have certified receipts.

For those and many more automotive security services, reach out to us anytime to get your auto security needs met.

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