Panic Door And Push Bar Services

To most people, an office is a second home, since they spend an oftentimes the disturbing amount of time there. More than they do in any other location, except for their home. Office safety is, therefore, paramount. With so many expensive office equipments, supplies, gear, and consumables in there, not to mention the confidential files and papers, hard disk drives, servers, and, most importantly, employees who need full protection, it might feel like you are walking on eggshells every day. Taking the matter of office security seriously means taking solid predations to ensure you have a successful emergency plan for a number of potential scenarios. Your plan should include push bar installation, panic doors, and a series of other office security features any business should use. Certified Contractors can recommend the best door push bar services for installation, repair, or maintenance needs. Get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with authorized, licensed, insured, bonded, and fully verified locksmiths in your area.

Panic Door Push Bar Services

  • Panic door bar installation/repair and replacement for office buildings, warehouses, or storefronts

  • Maintenance services for panic doors and push bars

  • Mechanic automatic door closer service

  • Narrow stile device service

  • Vertical rod repairs

  • Touch bar installs and repairs

  • Delayed egress services

  • Push paddle repair and installation

  • Rim, mortise type, and concealed exit devices

  • Push-button locks

  • Auto-relocking safe exit devices

  • Fire and safety code-compliant hardware

  • Installation and repair for other building security devices (alarms, high-tech locks, exit and motion sensor lights, surveillance cameras, master keys)

What’s Are Panic Doors?

Panic doors were first in use in the early 20th century, when they were used as a means of protecting employees and customers in case of a fire or a different kind of emergency. Today, they have become legal requirements in most businesses or buildings. They also make for one of the best investments for keeping a business safe and compliant with standing building codes.

A panic door bar or an exit device enables you and your personnel to quickly exit the building in the event of an immediate life-threatening emergency. It is highly important to have expert commercial locksmiths who are certified to handle push bar installation on doors around your office or storefront. Exit devices can be fitted both inside the building, or used as pathways to the exterior. For someone standing on the exterior of a panic bar door, the door will always appear to be locked. However, in case of an emergency, a person should be able to easily exit the office or store.

The majority of panic doors on the market come with alarms. You can usually read a sign saying the alarm will go off if the door is opened. While these door push bar doors can be more complicated to use by someone who is simply trying to exit the building on a normal day when there are no emergencies, they can be a genuine life-saver in the event there is an imminent threat inside.

An alarm attached to a panic door can either alert the security personnel located inside the building, or the local police or firefighters.

Additional Security Hardware To Use Together With Panic Doors

Door push bars and panic doors are a highly effective way of improving safety around your office. Nevertheless, they provide superior results when paired up with other tools that can achieve higher levels of security.

  • Alarm systems

  • High-tech locks

  • Master keys

  • Smoke detectors

  • Exit and motion sensor lights

  • Surveillance cameras

Broken Panic Door Bars

When your panic bar breaks down, you should immediately have it fixed and get it back into working service. While these exit devices are not used as often as other door fixtures, they can suffer damage when used repeatedly. They are also subjected to the wear-and-tear factor.push bar

When the spring within the horizontal bar breaks, the door will open and enable people to leave the premises instantly. There is not much that can be done to maintain a panic bar aside from having it assessed periodically by expert locksmiths. Fixing a panic bar is a rather simple process, but it should only be performed by a fully trained and certified locksmith. Unless you have the right skills and knowledge, you will not be able to adjust the inner mechanisms of your panic door.

An experienced Certified Contractors recommended locksmith for commercial services can radially assess and fix any broken springs and cylinder assemblies.

High Tech Locks

Office security can be ensured with a large number of options that go way beyond the standard door locks you might have been used to for as long as you can remember. If you haven't updated your office door locks in a long time, it is time to hire an expert locksmith service that's specialized in all types of door locks, including panic bar installation and repair.

Opt for keypad- or keycard-based locks that eliminate the need to use heavy, bulky, and easy to beak/misplace metal keys, or rely on the smart, fingerprint technology to personalize your locks even more. You will also get the chance to keep track of whoever is going in and coming out of your office or store 24/7.

Master Keys

A master key system will certainly add an extra layer of security to your commercial space. Employees can be given access to the main entrance, as well as specific rooms with a single key, which should significantly simplify the process while boosting security and confidentiality. Managers, on the other hand, can receive different sets of access.

Digital systems also eliminate the hassle of having to periodically change the locks, which is the case for traditional keys. You can create one-time access codes for temporary needs and know for a fact your keys will not accidentally fall into the hands of the wrong person.

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